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Posted On:  28/02/2022 07:56:46

Windsurf is a concrete instrument of freedom. With a windsurf our people escaped from east Germany and Cuba . We condemn the unprovoked Russian invasion and support the Ukrainian people.

The IWA reminds that the main sports role is to educate youth on the need to respect others liberty and independence and to tolerate diversity.

The IWA will indefinitely not be sanctioning championships to be held in Russia. We believe a government can only survive if it enjoys considerable support from its people and have therefore reached out to World Sailing in order to approve a ban for all Russian athletes to international IWA sanctioned events.

UPDATE - IOC recommends no participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials

Posted On:  10/01/2022 14:59:09
The International Windsurfing Association presidency rotates each year around the vice presidents, who are the appointed class representatives. In 2022 we welcome the IFCA/IFCA Youth delegate Bruno de Wannemaeker for his 4th term as President. ......( more )
Happy New Year!
Posted On:  31/12/2021 16:00:12
May the New Year 2022 bring you fun and success on and off the water!
Posted On:  23/12/2021 11:52:25
The World Sailing Youth World Championships ended as it began: with a beautiful ceremony and centre stage for the sailors who made their mark on the week-long event. Between these two ceremonies a full schedule of races at a level not far short of Olympic standard, making this Championships a huge success. (read more)
Posted On:  06/12/2021 14:40:25

Next year the Multivan Windsurf Cup, Germanys highest windsurfing series will get more spectacular and much easier to follow. The overlap between the different racing disciplines is removed and Germany will focus on a spectacular slalom format. ......( more )

Posted On:  04/12/2021 17:17:07

Foiling has not been around for long in our sport, but one person is proving to be an unstoppable force. Nicolas Goyard has shown that when it comes to foiling, he is the Champion. From the Olympic Class through professional tour and, of course, to the Formula Windsurfing Class, Nico has won it all. This year’s defense of the title from Silvaplana was not an easy task, however. ......( more )

Posted On:  03/12/2021 15:56:22

The Multivan Windsurf Cup is the highest national windsurfing series in Germany. The regattas are embraced by huge events that can easily withstand the comparison with many world cups. Competitors from foreign countries are not only allowed but very welcome at the regatta. Many athletes from different countries regularly take the chance to challenge the German windsurfing elite. Now the dates for next years tour have been published. In 2022 the series consists out of five events on some of the most beautiful beaches in Germany. ......( more )

Posted On:  31/10/2021 14:42:16

Lake Garda - the most legendary inland sailing spot in the world in a stunning location, has welcomed yet again the Techno293 Class. This time it was special, as we had 300 competitors from Asia, Africa and Europe and being a Junior and Youth Class, it meant it was a first major event for many of the sailors coming to Torbole. ......( more )

Techno293 Worlds, Sun, wind, sailing
Posted On:  27/10/2021 12:44:24
The wait is over, the superb spot here at Lake Garda was open for business on this second day of the 2021 Techno 293OD World Championships. The sun shone, the wind blew, and all the fleets were able to finally get out and enjoy all that is great about this amazing class, sailing and racing together, competing hard for the World Champion Techno 293OD titles that are at stake.(read more)
2021 Techno293 Worlds - The 300
Posted On:  24/10/2021 21:35:25
Welcome to Techno Torbole, as it is just now. Techno has been lucky enough to have been regular visitors to this amazing and legendary sail sports spot over the years. (read more)
Posted On:  24/10/2021 08:39:24

From 20 to 22 October, as a prologue event to the Techno 293OD World Championships in Torbole, Italy, an International Wind Foil One Design Championship has demonstrated the bright future in store for the discipline. ......( more )

Posted On:  23/10/2021 09:43:39
It seems it was yesterday…Division II regrouped again in Portoroz Slovenia for their annual European championship from September 8th to 12th this summer. ......( more )
Posted On:  17/10/2021 06:49:39

Welcome back, we’re at the end of another great Techno week here in the Sultanate of Oman, a state bordered by the Arabian Peninsula on one side, and the beautiful water of the Gulf of Oman/the Indian Ocean on the other. If you’re into board and water sports and you’ve never been here, you may well be coming soon. The winter climate is very friendly, it’s a great location and the welcome is as warm as the summer sun. ......( more )

Ivan Pastor Lafuente claims the European and Masters titles in Hondarribia, Spain
Posted On:  16/10/2021 09:09:38
Ivan dominated the event with a perfect result of 7 race wins, which is an impressive achievement. This time around he was on top also in the rivalry with Curro Manchon, who finished second overall. Jorge Maciel Andrés finished the championship on the 3rd podium place. (read more)
Posted On:  12/10/2021 18:14:48

Welcome aboard. We’re in the Gulf state, the Sultanate to be precise, of Oman. Oman, which is the oldest continuously independent state in the Arab world, is situated at the very end of the Arabian Peninsula, the Gulf of Oman is the entry/exit point for the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. ......( more )

Raceboard Europeans and Worlds off to a slow start in Hondarribia
Posted On:  11/10/2021 19:36:08
The Raceboard European and Masters Championships have started in Hondarribia, Spain with over 50 competitors attending the event. The wind has not been cooperating so far and after two days of races we have two races completed. Tomorrow looks a little better so follow the results on the (event website)
Posted On:  02/10/2021 06:32:29

A Full action start for the 2021 ENEL IFCA Slalom European championship in sunny Sardegna Spiaggia di Sottotorre, Calasetta. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/09/2021 10:27:24
With almost no slalom events this season and the not so easy traveling circumstances, Paros has now made its stamp as a world class slalom destination after producing outstanding racing conditions throughout the entire event from light to medium to strong and super strong winds. (read more)
Paros shows its true force at the Excelon 2021 IFCA Slalom World Championships
Posted On:  04/09/2021 20:33:20
With a few more days to go the womens result speak for themselves while top men rankings is still very close and the next races will remain important as the next discard will be after the 8th elimination is completed. (Video Report Recap)
Posted On:  01/09/2021 20:33:06
Windsurfing Slalom World Championship races in focus at the Excelon 2021 IFCA Slalom World Championships in Pounda Beach, Paros, Greece from the 1st to 5th of September. (read more)
Techno 293 OD and Techno 293 Plus European Championships 2021 - Down to the wire!
Posted On:  30/08/2021 13:27:53
The Techno293 has been here in beautiful Tallinn, Estonia, for a fantastic and very busy week of action at the 2021 European Techno Championships, in what is very much the home of tech, and of Techno293. 230 young windsurfers from 21 countries made their way here for the 2021 European Championships, which for the first time included a division for the even younger sailors who couldn’t wait to get involved, an Under 13 fleet with boys and girls racing together. (read more)
Techno293 Europeans - welcome back to Tallinn
Posted On:  28/08/2021 07:08:40
Welcome back to Tallinn, in the eastern Baltic, a crossroads between all the compass points, where we’ve had winds and weather from all points over the 4 days of competition so far. Everything including a complete day lost to cold weather and dangerous off-shore wind. So, the Race Committee have been doing everything they can to try and make up the lost day, working the fleets, hard and safe. (read more)
French athletes Helene Noesmoen and Nicolas Goyard are the 2021 iQFOiL World Champions
Posted On:  27/08/2021 08:32:51
The first ever World Championship of the official sailboard for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games has closed its curtains last Sunday in Engadin, racing took place on the idyllic Silvaplana lake, near Sankt Moritz. The French and British Teams have been battling the podium positions for the whole week showing their strength in all different conditions and disciplines. (read more)
Techno 293 OD and Techno 293 Plus European Championships 2021 - Day 3
Posted On:  27/08/2021 06:54:20
Hello again from Tallinn, capital of Estonia, where we’re all happy and relieved to have race action again, following the blank day on Wednesday when the combination of cold, plus a nasty off-shore wind, made it impossible to send the fleets out onto the water. That’s 3 rounds of possible racing lost from the programme, meaning we plan to catch up before deciding our 2021 champions on Saturday. (read more)
Techno293 European Championships - here we go!
Posted On:  24/08/2021 16:44:20
Perfect racing on the Baltic today in frisky conditions, but super warm local welcome.
The steady wind enabled the Race Committee to launch all the divisions for 3 rounds of opening day racing, with another 12 rounds planned for all the next 4 days. (read more)
Juozas Bernotas and Vita Matise are the 2021 Raceboard World Champions
Posted On:  22/08/2021 10:06:30

The Kizezers Lake in Riga, Latvia saw some spectacular Raceboard action the past week as some of the best came to Klubs 360 for the 2021 World Championships. 64 windsurfers arrived from 13 different countries to participate in the event and it was a good sight to see on the tricky waters of the local lake. (read more)

There is nothing like old-school at the Raceboard Worlds
Posted On:  17/08/2021 20:37:35
The Raceboard Class is unique in many ways. It connects the young with those, who have more experience. It connects old friends and is a way to make new ones. It is a place, where you can race against Olympians, with two of them being with us on the starting line. On the water the fight for the titles is fierce, but of the water it is as friendly as you could get. (read more)
Posted On:  14/08/2021 21:06:51
Welcome to lovely Bodrum, Turkey where our 41 young hopefuls from 7 countries have spent a great week enjoying the (typically Techno) friendly welcome and atmosphere on and off the water. From first place to last place it has been obvious that all the competitors have been making the most of this opportunity to spend time together and despite the pandemic restrictions we/they’ve all been living with for the last year and a half. The smiling faces tell their own story. (read more)
Posted On:  13/08/2021 07:17:42
Merhaba, and welcome back to Bodrum in Turkey, where we’re enjoying some fantastic Windsurf racing at the 2021 Techno293Plus World Championships, safely out of the way of the recent big flash floods and earlier wild fires raging in other parts of this beautiful country. The local scenery is magnificent and our hosts have done everything possible to ensure a great experience for the 41 young sailors signed up for the competition. (read more)
Posted On:  11/08/2021 07:39:21
The sporting summer 2021 continues and, having just said “sayonara” to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, now it’s a big “Merhaba” (hello) from Bodrum, on the south west coast of Turkey, looking out across the Aegean towards the Greek islands and eventually Greece itself. Bodrum is a historic ancient fortified port town that even boasted one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum of Mausolus. [read more]
Posted On:  03/08/2021 08:06:52
The medal ceremony at Enoshima marks the end of an era as the RS:X Class departs from the Olympic Games after 21 years and 4 very successful Olympic cycles. [read more]
Posted On:  31/07/2021 19:32:47
The Tokyo Olympic Games served up a thrilling finale for the RS:X medal races in Enoshima, as Enoshima Bay served up a light wind shoot out for the medals. With racing taking place on the most inshore course, it would provide a shifty race track which would all play into the drama for the final days racing. As the final two top level RS:X races ever, it was a fitting and exciting finale for the RS:X class and all of its supporters. [read more]
Remembering Ceri Williams
Posted On:  28/07/2021 10:58:25
t is a year since Ceri Williams passed away. Ceri is remembered for his great friendships, his unfailing work ethic, his generous smile, and his willingness to always go beyond the call of duty. 

He will forever be in our hearts.
Posted On:  27/07/2021 19:53:35
As we have reached the halfway mark of RS:X racing at the Olympic Games and the leaders in the race for Olympic Windsurfing GOLD are starting to appear here is some information on how to follow the action in Tokyo. ......( more )
IWA partners with WS for the Sustainability Education Programme
Posted On:  22/07/2021 14:22:22
Thanks to World Sailing we can now offer all our windsurfers access to the Sustainability Education Programme.
Booklets, Worksheets and Trainers Guides available [here].
Posted On:  22/07/2021 13:16:35
The Formula Fin is in action locally this year with Andrea Volpini taking the event in Italy - [results]
Posted On:  06/07/2021 08:07:20
Dear sailors, we just arrived in the middle of the racing period for the year 2021. Four successful races of the official ID2CA program took place until now and it is time to announce the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS ......( more )
The locals triumph at the FWC Foil Youth and Masters
Posted On:  01/07/2021 09:43:27

Thanks to the dedication of a few visionaries, people with a mission, this week we had 70 competitors from 11 countries and 3 continents coming to Puck, in these challenging times, to compete at the Formula Windsurfing Foil Youth and Masters World Championships.[read more]

Posted On:  22/06/2021 11:39:13

The Techno293Plus is back for 2021 with a full calendar of events including the World Sailing Youth Worlds, which will be held in Al-Mussanah, Oman from 11 to 18 December 2021. Al-Mussanah is a venue we know and remember well as it was the host of the 2020 Techno293 & Techno293Plus Asian Championships back in February last year.......( more )

Posted On:  18/06/2021 20:16:47
To be followed by the RRD One Hour Classic, the most attended slalom regatta in Italy: sold out with 100 registered participants ......( more )
Posted On:  18/06/2021 11:06:03
Last weekend Balatonaliga hosted the MSZA Central Europen SuperCup and the Hungarian Championship 2nd round. We had 54 Techno competitors, 26 foil competitors (14 IQ) and 14 Raceboard riders from four countries, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. ......( more )
Australian Raceboard Nationals - Saratoga Sailing Club 2020-21
Posted On:  23/04/2021 12:22:10
The rescheduled Australian Raceboard National Titles at Saratoga Sailing Club in NSW attracted 29 entrants. (read more)
Posted On:  21/04/2021 11:28:08

This week will start the Portuguese Championship of Formula Foil / Formula Windsurf Fin and the Raceboard Iberian, in the great and big lake of Alqueva/Monsaraz. ......( more )

Racing Rules of Sailing - Windsurfing Fleet Racing Edition published
Posted On:  15/03/2021 13:44:42
The 2021 - 2024 Racing Rules of Sailing - Windsurfing Fleet Racing Edition is published and available [here]
Posted On:  27/02/2021 19:48:25

Dear Division 2 sailors, following the decisions taken in the 2020 AGM, ID2CA will apply from 2021 a new Trophy the "Division 2 World Trophy". ......( more )

Posted On:  12/02/2021 12:25:30
The Deutscher Segler-Verband (German sailing federation) has released new guidelines for olympic and pre-olympic windsurfing. The concept was developed in close co-operation with the German windsurfing NCAs (national class associations) Deutsche Windsurfing Vereinigung (DWSV) and German Windsurfing Association (GWA). ......( more )
Techno Wind Foil 130 Successful Lift-Off
Posted On:  11/02/2021 22:20:16
At the first international Techno Wind Foil event that took place at the end of October 2020 on Lake Garda, Italy, numerous clubs and teams were able to see the qualities and potential of Techno Wind Foil 130 live at first hand. Great performance in light winds, easy accessibility, smooth control in stronger winds... [more]
Posted On:  06/02/2021 20:27:55

What a memorable event.

In a time where things we always had taken for granted is hard to accomplish, it was a great pleasure to come to Terceira Island, Azores for the postponed 2020 Formula Windsurfing Foil European Champion.......( more )

Raul Pasqualin
Posted On:  29/01/2021 09:47:39

We are very sad to have learnt that Raul Pasqualin has passed away.

Raul was a historic and enthusiastic windsurfer, a Techno293 International Measurer, a hands-on developer of the sport and above all a great human being.

We will remember Raul as a humble, fair, honest and optmistic person.
Our thoughts go to his family. We have lost a real sportsman.

Posted On:  28/01/2021 08:41:14

The event that was to be the Australian Raceboard Nationals took place in another form from 23rd to 26th at Saratoga Sailing Club in NSW.

......( more )
Posted On:  16/01/2021 20:45:09

Windsurfing Queensland will be hosting the Bris Vegas Windfoil Pro' from January 29 to 31 at The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. Sponsored by Patrik Windsurfing, three days of epic racing in summer sea breezes is expected on the beautiful sailing grounds of Waterloo Bay.......( more )

Posted On:  04/01/2021 11:12:34

20 December 2020, Muscat: The Sultanate of Oman has been chosen to host the 2021 Asian Windsurfing Championships, marking a return to elite international competition for the Techno293, Techno293Plus and the foiling Formula Windsurfing class, which is included for the first time in Asian Windsurfing Championship history. ......( more )

Posted On:  29/12/2020 14:55:45
2020 was a unique year not just for the Supercup windsurfing series. Despite the hard times we managed to keep the flame burning and organize all three Supercup events this year. With total of 123 participants in Techno and Raceboard classes. Big thanks to all the organisers and participant this year, who often had to walk an extra mile  just to make simple things happen. ......( more )
Season's Greetings
Posted On:  23/12/2020 15:21:59
Season's Greetings and memorable windsurfing around the world in 2021 

the IWA team
Heading into the future - Class submissions
Posted On:  21/12/2020 13:38:35

2020 has forced many of our classes to hold their Annual General Meetings online with some notable outcomes coming from the Techno and Formula Windsurfing meetings.

Please follow these links to Techno and FWC AGM summary and minutes.

Starboard receive 2020 World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award
Posted On:  09/12/2020 16:46:36
Starboard (THA), the leading manufacturer of Stand Up Paddle boards and windsurf boards, including the iQFOiL, the Paris 2024 Olympic Men's and Women's Windsurfer Equipment, have won the 2020 World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award.[read more]
2020 Annual General Meetings
Posted On:  02/12/2020 10:56:19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many of our plans this year including annual general meetings of many of our classes. 


In December we will have host the Raceboard and Formula Windsurfing and Techno293 AGMs.



Posted On:  05/11/2020 12:05:06

Back in January the Techno 293 OD was looking at another full year programme of local, national and international events, culminating in a showcase World Championships at the legendary spot of Torbole on Italy’s beautiful Lake Garda. Since its inception, Techno 293 OD has grown exponentially, first in its home country of France, and then very quickly throughout the sailing world. .......(more)

Posted On:  29/10/2020 13:40:43

With a splendid day of sun and wind from the north, the Techno 293 international event began at the Circolo Surf Torbole, on Garda Trentino, replacing the World Class Championship postponed to 2021.  About eighty participants, at least half of the expected, but the organizing club, certainly understanding those who could not be present, is still committed to maintaining this important appointment, especially because it is reserved for young people. ...... ( more )

Posted On:  25/10/2020 09:34:04

A drizzly and slow wake up on the last morning of the IQFOiL International Games in Campione, Lake Garda, but the sun, just like the excitement, was just behind a thin layer of clouds, as the knock-out Medal Series were in sight.

A revolutionary system for the next-to-be Olympic sail board, with three races for the top 12 of the Opening Series: a Quarter Final among riders from 12th to 5th, four then access to Semi Final joining the 4th and 3rd overall, and the first two to cross the finishing line go on to compete in a winner-takes-all Grand Final race with the 2nd and 1st of the Opening series. (...... more)
Posted On:  24/10/2020 09:45:38

Day 4 ended up being a forced rest day for the almost 200 riders coming from 29 nations for the first big, global event of the Paris 2024 Olympic sail board, organised on Lake Garda, by Univela Sailing, Societa Velica Garda Salo and the iQ Foil Class.

The thick clouds didn't allow the morning North wind to pick up, nor the Southerly breeze to fill in, the rains fell relentlessly all day on the sails and boards on the huge, and soaked, grass field by the yacht club. ......( more )
Posted On:  23/10/2020 10:47:25

Another picture perfect morning at Univela Sailing in Campione, Lake Garda.  Three formats, equally sailed until today, Course (windward-leeward) to be sailed when over 10 knots, Slalom (rounding three or four marks) preferred when below 10 knots, and a Marathon (one long distance race worth two points on the scoreboard).

Day three started as usual with the North wind 'Peler' coming down strong at 12-16 knots allowing both the Men's Gold fleet and the Women two exciting and fair Course races, ......(more)
Posted On:  22/10/2020 09:50:54

Plenty of races in the books on Day two of the the iQFOiL International Games at Univela Sailing in Campione, Lake Garda, consolidating its reputation of an ideal spot for sailing. 

The morning began as planned with the women starting at 9:30 for the Marathon race, one of the three formats of the new Olympic sail board; the men followed in right after at 9:40. The wind was very light when everybody arrived to the club before racing, but it picked up as the sun came up from behind the tall mountains that surround the beautiful Italian lake, burning away the morning fog.  ...... ( more )

Posted On:  21/10/2020 08:08:36

Fierce competition on day one of the IQFoil International Games in Campione, Lake Garda, for the almost 200 riders coming from 29 nations, at what it was supposed to be the first IQFoil World Championship for the Paris 2024 Olympic sail board.  [more]

Posted On:  06/10/2020 10:44:45

On his appointment Ansis commented:

"I am honoured and excited to have been appointed to work together with such distinguished fellow Executive Committee members and our class manager, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel. I very much look forward to further engaging with all our current and prospective MNAs, with World Sailing, Starboard and other potential manufacturers, to set the course and future of the class which we all feel is a very exciting one. ......( more )
Posted On:  02/10/2020 16:50:26

We are truly sorry to hear of the loss of Marco Rossi.  

We have been honoured and blessed to have known him for many years. Marco has worked tirelessly behind the scenes as the Techno293 National Coordinator in Italy and also as a member of the Techno293 Executive Committee.

Never in the spotlight, Marco made things happen, for the benefit of so many of us. He was gentle, helpful and kind, a great friend. His legacy will live on.  ......( more )

Posted On:  28/09/2020 18:42:05

We know you've all missed racing at international events this year, as have we. As we await the 2021 championships our host Circolo Surf Torbole and the Italian T293 Class Association would like to invite those of you who can, to come to the TORBOLE 2020 WINDSURFING INTERNATIONAL EVENT. ......( more )

Posted On:  23/09/2020 09:07:23

After consultation with World Sailing the iQFOiL Class would like to announce the iQFOiL World Championships will be renamed and held as the 2020 iQFOiL International Games. The event will take place as scheduled 19th to 24th October 2020 in Campione del Garda, Provincia di Brescia, Italy.

The NoR/Sailing Instructions will follow in the upcoming days.

Posted On:  22/09/2020 10:07:44

The T293 and TPlus European Championships will be held in Tallinn, Estonia from 21st to 28th August 2021

Tallinn is not only known for its beautiful UNESCO World Heritage old town, but also (and most importantly for us) for its sailing. The city was the sailing venue during the 1980 Olympic Games and provides great conditions for racing. ......( more )
Posted On:  18/09/2020 12:02:40

The Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) of the International iQFOiL Class Association is scheduled to take place on Saturday 17th October at Univela Sailing, Campione del Garda, Tremosine, Province of Brescia, Italy.

Further information, including the list of candidates for the iQFOiL Executive Committee and Chairperson nominees, has been published

Posted On:  16/09/2020 08:50:41

Last weekend the Multivan Windsurf Cup Hohenfelde took place. The regatta was not only the only official ranking regatta of the German Windsurfing Association (GWA) this season, but above all the first official regatta in the new Olympic class iQFOiL.

All regular tour stops of the Multivan Windsurf Cup in 2020 had to be cancelled due to the ban on major events caused by the corona pandemic. This meant that an extensive iQFOiL regatta program had to be omitted. ......( more )
Posted On:  06/09/2020 09:13:20

After 5 days and 14 races, the Raceboard European Championships came to an end in Sopot, Poland in what has turned out to be the only Raceboard international event of the year. Although Max made it look easy it was not the case, with some hard battles fought on the race course throughout the week.

We had it all including waves, rain and a long distance race, but at the end it was Max among the men and Jana among the ladies, who came out on top. 

Check out the interview with Max Wojcik - the 2020 Raceboard European Champion ......( more )
Posted On:  03/09/2020 09:38:18

As a consequence of the decision for iQFOiL as new Olympic equipment the German Sailing Federation (Deutscher Segler-Verband - DSV) and the national class associations Deutsche Windsurfing Vereinigung (DWSV) and German Windsurfing Association (GWA) have selected TECHNO Wind Foil as official Youth U17 foiling equipment. This will ensure a clear pathway from the entry into the competition windsurfing on the Techno293 up to the elite future Olympic candidates. Over the last weeks a test tour was run to present the new equipment to clubs, trainers, parents and of course the young athletes. ......( more )

Posted On:  02/09/2020 10:34:07

Raceboarders had been waiting for this day for some time now, with all events cancelled but the one, today the European championships kicked off. 

Any event organized in 2020 has been a challenge both for the organizers and the competitors themselves. This one has been no different, but the effort has so far paid off with competitors from five countries in the fight for gold. ......( more )
Posted On:  27/08/2020 10:33:17

Kiran Badlow (NED-9) and Helene Noesmoen (FRA-57) crowned first European IQFoil Champions on Big Wednesday in new Medal Race "winner takes all" knock-out series.

The final day delivered great spectator action with high drama and intense moments topping anything we have seen all week including wind shift wipe outs, great recoveries, abandoned races and switch of race format as the breeze dropped. ......( more )
Posted On:  22/08/2020 11:07:02

29 women and 133 men representing 4 continents have been battling for honours at the Venora Engadinwind by Dakine 2020, hosted at the spectacular venue Lake Silvaplana.

Helene Noesmoen (FRA-57) finished the competition with a perfect score of 8 and took a well-deserved first place in the Women's fleet. There was a tough battle behind her as Maja Dziarnowska (POL-7) and Lilian De Geus (NED-3) both finished with 20 points (results Women) ......( more )
Posted On:  17/08/2020 08:03:59

The International Windsurfing Association has launched an iOS and Android app to help competitors get the best out their events. The app offers specific information from each championship and provides the possibility to integrate notifications of important regatta updates directly to the phone. ......( more )

Posted On:  13/08/2020 16:35:34

The international top event this year is all about the new Olympic windsurfing class, foil windsurfing and kiting.

This year it's FOIL MANIA on Lake Silvaplana in the Engadin. On the occasion of the Formula Foil World Championship and iQ Foil European Championship, the world's best windsurfers travel to Switzerland for the event. The Engadinwind has developed into the world's most important and largest foil event. Olympic winners, World champions and European champions from the various foil classes will show windsurfing at the highest level on Lake Silvaplana.  .......( more )
Posted On:  29/07/2020 12:44:08

With great sadness, the IWA announces the untimely passing away on 24 July of our very special friend and leading light, Ceri Williams, following a brief and staunch battle with his illness. Our thoughts go to his beloved wife Teri, to his sons Ross, Aaron, and Scott, and to his grandchildren.

Ceri is remembered for his great friendships, his unfailing work ethic, his generous smile, and his willingness to always go beyond the call of duty. He was selfless, time and time again, also taking difficult decisions in the best interest of many windsurfing constituencies. Key to the development of our sport, he was hugely successful in growing the junior Techno class into the great success it is today at the foundation of our sport. Equally successful in supporting the continuing inclusion and growth of windsurfing at the Olympics. Remembered by countless organisers for his endless energy at the hundreds of events he shaped and attended. And never taking the praise. A true gentleman and very good friend. He will be remembered with great affection by the windsurfing community and organisations worldwide.

Ceri dedicated his life to the sport we all love. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

Posted On:  28/07/2020 09:49:08

World Sailing's decision to select a windsurf foil board for the 2024 Olympic Games is further proof of the mutation of our sport. To help the transition between the classic OD board and the new Olympic Foil class, Tahe Outdoors has created the Techno 130 Wind Foil. It's a high performance all-in-one package - board, foil and sail rig - combining solid durability with easy accessibility, and will enable sailing clubs to invest in long-lasting equipment for their young sailors to race on. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/07/2020 18:49:12

This year the Czech Supercup should originally have taken place on Nove Mlyny lake in May but, due to COVID-19, it was postponed to new dates from 4th to 5th July. The location was changed too. It was moved to Velke Darko lake to the competition that is part of Czech Cup and is named "Pohar Vysociny" - that could be translated as "Highlands Cup". In total there were 21 competitors in Raceboard class and 38 in Bic Techno. Unfortunately the new date was possibly not suitable for Hungarians. Instead we welcomed 7 surfers from Poland. 6 other sailors came from Slovakia. ......( more )

Posted On:  04/07/2020 12:56:35

Notice is hereby given of the Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) of the International iQFOiL Class Association.

The meeting is scheduled to take place on Saturday 17th October at the venue for the 2020 iQFOiL World Championships - Univela Sailing, Campione del Garda, Tremosine, Province of Brescia, Italy.

The exact location for the meeting room and time the meeting will start will be posted with an Agenda and published in a further newsitem.  ......( more )

Posted On:  03/07/2020 12:33:07

The Vanora Engadinwind by Dakine has an extensive schedule, which now also includes the iQFOiL European Championships. Make sure you have not missed the program change, which in consequence also changes the schedule for the Formula Foil Worlds (see NoR).

Any competitors wishing to also take part in the iQFOiL Europeans will find more info on the event website.

On another optimistic note, ......( more )
Posted On:  26/06/2020 12:23:40

The German Sailing Federation (DSV - Deutscher Segler-Verband) has published a pathway for the Olympic windsurfing. The concept was developed in close co-operation with the German national class associations (NCA) German Windsurfing Association (GWA) and Deutsche Windsurfing Vereinigung (DWSV) as well as the board for wind- & kitesurfing of the German Sailing Federation. ......( more )

Posted On:  20/06/2020 08:55:24

Attention all Formula and iQFOiL racers!  

A revised Engadinwind Festival programme has been agreed with the organisers.  The schedule for the 2020 Formula Foil World Championships now runs from 17th to 22nd August. ......( more )
Posted On:  18/06/2020 21:20:41

If you missed it, still time to catch up!  Gonzalo talks about everything going on with the Class, events, equipment etc so it's very informative and definitely worth watching.

Posted On:  12/06/2020 21:23:40

The registration for the iQFOiL Worlds in Lake Garda has been open for a week now and 50 competitors from 22 countries and 6 Continents have entered so far.

Some big names from different tours to highlight:
The Goyard brothers from New Caledonia have entered already. Nicolas (was crowned PWA Foil World Champion in '19) and Thomas (who almost won every single up and downwind race last year in the PWA tour and French RSX Olympic rider for Japan '20) will be two of the favourites for the World Title no doubt. ......( more )
Posted On:  12/06/2020 12:40:12

Germany's first batch of iQfoil Boards got delivered and distributed, our Dream Team rider Lena Erdil was the lucky receiver of one of them! Together with her team mate Helena they unpack the boards and head for their first sessions. We caught up with Lena to ask about her first impressions.

Posted On:  08/06/2020 10:16:24

The Raceboard European Championships in Poland have now been rescheduled and will take place 1st to 5th September 2020.

The host club and class are excited to bring you this information and hope that a large number of Raceboarders will attend this championship and take advantage of the attractions provided. ......( more )
Posted On:  08/06/2020 10:03:54

On World Oceans Day, people around our blue planet celebrate and honor our ocean, which connects us all. Get together with your family, friends, community, and millions of others around our blue planet to start creating a better future.

By working together, we can - and will - protect and restore our shared ocean. Together we can protect our home.  Join this growing global celebration on 8 June with continuing engagement year-round!
Posted On:  28/05/2020 16:34:52

Although marked as "Provisional" these Class Rules are effective from 28th May 2020 - pending World Sailing approval.  They will be submitted to World Sailing with an application to be recognised as a World Sailing Class. 

Meantime they will apply to all iQFOiL Class championships and other sanctioned international events.

Posted On:  19/05/2020 11:13:05

Starboard invites new industry partners to participate in the "iQFOiL White Board" Programme.

By applying the "white board" concept, the iQFOiL class, IWA and Starboard have fast tracked the opportunity for industry partners to apply for iQFOiL hulls to be branded in their own unique way, allowing the industry as a whole to be part of Olympic windsurfing - the first time since the sport was introduced as an Olympic discipline in Los Angeles in 1984. ......( more )
Posted On:  14/05/2020 09:58:50

World Sailing has cancelled the 2020 edition of the Youth Sailing World Championships that was scheduled to be held in Salvador, Brazil from 12-19 December 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
In its 50-year history, the Youth Worlds regularly attracts the best youth sailors from upwards of 60 nations. World Sailing's Board of Directors and the Confederacao Brasileira de Vela (CBVela) agreed to cancel the event in anticipation of global travel restrictions and to ensure the health and well-being of athletes, coaches, parents, officials and suppliers. ......( more )

Posted On:  11/05/2020 12:30:13

In October 1987, a lost windsurfer was rescued in San Francisco Bay, California. His name was John. Today, there's someone whose dying wish is to find him. His name is Chuck Dougherty. San Francisco Bay is one of the most celebrated and iconic sailing venues in the world. But it is also a tricky area, with powerful and shifty winds and currents that can quickly make things difficult for inexperienced water participants. 

Posted On:  07/05/2020 09:56:23

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic the Hungarian Windsurfing Association has been forced to cancel the 2020 World Championships.

This is the second major change to the Raceboard calendar after the postponement of the European Championships. Paid entries have been refunded by PayPal.  The International Raceboard Class Association will work with the Hungarian organizers to bring Raceboard back to Balaton in the near future. ......( more )
Posted On:  07/05/2020 09:44:58

I hope this letter finds you and your families safe, healthy and well. Around the world, each of us is experiencing the impact of the COVID-19 virus and its effect on our daily lives. And while we are all coping in our own ways, we continue living in this global pandemic with much uncertainty. While we are only now beginning to understand the far-reaching consequences of the crisis around the world; what is certain, however, is that this pandemic has affected and will affect all areas of society, including all of us in the sailing world.  Read more . . .

Posted On:  23/04/2020 10:26:55

World Sailing, in partnership with the World Sailing Trust and 11th Hour Racing, have released a Sustainability Education Programme, developed with The Ocean Race, for sailing clubs and parents as part of its Agenda 2030 - sailing's commitment to global sustainability. 
Launched on Earth Day (22 April 2020) the Sustainability Education Programme resources are free to use and are broken down into six topics which will be released over the next six weeks.  ......( more )

Posted On:  18/04/2020 11:05:20

The organisers of the Hyeres Olympic Week have taken the tough decision to cancel the event, scheduled from 18 to 25 April.

All possible options for a later date in the 2020 calendar have been scrutinised but none seemed viable to organise an event lining up over 600 boats from 60 different countries in technical and health conditions the organisers have guaranteed for more than five decades. ......( more )
Posted On:  17/04/2020 10:59:08

At least when you look at the final results you might not know the difference. And it was different. Unable to compete in Marseille in the previously scheduled Easter period we turned to some online activities inviting all our present and past Techno293 sailors to take part in the T293 e-Sailing Cup. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/04/2020 09:02:54

The inaugural BIG WAVE AWARDS have been a lot of fun. This first year has seen well over 100 entries. Each one a stunning display of power, skill, and exceptionally brave riding.

We've seen entries from across the world, and across the ages. From Ireland, Portugal, France, Spain, Africa, Chile, Peru, Australia, Tahiti, Fiji, New Caledonia, and of course Hawaii. From the 1980's, 90's, 2000's and right up to a couple of months ago, the big waves flowed in. ......( more )

New Event Dates for IFCA Youth Class Worlds
Posted On:  09/04/2020 09:23:11

New dates have been announced for the IFCA Youth Class Premier! The 2020 Junior and Youth Slalom Worlds, organised by Circolo Surf Torbole, is now scheduled to take place 8th to 13th August.

Posted On:  03/04/2020 17:56:44

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic the Local Organizing Authority at Sopot Sailing Club has been forced to postpone the 2020 Raceboard European Championships. 

The Raceboard Class Association, together with the Organizing Club, will investigate the possibility of holding the Europeans in the coming months.

For now stay safely at home and we will see each other on the water in better times.

Posted On:  03/04/2020 11:03:12

Since the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the situation has quickly evolved from a national challenge to a continental one, and now we are realising the global perspective of the pandemic.  We now realise the magnitude of COVID-19; the virus has spread with unprecedented rage and now the world has come to halt. The health and safety of the global population has been the first priority, and World Sailing's thoughts are with everyone worldwide fighting the virus.

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of communication and information sharing within the sailing community, and I would like to address you all with an update on recent proceedings.
Posted On:  27/03/2020 10:32:57

We wish to bring you up to date with plans for the initial shipments of production to our distributors to enable them to fulfil World Sailing Member National Authority (MNA) orders.
COVID-19 has impacted our plans, but Starboard is very pleased to see that our various assembly partners are exceeding expectations.  ......( more )

Posted On:  27/03/2020 09:58:43

Following Tuesday’s announcement from the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, World Sailing would like to provide you with some of the latest information regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) alongside some other medical information. ......( more )

Posted On:  26/03/2020 08:59:27

It is a challenging time, no doubt about it. As human beings, there's only so much that we can do to change and improve the way the Covid-19 virus is affecting the global population. 

The first Class Championships for the 2020 season are now cancelled after close evaluation with the local Organizing Authorities. 

Please keep in mind that other class events may be postponed or cancelled this season. We hope to bring you further information and announcements soon.
Posted On:  16/03/2020 12:28:45

43 racers signed up for the first Formula Foil South American Championships hosted by the Asociacion Argentina de Windsurf on Lake Potrerillos, Mendoza, Argentina.

A full regatta of 15 races over 4 days were completed against the impressive backdrop of the Andes mountains. The venue never fails to deliver incredible racing conditions and has been the venue for many major events since its development. ......( more )

Posted On:  12/03/2020 11:52:14

It is with regret we have to inform you that, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, together with the organising club at YCPR we have made a decision to postpone the Techno293 European championships due to be held in Marseille 13-19 April 2020.

The event is postponed to 24th - 30th August 2020 and will be held for the Techno293 Class (junior and youth divisions) only.......( more )
Posted On:  12/03/2020 10:36:54

The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus and the spread to various continents is causing concerns and calls for constant monitoring and mitigation, not only for our activity associated with the Olympics, but for all major events. This coming month will give us an indication on the short- and long-term effects on the sport and the events as a whole.  ….. ( more )

Posted On:  03/03/2020 08:42:36

Techno 293 OD is THE most happening class in international windsurfing right now, pushing ever further and deeper into every corner of the planet where people want to enjoy the fun of being on the water. 

Having just finished the South American Championships in Argentina now it is time to go east. Welcome to Oman, host of the 2020 Techno 293 OD Asian Championships, in the heart of the gulf states and their sun-kissed waters. ......( more )
Posted On:  03/03/2020 08:37:48

The 2020 RS:X World Championships being held in Sorrento, Australia, came to a showdown during the morning's medal races which were held in a light 8 knot breeze with a strong ebb tide flowing. The volunteers and staff of the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club had promised that it would be sailable in the morning only, and for the ten men and ten women sailors competing, this would be their last shot at claiming a spot on the podium for this event..... ( more )

Posted On:  29/02/2020 11:28:38

The year has kicked off in style for the T293 and T293 Plus classes with the Asian Championships in Mussanah Sports City, Oman. Thursday saw the first day of racing with Japan, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and Oman sailors all battling it out for the top spots in their Continentals. The event is part of Mussanah Race Week - a popular event in the region with a 10 year strong tradition. ......( more )

Posted On:  26/02/2020 19:58:34

We are delighted to announce that the Techno 293 PLUS has been selected as the official one design equipment for the windsurfing event in the forthcoming 2020 World Sailing Youth World Championships, the major World Sailing event of the year for youth windsurfers.  The Techno 293 PLUS  board and its 8.5 m2 rig replaces the RSX and a three years deal has been signed with World Sailing guaranteeing "charter" boards for all the competitors coming from 60+ countries to the World Championships through to 2022. ......( more )

Posted On:  26/02/2020 15:35:08

The South American Windsurf Championships 2020 for Raceboard, Bic Techno 293 and Bic Techno 293 Plus categories was held from February 21 to 25, 2020. This event was also the first selective to form the Argentine team that will travel to the Fortaleza World Cup, Brazil, for the Bic Techno 293 Plus category. ......( more )

Posted On:  26/02/2020 12:02:38

iQFoil Equipment Distribution - Unfortunately with the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, production on all components produced in China - Foils, Sails & Rigs - have been frozen since beginning of February. We have invested in masks, quarantine scanners and some others to protect our workers and we got the good news today that the IK Pacific Facility (Sails Factory) has been approved by government to reopen and resume work, hopefully by the end of the week.  We expect our delivery schedule to be delayed by around 3-4 weeks but will release any updates as we receive them. ......( more )

Posted On:  24/02/2020 13:52:23

A fleet of 116 sailors from 31 nations have gathered in Melbourne, Australia, to challenge for the last remaining World Championship titles of this Olympic cycle before heading to Tokyo 2020. The event is being hosted by Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club, located on the south side of Port Philip Bay, in what has to be one of the most idyllic venues that the RS:X Class has visited in its time as the Olympic Windsurfer Class.......( more )

Posted On:  23/02/2020 09:59:21

To meet the big demand from foilers for information about events in 2020 the iQFOil class have published a calendar.  The calendar will expand over the next weeks as further specific iQFOIL Class events are added.

We can announce that both an iQFOiL European and iQFOiL World Championships for 2020 are confirmed or about to be confirmed.  There are also many foiling events scheduled for 2020 that are open to iQFOiL racers. They include: ......( more )
Posted On:  05/02/2020 13:24:42

Yes, we all live by the sea. No matter how far from the sea you live, next to the beach or far away in the mountains, you still have a great impact on it. And it is up to you whether you create a positive relationship with the sea or have adverse impact on it.

We believe that educating people about the importance and the beauty of marine environments is the key to creating positive attitudes towards the sea.  The idea behind this project involves a worldwide contest for young persons up to the age of 21.
Posted On:  05/02/2020 10:51:18

For the last day of the event before switching to Defi Wind Superstars on Thursday, an official round was validated in the morning before kicking off three funny races. With a slightly more favourable wind forecast for this morning, the skipper's meeting was brought forward to 8:00 am.

This decision proved to be crucial in validating this Defi Wind Japan 2020 since it was the very first race of the day, which was the right one. With a wind around 12 knots punctuated by a few gusts on flat water, it still glided quite thoroughly with sails larger than 8m2. With a very good low-end speed, Alex Cousin flew to victory, far ahead of Jordy Vonk and Julien Quentel ......( more )
Posted On:  30/01/2020 10:53:25

We are happy to inform our Raceboard sailors that the 2020 season is fast approaching with two events ready for You to enter online and book your trips. 

World Championships - Balatonfured Hungary ......( more )
Posted On:  16/01/2020 10:35:17

US Sailing's Olympic Development Program hasn't been a stranger to the success of young sailors since the organization first began creating a clear path from youth sailing to the Olympic Games. Thanks to support from the AmericaOne Foundation, US Sailing founded the first formalized Olympic sailing development initiative, called Project Pipeline, in 2015 . . .( more )

Posted On:  14/01/2020 09:11:53

The Duesseldorf International Boat Show, more commonly known as boot Duesseldorf or just "boot" is one of the world's premier boat shows. With some 1,600 exhibitors from over 50 countries, boot Duesseldorf is considered a benchmark for the international boat and water sports industry. 

If you want to know exactly what's hot right now, come to the hub of surfsports in Hall 8a. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/01/2020 11:59:37

Back in the late 1960s, when Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer invented the original Windsurfer, windsurfing took off as a sport and within the late 70's became the world's quickest growing water activity. 

Seeking to ride this new wave, the Windglider was designed in 1976, and given its better build characteristics, was chosen late in 1983 to be used when boardsailing became an Olympic event at Los Angeles 1984 Olympics. (more
Posted On:  28/12/2019 10:33:49

The year concludes with the Techno293 caravan travelling all the way to Djerba for the 2019 African championships. The mythical island of Ulysses travels welcomed young windsurfers to the beach venue of Dar Djerba hotel on the north east corner of the island. 

The timing perfect, with the event venue not being too crowded, the windsurfers were centre of attention for all, taking advantage of the great facilities on site. The Governor of Medenine as well as representatives from the administration of the island were present and gave their support to the event. ......( more )
Posted On:  19/12/2019 09:40:15

The RS:X Class Association through 2019 has had a huge year in terms of events and participation from a massive event at its Europeans in Palma in April with over 300 sailors attending and culminating in a hugely successful record breaking World Championships on Lake Garda at the end of September. Unfortunately the RS:X Class did come crashing down to the board park with a bump with the news that the class had not been selected for 2024 but all good things must come to an end - or do they? ( more )

Posted On:  17/12/2019 11:05:52

Small open power boats will normally be fitted with a kill cord which, if used correctly, will stop the engine if the driver becomes dislodged from the helm position.

The kill cord is a red lanyard which has a quick-release fitting at one end and a clip at the other end.  When in use, the quick-release fitting is attached to the console and the end with the clip attaches to the driver. The kill cord is normally attached around the driver's knee and clipped back onto itself. ......( more )
Posted On:  14/12/2019 13:19:20

Today, foils are revolutionising board sailing, and World Sailing's decision to select a windsurf foil board for the 2024 Olympic Games is further proof of the mutation/evolution of our sport. All the same, World Sailing is committed to maintaining conventional board sailing, retaining the Techno 293 OD as the foundation board of One Design competition, that invaluable stepping-stone between junior racing and top-level competition.   Read more . . .

Posted On:  13/12/2019 13:06:18

Each year Starboard will calculate and disclose their carbon footprint. The Report is made public in an effort to be completely transparent about their emissions and role as a polluter.  

Read more . . .

Posted On:  11/12/2019 09:44:56

The year will kick off in style for the T293 and T293Plus classes as we head over to Mussanah Sports City, Oman for the Asian Championships (27th Feb - 1st Mar 2020). 

Mussanah Sports City has previously hosted a lot of international events, such as the RS:X World Windsurfing Championships, and Oman Sail has a perfect spot to have high quality racing in great weather.  Mussanah Sports City is situated 60km from Muscat International Airport and is designed as a purpose-built venue, capable of hosting Olympic standard events. ......( more )

Posted On:  09/12/2019 11:32:08

After organising a successful Windsurfing Foil World Championship 2019 in Silvaplana-Switzerland, we are proud to announce that Vanora ENGADINWIND by Dakine will host the Formula Foil World Championship in 2020 in the wonderful valley of the Engadine. 

In 2019 we organized the world's biggest Windsurfing Foil event in the history of watersports. In November 2019, the IOC selected the iQFOiL as the new Olympic Windsurfboard for the Olympics in Paris 2024. The organisation of the Vanora ENGADINWIND by Dakine started three years ago to push the Foil water sport under the title of "FOILMANIA". ......( more )
Posted On:  22/11/2019 11:52:29

Namibia wouldn't rank in the recall of most as one of the world's significant sailing venues. But for the past week or so the Luderitz Speed Week has been under way as the sailing speed freaks attempt to set new world marks. The event attempts to set a speed record, recognised by World Speed Sailing Record Council, over a 500 metre distance. ......( more )

Posted On:  16/11/2019 09:43:59

Since 2015 the number of participants has continued to grow and, in each participating country, the Supercup event is bigger than National Championships in the participating windsurfing classes.

From day one the main intention was to unite windsurfers from central Europe - despite the lack of big official sponsors for the series which we had as main attractions in the past - to get together and organise the racing in big fleets in the best windsurfing locations in participating countries. ......( more )
Posted On:  14/11/2019 10:12:13

We are extremely proud and excited to share with all of you the news that the Starboard iFoil has been selected as the 2024 Olympic Equipment, replacing the RS:X equipment after the 2020 Olympic Games. The iFoil concept is the fruit of many years of windsurf foiling equipment development, but developing the equipment to running a successful Olympic Campaign are two very different stories. ......( more )

Posted On:  13/11/2019 09:34:41

We have just been witness to what has been some spectacular strong-wind racing. No wonder the Windsurfing Asian Championships have yet again been held in Penghu, Taiwan.

The venue is special. The 90 islands and islets situated between mainland China and Taiwan on the waters of the Taiwan Strait are a natural playground for windsurfers, that come for fun, practice and competition here. In wintertime it is a paradise, especially if you like the wind to be strong. We have had perfect planing conditions during the week, with only the first day of racing cancelled, due to the wind being too strong … ......( more )
Posted On:  12/11/2019 09:34:53

We were waiting to be tested by the light wind today. The test never happened. Having scheduled the start for 13:00 we were expecting the wind to be around 6 -7 kts at the time we arrive at the venue. As it turned out it was more - planing conditions again. ......( more )

Posted On:  11/11/2019 09:17:44

The Penghu or Pescadores Islands are an archipelago of 90 islands and islets in the Taiwan Strait and winter here is a paradise for windsurfing. With temperatures around 23 - 24*C it is not too cold and not too hot either. What is really the key feature here is the Taiwan Strait a wind making machine compressing the wind between Taiwan and mainland China and rushing it through the small Penghu islands. ......( more )

Posted On:  10/11/2019 09:59:11

After two days of staying ashore, everyone was very excited to get the racing started today. Early breakfast and off to the club to rig up and learn the plan of the day at the skippers' meeting.

And the plan was for three back to back races for each of the divisions. Reaching starts that is, a format well known at the RS:X class, but not so common in T293. Yet. Not counting the slalom races of the Techno293 Plus, the T293 is used to starting upwind, so it is good to get the kids shaken up from time to time. [more]
Posted On:  09/11/2019 09:07:50

After the opening ceremony and official opening dinner everyone was looking at the forecast. The big question - would there be any racing? The answer - no racing today, the wind blowing with ferocious force. There wasn't a slightest moment of hope to go out, but that gives us a chance to introduce one of the new classes in the windsurfing circuit. The Glide 2990.

We all know the Techno293 and RS:X well and introducing another board in the dominated non-foiling category is a not common, but the Glide is looking to find a spot in the windsurfing community and with Olympic windsurfing now going foiling it might attract fans of the non-foiling category. ......( more )
Posted On:  05/11/2019 13:29:36

The names are always big at the Azores Windfoil Challenge and with foiling just around the corner at the Olympics, the 2nd edition of this open foil event could not be more exciting.

Four out of the top five PWA men's foil ranking leaders of 2019 arrived on the Terceira Island and in the ladies' fleet we had the likes of Marina Alabau, Olympic Gold Medalist turned foil competitor, now maybe going back to the Olympic cycle? ......( more )
Posted On:  04/11/2019 14:10:46

Brazilian Mateus Isaac and Venezuelan Carenys Salazar won the 2019 ISSO IFCA South American Slalom Championship titles, the largest windsurfing event in the Americas that ended on Sunday in Palhoca Santa Catarina. For two days, more than 30 sailors from four countries competed in eliminations with winds above 20 knots on the Ponta do Papagaio beach.

Posted On:  04/11/2019 08:03:36

World Sailing have given a clear decision that the Olympic equipment for 2024 should be foiling and not the RS:X. Through its deliberations over the past week at its 2019 Annual Conference, a number of committees and the World Sailing Council debated the merits of the trials which were undertaken in Lake Garda 2019. ......( more )

Posted On:  03/11/2019 20:27:59

World Sailing's Annual General Meeting concluded the 2019 Annual Conference on Sunday 3 November in Bermuda. After rejecting an amendment moved to change the Council's decision to select the iFoil, members at the AGM confirmed Women's and Men's Windsurfer - iFoil - for Paris 2024Read more . . . 

Windsurf Equipment Selection: Explained | World Sailing Annual Conference: Bermuda 2019

Posted On:  03/11/2019 09:49:41

It's been one of those weeks here in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz. One of those weeks where you're never sure that it will all hang together in spite of it all, or whether it's all going to fall apart because of it all.

The location and welcome, at Club Nautico Puerto Sherry and the Andalusian Sailing Federation, couldn't have been better, big thank you to everyone on the team here for making this yet another Techno 293 World Championships to remember. ......( more )
Posted On:  02/11/2019 12:25:56

World Sailing's Council confirmed the list of Events and Equipment for the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition on Friday 1 November at the 2019 Annual Conference in Bermuda.

Council, the main decision making body of World Sailing, considered whether to change Events and Equipment for Paris 2024 but no one seconded the proposal which was therefore deemed rejected under World Sailing's rules. Council moved on to the Equipment Committee's recommendation to select the iFoil as the Men's and Women's Windsurfer Equipment for Paris 2024. ......( more )
Posted On:  02/11/2019 10:16:41

Put the champagne on ice, it'll be needed tomorrow! After three days of difficulty in winds that were at best "marginal", under some grim grey skies, we finally got to understand why Cadiz is such a popular sailing spot, home of the Club Nautico Puerto Sherry and FAV, our hosts for this 2019 Techno 293 World Championships.

The penultimate day of racing was blessed with sunny skies and racing wind, and all four fleets were able to complete three more rounds of racing in more competitive conditions.  ......( more )
Posted On:  01/11/2019 09:44:47

The clock is running down at the 2019 Techno 293OD World Championships, just two more days of racing scheduled before we know the names of our new World Champions.

But it's been another difficult day for all concerned. Despite the best efforts of the Race Committee to get yesterday's proceedings underway as early as possible (the crew was onsite at 7.00am setting up the tracking devices) there was one big absentee: the wind. ......( more )
Posted On:  31/10/2019 09:13:44

It's been a frustrating few days for the 369 young sailors assembled here in El Puerto de Santa Maria for the 2019 Techno 293 World Championships, where the local hosts, Club Nautico Puerto Sherry in cooperation with FAV, have laid on a fantastic week that has been lacking only one thing so far: wind! 

With the boys fleets having managed a couple of rounds of racing on Tuesday, between the swirling banks of fog that eventually caused racing to be abandoned for the day, hope and expectation were high that yesterday everyone would have a chance to stretch their arms and legs and post some scores to get on in the rankings. ......( more )
Posted On:  30/10/2019 09:36:08

Hello again from Andalusia, Spain, where we are guests of the local Club Nautico Puerto Sherry and FAV, who are hosting the 2019 Techno 293 World Championships, the final big international event of the Techno 293 calendar.
Well, we kind of predicted this in yesterday's report, that the forecast would bear little relation to the reality of things on the day. And so, it came to pass. We woke to find the spot covered with sea fog and not a breath of wind. Time to pack up and go home? ......( more )

Posted On:  29/10/2019 11:09:44

You can bet your house on the fact that anywhere in the world, from Argentina to Ukraine, from Hong Kong to America, in any of the other 35 countries than here in Spain, from where the 369 competitors have come for this 2019 Techno 293 World Championships, there will have been blue skies and 15 knots of steady breeze blowing, rather than the unfeasible 3 knots of wind that have frustrated today's opening day. ......( more )

Posted On:  28/10/2019 21:29:44

Hola amigos, and welcome to El Puerto de Santa Maria, where we are the guests of the Club Nautico Puerto Sherry for an event also supported by the RFEV, FAV and the Marina Puerto de Santa Maria. The venue, once a fishing port just to the north of Cadiz, on that perfect stretch of Atlantic coast leading in from Portugal's Algarve to the famous spot of Tarifa, just a stone's throw from Morocco.  A venturi paradise and the perfect location for the 2019 Techno293 World Championships, the most dynamic and popular windsurf class in the world today. ......( more )

Posted On:  24/10/2019 10:16:01

Members of the public are invited to vote for who they think should be crowned the 2019 Rolex World Sailor of the Year. The public vote will contribute to 50% of the overall count with the remaining 50% to be decided by World Sailing's Member National Authorities.

The line-up of nominees were revealed September 30, advancing three female and four male candidates that rose above during the 12 month qualifying period. The 2019 Rolex World Sailor of the Year nominees are . . .
Posted On:  18/10/2019 12:47:31

At Starboard we are extremely excited to share the news that, after the Sea Trials at Lake Garda, our Olympic Tender proposal the iFoil has been officially recommended by the Paris 2024 Windsurfer Evaluation Working Party of World Sailing. To quickly find out more about the details of our Olympic proposal you can watch our explanatory video here. If you like our proposal and want to help to change the future of Olympic Windsurfing, modernise the sport we all love and make it more exciting for spectators and competitors alike, you can share this news with friends and family or also voice your opinion online. . . . ( more )

Posted On:  14/10/2019 11:30:28

We are looking back on yet another amazing season with the European Freestyle Pro Tour. We ran four freestyle events, all of them with incredible action and two tow-in events with a show that has been wowing the local crowds as well as the online audiences.

It has been great to see that apart from the pro men, EFPT junior competitions could be run at three out of the four events, with an incredible display of what the future holds. Today was the day when we could finally and officialy crown our European Champions after an outstanding last event here at the Brouwersdam. [more]

Posted On:  10/10/2019 10:04:59

Following comprehensive on-water testing and evaluation against the approved criteria, the Working Party recommends the selection of the Starboard iFoil as the equipment for the windsurfer events in 2024.

Full Recommendation in PDF
Posted On:  06/10/2019 09:51:44

The five day Paris 2024 Men's and Women's Windsurf sea trials have concluded with all five pieces of equipment fully tested on Lake Garda, Italy. World Sailing received seven applications from class associations and manufacturers wishing to participate in the sea trials and the Paris 2024 Windsurfer Evaluation Working Party shortlisted the RS:X, Glide, iFoil, Formula Foil and Windfoil 1. All of the equipment was analysed against the criteria outlined in the invitation to tender ahead of shortlisting.

Circolo Surf Torbole hosted ten male and ten female windsurfers representing 18 nations. The sailors held extensive Olympic sailing / coaching experience and foiling expertise.  . . . ( more )
Posted On:  29/09/2019 12:37:56

The final day of the 2019 RS:X World Championships being held in Torbole, Italy, looked to be heading out with a damp fizzle, but ended with a perfect finale for the medal races as the Ora finally decided to show up just before the time limit for the day.

With a full schedule planned for the morning, the 236 competitors and the race officials and volunteers turned up at the Circolo Surf Torbole in the dawn light as has been the norm this week. However the only difference this morning was that the standard northerly breeze had disappeared - Lake Garda was breathless in both its beauty as the sun rose but also in the amount of wind. [more]
Posted On:  28/09/2019 10:00:51

Twenty internationally renowned windsurfers will participate in the Paris 2024 Men's and Women's Windsurfer sea trials from 29 September to 3 October 2019 held out of Circolo Surf Torbole on Lake Garda, Italy.

Ten male and ten female windsurfers representing 18 nations are confirmed to participate in the sea trials. Twelve representatives are currently racing at the RS:X World Championships with the eight remaining windsurfers holding extensive Olympic sailing / coaching experience and foiling expertise. ......( more )
Posted On:  25/09/2019 18:10:13

Day 1 of the 2019 RS:X World Championships dawned - quite literally - upon the 236 competitors who were eager to start their championship campaigns this morning. It was a day full of comparisons; good versus bad, left versus right, up versus down and in the end, north versus south. Lake Garda and Torbole served up a traditional local dish which the club race committee had already predicted yesterday and shuffled the schedule to accommodate the winds for today. . . . ( more )

Posted On:  21/09/2019 14:33:35

On the final day of the Cold Hawaii Games IFCA Wave European Championships tension was really high as all the titles were up for grabs. In the women's fleet Lena Erpenstein claimed the title. In the juniors it was Anton Richter who won, the Youth title went to Simon Kristensen and in the men's Marc Pare claimed the title. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/09/2019 14:11:41

The eyes of the windsurfing world will be on Torbole, Italy, which will host the 2019 RS:X Windsurfing World Championships from the 22nd to the 28th September. It is the pinnacle event in the 2019 calendar for the RS:X Class and represents the second opportunity for sailors to qualify their country for Tokyo, the 2020 Olympic Games. ......( more )

Posted On:  19/09/2019 13:44:20

3 Eliminations were completed in the early morning of the second competition day here in Hanstholm Denmark.

The Juniors and Youths could finally get their own competition going while the Women manage to sail the remaining semi and final heats from the previous day. ......( more )
Posted On:  18/09/2019 11:37:02

Spain's Marc Pare Rico takes first victory in the first single elimination of the European wave championships with high wave scores and double forward rotations. Winds from 30 to 40 knots allowed for a spectacular show on the first competition day here in Hanstholm Denmark. 

The conditions were tough with howling winds during the whole day and with the sun out it made the event opening day a perfect one as spectators gathered to watch the best European competitors compete for the 2019 IFCA Wave European Championships which is taking place in several locations around the city of Thisted and Klitmoller. ......( more )
Posted On:  16/09/2019 11:50:06

The Pacasmayo Classic saw the strongest Youth field in the history of the event take to the waves this year, as the strongest Youth field in a generation continues to emerge around the world.

Youth fleets across all the major wavesailing competitions continue to grow in 2019, as opportunities for them to compete continue to expand. Earlier this year the trend was clear with the strong fleets competing in the Youth World Cup events in Japan (IWT), then Pozo and Tenerife (both PWA), and now here in Peru (IWT). Once again we have seen the largest and most talented fleets of young riders that anyone has seen in 20+ years in all of these events. ….( more )
Posted On:  13/09/2019 11:20:00

Racing had been suspended on day 3 to keep clear of fire-fighting aeroplanes but the wind gods rewarded organisers and competitors with five races on the penultimate day, leaving just 2 further races for the final day to complete the 15 race series. ......( more )

Posted On:  12/09/2019 18:04:13

The 2019 Slalom JYM Europeans in Alacati came to a very successful conclusion. Catch up with the news, photos, results and more on the Official Event Page

Bora Kozanoglu (TUR-11)
Andrea Rosati (ITA-0)
Ertugrul Icingir (TUR-1)
Full results ......( more )
Posted On:  11/09/2019 12:06:54

The "Surfari" 2019 Raceboard Masters World Championship is approaching with the Raceboard family meeting in Los Alcazares, Murcia, Spain during the first days of October. Club Nautico Mar Menor being a welcoming place for windsurfing, we are looking forward to a great regatta.

Make sure to register for the event soon ......( more )
Posted On:  06/09/2019 10:44:40

No racing on day 3 of the Hellenic Formula Festival - fire in the nearby mountains prevented the race committee and competitors from going to the water. Instructions from the Coast Guard were clear - the racing area within Marathon Bay had to be kept clear for fire-fighting aeroplanes to drop in and pick up their load to fight the flames. ......( more )

Posted On:  06/09/2019 10:30:22

A very calm morning welcomed the competitors on the 4th competition day. Luckily enough some wind came through by the afternoon and the races could continue. The light winds caused for lots of cancellations of heats, and some difficult racing situations in winds from 10 to 12, and at sometimes 11 to 14 knots. 

The Juniors, Youths and Girls managed to accomplished yet a few more rounds of racing while it was the masters who suffered with multiple cancellations of the A final throughout the entire afternoon. ......( more )
Posted On:  05/09/2019 08:59:03

Day 3 yet another day with light racing conditions enough to get some action going as top ranks shuffle across the Junior, Youth and Masters divisions. It was high tension today with several OCS, Protest hearings and General recalls making the light conditions exciting for spectators, the race officials and on some occasions time consuming for the jury members. 

In the Masters we have seen several general recalls and, with the delay later in the afternoon, again the finals could not be completed. Already missing out of the A finals are the Turks; Bora Kozanoglu, Talat Asikoglu and Erkan Morgan and now leaving the door wide open for someone to claim victory in elimination #3. ......( more )
Posted On:  04/09/2019 12:51:04

Winds varying from 12 to 18 knots greeted competitors on day 1 of the Hellenic Formula Festival in Nea Makri on Marathon Bay, Attica, Greece. The event organised by Hellenic Formula Windsurfing Association is hosted once again at Golden Coast Hotel and includes the Formula Masters World Championship and Hellenic Formula Nationals. ......( more )

Posted On:  04/09/2019 09:13:05

Fabienne Hoogendam from Holland and Italy's Francesco Scagliola dominate Youth divisions after 2 racing days. The light to medium wind conditions spiced up the Masters and Juniors divisions, calling for close battles action and crowded first mark rounding on the second competition day.

Day 2 continued after a similar situation as the first day with the winds slowly building up towards mid day. The first heat of the day could start at 11:30 with the Masters B Final which was won by the Greek Philip Adamidis and completing the results of the first elimination of the championship. ......( more )
Posted On:  03/09/2019 10:42:02

98 Competitors from 15 nations have registered and are competing for the 2019 Junior, Youth and Masters Slalom European Championships titles in Alacati, Turkey from 1st through 6th of September.

The local medium wind specialist Bora Kozanoglu takes the first victory in the Masters division, Aruba's Carmen Geelkens (Youth Girls Division) and Turkey's Aylin Ozay (Junior Girls Division) take on the lead after 1 accomplished race in today's tricky conditions. ......( more )
Posted On:  29/08/2019 21:06:31

Notice is given for International Windsurfing Association Annual General Meeting to be held on Friday, 1st November 2019, in Puerto Sherry, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Andalucia, Spain.

The meeting will take place during the evening, after racing at the T293 World Championships. The approximate time and room details will be published nearer to the date ...( more )
Posted On:  26/08/2019 16:23:06

The first IFCA Foil World Champion is Luuc Van Opzeeland NED-55 and Anna Sagulenko UKR-8 was crowned IFCA Foil Female Champion in Switzerland.

The 2019 IFCA Foil World Championship came to an end after 11 Races in light to medium winds, 3 discards and only 2 general recalls which was pretty smooth for the BIGGEST Start line - so far - of 71 Foil competitors during the Vanora Engadinwind by Dakine 2019.  Thanks to all the brave flying competitors, the race committee, volunteers, the cool media crew in general and all the sponsors involved.  ......( more )

Posted On:  23/08/2019 12:21:29

The Vanora ENGADINWIND by Dakine 2019 IFCA FOIL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS welcomed 71 competitors from 18 Nations and 3 Continents.

5 Foil races were completed on the first competition day in winds from 9 to 18 knots. Luuc van Opzeeland won the first heat of the first IFCA Foil World Championship. ......( more )
Posted On:  21/08/2019 18:47:01

It's been quite a week here at the 2019 Techno293 European Championships. A fascinating range of wind conditions, hot sun, tight racing, a great "Olympic Village" welcome and atmosphere giving a real sense of occasion, and all that in the beautiful surroundings of one of Israel's very best beach locations, a Sea Nature Reserve into the bargain. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/08/2019 09:37:46

After yesterday's big-out, with the weather totally un-feasible for any kind of sailing, it was back to the reality of serious racing on day four here in Michmoret, Israel, as we enter the final phase of the 2019 Techno293 OD European Championships. And the weather gods smiled a big smile, light to moderate winds blessing all four fleets with near-perfect race conditions as they resumed the quest for European Champion glory.   ......( more )

Posted On:  20/08/2019 09:00:25
Welcome back to Michmoret Emek-Hefer Sailing Club in Israel, where the locals have made every effort to make these a Techno293 European Championships a one to remember. And everyone, competitors, Race Committee, coaches, spectators, will remember the curve-ball the conditions threw our way today.
After two days of calm sea and light-to-moderate winds, we'd had a forecast of something a touch more demanding in terms of waves for today's third day of the five scheduled racing days. But we woke to a sight of waves crashing on the harbour exit, not the best for racing, not for Juniors or Youths, and as it turned out, not for anyone. ......( more )
Posted On:  19/08/2019 09:17:58

Michmoret: a fantastic place to sail, and a fantastic day to be sailing. Sunny skies, crystal sea, golden sand, and enough wind to ensure a full second day of racing here at the Techno293 European Championships 2019, where we are guests of the Emek-Hefer Sailing Club in the heart of a Sea Nature reserve that is more beautiful than you could possibly imagine.

The lucky young sailors who have entered enjoyed a great day's sailing, with all fleets fighting out three more rounds of intense but fairly-fought racing, moving all four ladders forwards and beginning to point to the likely podium positions and our eventual 2019 Champions. ......( more )
Posted On:  18/08/2019 09:32:03

The very least you can say is that it's been a fascinating first day of competition racing here in Michmoret, Israel, at the Techno293 European Championships. Conditions have been good, and all the young competitors wanted just one thing to happen, for the action to start.

The Race Committee sent the Junior Fleets out early this morning in fairly light winds, as planned to avoid racing in the heat of the day, for the scheduled three rounds of races, with nine more to come. The Juniors were totally up for it and the level was very high, they put on a great show with some exciting finishes. Then all back to the beach for some lunch, shade and down-time. ......( more )
Posted On:  17/08/2019 09:03:55

World Sailing has shortlisted five tenders to attend the Paris 2024 Men's and Women's Windsurfer sea trials from 29 September to 3 October 2019.  Circolo Surf Torbole on Lake Garda, Italy will host the sea trials following the RS:X World Championships. 

Shortlisted tenders are: ......( more )

Posted On:  17/08/2019 08:21:26

Hello again from beautiful Michmoret, Israel, where we are the most royally welcome guests of the Michmoret Emek-Hefer Sailing Club, for the 2019 Techno293 European Championships, the climax of the European Techno season. 

It's a stunningly beautiful location in every respect, home to World Champion Windsurfers, who know how to share the space with the sea turtles and other incredibly diverse marine life in what is a Sea Nature Reserve, an idyllic place to sail, and especially to hold a major competition. ......( more )
Posted On:  14/08/2019 19:30:46

The Techno 293 caravan has found its way to one of the furthest destinations for hosting European Championships, on its mission to deliver fair racing to the many youngsters competing. We're in the beautiful Michmoret, Israel, on the Mediterranean coast north of Tel Aviv. It is rated one of the best beach and resort locations in Israel, and is part of a Sea Nature Reserve that includes a sea turtle rescue. ......( more )

Posted On:  12/08/2019 10:39:53

Among the ten events for the Paris 2024 Olympics is Men's and Women's Windsurfing, and a review is underway to determine whether the RS:X equipment, which has served the event since the 2008 Games, will continue beyond Tokyo 2020.

Following an invitation to tender released on July 15, 2019, World Sailing received seven tenders by the deadline on July 26 from Class Associations and Manufacturers. ( more . . .  )

Posted On:  11/08/2019 09:48:32

Two world champions were decided today on Neva Bay, St Petersburg in what turned out to be a dramatic conclusion to the RS:X Youth World Championship. Champions were Russian Yena Reznikova and Israeli Eval Zhor.

On the final day of the championship, a wind of 5-6 knots allowed for the full schedule of races to be delivered, with thanks to the skills of the race officers and their teams. After a short pause due to the lack of the wind, there was sufficient wind to allow the days battles to take place where the medals and titles were at stake. ( more . . . )

Posted On:  31/07/2019 15:08:35

The international Funboard class association has recently announced a new addition to the expression discipline, this season the European wave sailors are invited to join the Cold Hawaii Games in Klitmoller, Denmark. 

Cold Hawaii Games is a week of windy hair, fellowship and unforgettable experiences. The program includes IFCA Wave European Championships, Cold Hawaii Inland Wakeboarding Championships, Danish Championships in Surfkayaking, Tour de Cold Hawaii, Gravel Bike Tours and a number of other sports- and cultural events. Totally guarantees something fun for everyone. ......( more )
Posted On:  31/07/2019 12:55:19

The World Sailing Trust is pleased to announce the launch of its global survey on women in sailing, looking at trends within sailing and the wider industry around gender disparity.

Announced on International Women's Day earlier this year, the Strategic Review, that forms part of the World Sailing Trust's Access to sailing work, focuses on increasing gender diversity across the sport. As a public document, published on the World Sailing Trust's website, it will provide recommendations and actions for partners across the globe looking to be part of this change. ......( more )
Posted On:  30/07/2019 16:43:18

One hundred windsurfers participated in the 2019 One Hour Classic, held in Lake Garda, Trentino, Italy. The legendary one-hour race organized every year by Circolo Surf Torbole debuted an official foil division and honored the memory of Alberto Menegatti.  For the first time since it began 30 years ago, the event had three days of splendid wind conditions.......( more )

Posted On:  23/07/2019 20:25:39

World Sailing is now inviting manufacturers and Class Associations to tender to be selected as the Men's and Women's Windsurfer equipment to be used at the 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition. More information can be found here.
We are kindly asking the windsurfing community to answer a few questions regarding the Windsurfing equipment for the next Olympic Games. ......( more )

Posted On:  16/07/2019 14:24:36

Puck is a town that has been known for sailing for decades. It is also a special place for windsurfing, well known to the local competitors, but also host to international events since the days of the Lechner. Now we're foiling here at the Rehasport Formula Windsurfing Foil World Championships. ......( more )

Posted On:  16/07/2019 10:48:00

11 races and 3 worthy World Champions at the end of a good week of racing.  Challenging conditions - "wind and surf and everything in between" - faced the 107 competitors at the 2019 Raceboard World Championships in Warnemunder. Strong winds and rolling waves greeted competitors on day one but conditions moderated by the last day to light wind almost without shore break and waves. ......( more )

Posted On:  03/07/2019 20:14:43

We usually say that waiting is part of the game. Saying that we think of the countless hours competitors spend waiting for wind and racing to begin. No matter what the wind range of a class this happens all too often.

Not in Puck. In Puck it is windy. Sometimes this means we have to wait too, like we did yesterday. After three races in the morning session there was just no way to go out again with the wind blowing steadily over 40 kts and gusting well above 50. Today still strong wind races, but the 20kts that we had were no problem for the ones competing for the World Championship. ......( more )
Posted On:  01/07/2019 20:53:45

The Rehasport Clinic Formula Windsurfing World Championships has kicked off in style here in Puck, Poland with 57 competitors from 15 countries already completing 5 races today. That sounds like a lot, but with the schedule of 30 races to be sailed everything can still change. 

Short exciting racing and the conditions fitting the occasion with 20kts and 25C made the day a good one for all. And what a mixture we have here. Foiling, as exciting as it is, has brought fresh blood to the class with the youngest of competitors being just 13 and competing on the same starting line with some windsurfing legends including the Olympic gold medallist Marina Alabau.  ......( more )
Posted On:  01/07/2019 12:04:13

The Cercle Nautique Tranchaise greeted 143 competitors during the 2019 Slalom World Championships for Youth & Women including the Junior Slalom Championships.

With only 1 heat sailed, several others cancelled due to the lack of suitable wind, this Championship event came to an end after 5 wonderful days and yet sadly receives the non-valid championship status. No Slalom Youth nor Women Champion has been crowned.......( more )
Posted On:  29/06/2019 11:46:09

A long waiting day three in La Tranche sur Mer, but a fun and active SUP challenge took place. Some late afternoon breeze showed up with weak winds from 7 to 10 knots. The race committee was prepared but conditions remained unsuitable. A few competitors went out sailing to cool off after a long hot waiting day. Everyone had their fingers crossed for the next day's skippers meeting set for 10:00 am ......( more )

Posted On:  27/06/2019 14:18:50

Europe's heat wave is felt in La Tranche. The second competition day started early with the skippers meeting at 08:00 and the first possible start scheduled for 08:30. The race committee was ready to push for some racing as very motivated competitors went out in winds from 10 to 15 knots.......( more )

Posted On:  25/06/2019 20:49:16

Hot temperatures and light winds have greeted the start of the IFCA Youth and Women Slalom Worlds hosted by Cercle Nautique Tranchais. A total of 142 competitors from 3 Continents and 14 Countries are here. Yesterday the event Opening ceremony took place and today the first skippers meeting was held. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/06/2019 09:50:38

During the second week of July, from Monday 8th to Saturday 13th, Circolo Surf Torbole will host the 2019 edition of Italian Techno 293 week. For many years this has been the highlight of the Techno racing season in Italy. ......( more )

Posted On:  19/06/2019 14:34:55

The Annual General Meeting of the Formula Windsurfing Class is to be held on Tuesday 2nd July 2019, after racing at the event venue, Puck, Poland. 

2019 is an election year - Before the close of business at the AGM there will be elections:
(A) to the Class Committee
(B) for the Class Chairman



Posted On:  15/06/2019 09:23:23

Extreme Cordouan 2019 will take place at the Water Sports Centre at Sain-George-de-Didonne on 22-23 June - just before the IFCA Youth & Women Slalom World Championship IFCA in La Tranche.  A good warm-up event perhaps?  More info ...

Posted On:  13/06/2019 16:03:19

The 2019 Windsurfing Course Racing US Nationals took place June 6-8 in beautiful Worthington, Minnesota. The Worthington community in southwestern Minnesota has organized a glorious windsurfing regatta and music festival on the shores of Lake Okabena for twenty years now, and this was the fourth time in that 20 year span that it was designated as a US National championship.  (more)

Posted On:  12/06/2019 09:57:16

The inspiring story of Olympic windsurfing hopeful Saskia Sills is told in a new documentary released by the British Sailing Team.  Cornwall's Sills, 22, is a former world champion at youth level and a key member of the British Sailing Team, with her sights set on representing Britain at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

However, her ride to the top has been anything but smooth - two years ago Sills underwent surgery to her forearms for debilitating compartment syndrome that almost ended her career. ......( more )
Posted On:  11/06/2019 07:56:15

After seven action-packed event days, the Whit Monday on Sylt marked the end of the Multivan Summer Opening during which the IFCA Slalom World Championships took place. After five slalom eliminations in challenging conditions Frenchman Basile Jacquin (FRA-498) secured the world title in front of Gunnar Asmussen (GER-2) from Flensburg and Vincent Langer (GER-1) from Kiel. ......( more )

Posted On:  10/06/2019 09:10:39

The fight for the title was continued on the sixth day of the IFCA Slalom World Championships on Sylt. With wind forces of up to 20 knots, the fourth slalom elimination could be started. The Frenchman Basile Jacquin (FRA-498) was able to continue his outstanding performance that he already showed on the previous day. With his victory in the fourth elimination, he also significantly extended the lead in the preliminary overall standings. ......( more )

Posted On:  09/06/2019 09:04:42

A day of tough competition lies behind the participants of the IFCA Slalom World Championships in Westerland on Sylt. In extreme conditions with wind peaks of up to 30 knots, the third slalom elimination could be completed on the fifth day of the event. There was a change at the top of the preliminary overall standings, which are now lead by Frenchman Basile Jacquin (FRA-498) who won today's elimination.......( more )

Posted On:  08/06/2019 09:44:01

The fourth day of the IFCA Slalom World Championships as part of the Multivan Summer Opening initially brought a well-deserved break for the participants. In the evening the wind picked up, so that two more races in foil racing could be started. The winner of both races was Vincent Langer (GER-1) from Kiel, who now leads the overall foil racing standings of the event. ......( more )

Posted On:  07/06/2019 09:13:48

The third day of the IFCA Slalom World Championships 2019 finally brought the long-awaited wind. With optimal side-shore conditions and wind speeds of up to 20 knots, two slalom eliminations were completed. At the end of the day, both Gunnar Asmussen (GER-2) from Flensburg and Vincent Langer (GER-1) from Kiel range on the first place in the preliminary overall standings. This leaves the outcome of the IFCA Slalom World Championships 2019 particularly exciting.......( more )

Posted On:  06/06/2019 11:33:57

Now in its seventh year, the oldest Polish town of KALISZ with the small lake hosted the big windsurfing event of the year during the long weekend from Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June. Windsurfing enthusiasts from near and far, of all ages, met to have fun together once again. 

97 competitors from beginners to veterans enjoyed 3 days of racing. Saturday delivered very light wind and only the Raceboard fleet raced while the younger competitors enjoyed the "international childrens day’ with many attractions including evening concerts and fireworks.  The friendly family atmosphere presented the sport to approximately 5000 spectators on Saturday. ......( more )
Posted On:  06/06/2019 09:03:02

With hope to get the first races in, the second day of the IFCA Slalom World Championships on Sylt started quite promising with wind speeds of up to three to four Beaufort. However, the wind dropped quickly, so that no official competitions were possible. Time to take a closer look at the two top favourites of the event, Enrico Marotti (CRO-401) from Croatia and Vincent Langer (GER-1) from Kiel:

Enrico, you are the reigning IFCA Slalom World Champion, your goal for this event is sure to defend this title, right?......( more )
Posted On:  05/06/2019 15:12:09

The updated version - V2 - of the Techno 293 OD is now available. This new version will be delivered with following changes :
New graphic for the board, sails and mast; no technical changes.
New shape and graphic for the boom; wider on the back end.
New branding to promote the equipment and the class. ......( more )

Posted On:  05/06/2019 09:12:19

Summer, sun and a relaxed atmosphere marked the first day of the IFCA Slalom World Championships, which are held in Westerland on Sylt as part of the Multivan Summer Openings from 3-10 June. 65 participants from 12 nations have made their way to the German island to fight for the 2019 Slalom World Champion title and a total prize money of 10,000 euros. Only the wind was lacking at the start of the event. However, this did not distract anyone from the good mood - thousands of spectators took advantage of the diverse supporting program of the event and strolled on the promenade of Westerland or enjoyed the sun at the beach.......( more )

Posted On:  04/06/2019 11:11:12

The Division II European Championship weekend was organized on the Heegermeer by WaterSportvereniging Heeg, in collaboration with the IWA (International Windsurfing Association) and the Division II Class Association. The Division II windsurf board is a former Olympic class from 1988 and 1992, with which Stephan van den Berg, among others, sailed the Olympic Games. ......( more )

Posted On:  03/06/2019 12:31:21

The first World Championship for the Junior - under 23 - division of the International Raceboard Class will take place in Rostock-Warnemuende, Germany, from 6th to 11th July.

This follows the decision of the membership at the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the class to introduce a new age division of "Junior".  Competitors shall be 22 years of age, or less, throughout the competition year; and shall be limited to using a sail with a maximum area of 8.500 sq.m.  ......( more )
Posted On:  01/06/2019 08:08:30

A personal opinion after many years racing and representing International Formula Windsurfing Class.

Now the class has, in its rules, a fin and a foil division. Everybody can read the class rules.

At C.2.4 EQUIPMENT DIVISION says expressly:
(a) Fin Division
(b) Foil Division  ......( more )
Posted On:  01/06/2019 00:00:00

The Division 2 European Championships began on Thursday 30th May, continuing until Sunday 2nd June at the Heegermeer in Friesland (The Netherlands), hosted by WaterSportvereniging Heeg. Competitors were greeted on the first day of competition with too much wind and waves, keeping the fleet ashore until finally the race committee decided to cancel for the day. However, on the plus side, this gave everyone a chance to get to know each other, check out the kit and swap stories. ......( more )

Posted On:  29/05/2019 18:08:42

The ultimate day here at the EFPT Las Dunas Costa Brava has been all about the double elimination in howling winds with more to 40 knots at times. The riders started off on their 4.4's but had to rig down to their 4.0's and below fairly soon. What seemed like a beautiful illusion at the start of the week, became reality today and provided the perfect playground for the remaining freestyle competition. 

There have been some upsets in the single elimination and therefor a real tension in the air. Some sailors were determined to work their way up in the double, some others new todays conditions would suit them and their eyes were set on the prize. ….( more )
Posted On:  28/05/2019 15:44:50

Tough racing, tactical, technical with challenging weather and wind conditions in the Czech Republic. 92 competitors, 13 races with spectacular castle background, fun with friends in true raceboard spirit.

Check out the video highlights / Official Event Website

Posted On:  27/05/2019 16:52:44

THE END of a great event concept on The Dutch Caribbean ABC Islands: 3 event results, windy every day and unique island experiences with Bjorn Saragoza and the amazing young talented windsurfers.

Bonaire provided a large set up with thanks to the Aquaspeed Bonaire Windsurfers Club, all the sponsors and a hard working crew of the Prokids Windsurfing Bonaire both on land and water during day and night.......( more )
Posted On:  24/05/2019 11:44:34

Without a doubt the Techno 293 class is the best option for young kids to enter the world of sailing and windsurfing. Here is the story of the Portuguese Sailing Federation and their support for the class in the country.  ......( more )

Posted On:  21/05/2019 11:27:17

Once again the small lake in the historical centre of Poland - Szale, Kalisz - will host the annual friendly windsurfing event with more than 100 sailors expected on the lake. Come and join the fun from 31 May-2 June 2019.  Classes will include Techno kids, juniors and youths, RS:X youth and seniors, Raceboard Seniors and Masters and Div II. A maximum of 11 races are scheduled to take place over the weekend. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/05/2019 10:25:16

The International RS:X Class note with some disappointment the decision to reject the World Sailing Boards recommendation to retain the RS:X for the 2024 Olympics. Instead, the World Sailing Council voted, with 23 votes against and 19 in favour, to open up the men and women windsurfing events to sea trails and, sadly, put the sport of windsurfing into limbo for a further six months...... ( more )

Posted On:  20/05/2019 10:28:22

The opening event of the 2019 IFCA ABC TOUR - Dutch Caribbean Championships was the Curacao Challenge 10-12 May in Caracasbaai at the Windsurfing Curacao station. A total of 40 competitors in a variety of age categories registered and saw 2 days of action and 9 accomplished rounds of slalom racing. Team Aruba dominated the races in the Youth, Juniors U15 and Women divisions.......( more )

Posted On:  18/05/2019 16:10:48

Some will remember this regatta for the great racing, some for the hospitality of the hosts at Yacht Club Dyje, Nove Mlyny in the Czech Republic and others for the weather. One thing is certain. The 2019 Raceboard European Championship is an event to be remembered.

The Raceboard atmosphere is something exceptional on and off the water. Anastazja Lewandowska, our Protest Committee chairperson, confirmed this emphasizing that the sailors were not too keen to protest preferring to solve the problems among themselves.  ......( more )

Posted On:  17/05/2019 18:33:45

Photos of Pavlov taken from the nearby castle flooded Facebook yesterday, as competitors took the chance to take the short hike up the hill and do some sightseeing. Not a true lay day though, as it was dominated by waiting for the wind. 

That was yesterday.  Today was a completely different story. Today it was all about racing. Everyone was focused around it and everything in Nove Mlyny was there to help follow through. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/05/2019 19:33:06

A breakthrough you might say, as Borja Carracedo Serra from Spain came back ashore freezing after the three races today. He was wearing his Superman lycra and he was clearly happy with his super result. "I have the SUPER power - winning the last one, I have to wear this lycra more often. I want one more. I'm only warming up and now that I know how to do it, I can win more," he said laughing. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/05/2019 19:31:03

Chelsea Football Club, London, Great Britain will host World Sailing delegates from 17-19 May for the 2019 edition of World Sailing's Mid-Year Meeting.  World Sailing's Events Committee and Equipment Committee will meet on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May before the Council, the main decision making body of the world governing body, bring the session to a close on Sunday 19 May. An audio and main screen feed of all the meetings will be available on the World Sailing TV YouTube Channel … ( more ) 

Posted On:  14/05/2019 18:34:32

Just before leaving for the Raceboard European Championships I came across an article in Sailing Illustrated on how not to write a report from an event. From the article I've learnt not to write about the weather or race officers (sorry Marek), but to concentrate on the sailors - and their point of view.

So here it goes, 92 sailors representing 14 countries (Australia and Argentina included) arrived in Nove Mlyny, Czech Republic to compete in the Europeans. It is cold. And here is their perspective. ......( more )

Posted On:  06/05/2019 11:32:46

Associacao Carioca de Windsurf in co-operation with Buzios Vela Clube hosted the prestigious South American Windsurfing Championships for RS:X, Techno, Raceboard, Foil and Formula Windsurfing Classes from 1st to 5th May. 103 competitors from 6 countries battled it out for the coveted podium spots. 

On the first day of racing, there was plenty of wind - 17/18 knots, gusts up to 22 - enabling 2 races for all the classes. It was a "perfect" day (even if the younger Techno sailors were a bit tired at the end).On day two, it was the extreme opposite! No wind at all!!! The Race Committee displayed AP over Alpha at 15:30. ......( more )
Posted On:  06/05/2019 00:00:00

26 competitors from 8 countries have been battling it out for podium positions at the Formula Foil European Championships in Praia da Roche, Portimao.  Przemyslaw (Pont) Miarczynkski (POL-126) took the wins in two races on the first day, ahead of Janis Preiss LAT-23 and local Miguel Martinho POR-5. ......( more )

Posted On:  04/05/2019 11:28:36

Despite all efforts, 2 attempted starts, the wind was not playing ball so no races on day two of the Formula Windsurfing World Championships in Portimao. However, there was action on the water on day three with 5 races in the afternoon, the max possible according to the schedule. Janis Priess and Miguel Martinho were fighting for the win in every race, not allowing anyone else to claim either first or second place in any of the races. ......( more )

Posted On:  02/05/2019 08:15:12

Welcome to the website of Defi Wind, an extraordinary sport event that puts in the limelight some 1000 windsurfers on the very same starting line! Born in 2001 from the association of Wind magazine and the town of Gruissan with the passion of Philippe Bru's incredible organization team, this event remains so far the greatest worldwide gathering of competing windsurfers ever. This impressing impulse has turned the Defi Wind not only into a worldwide leader in adrenaline-water-sports events but also into a universal not-to-be-missed windsurfing appointment. ......( more )

Posted On:  01/05/2019 11:53:16

The AGM of the International Funboard Class Association will take place in June, during the 2019 World Championships to be held on Sylt, Germany. The exact date will be published with the Agenda.

Proposals to amend the Class Rules or the Class Constitution shall be sent to the class secretary no later than the 8th May.  Other proposals, eg changes to championship rules, should be submitted to the class secretary by 15th May.

Posted On:  01/05/2019 09:27:50

Praia da Rocha, a beach on the Atlantic Ocean at Portimao, Algarve, southern Portugal has just delivered a very successful T293 Plus Worlds, with great and varied conditions bringing a full regatta of races.

However, The Formula Windsurfing World Championship which began on 28th April was slow to start as very little wind greeted the eager competitors.  On Day One intentions were clear. Wait for the predominant wind direction and run as many races as possible. First it picked up stronger than expected then unfortunately got too unstable to run more than 2 races - Video Day One ......( more )
Posted On:  28/04/2019 09:03:41

Portimao is a port town on the western Algarve coast, running along the bottom of Portugal to the most southwest tip of mainland Europe. Take a plane to Faro and head west, you can't miss it (east is all hotels and golf courses). The Atlantic swells, waves and winds sweep in across beautiful sand beaches and little fishing ports, when they're not battering the stunning cliff formations. ......( more )

Posted On:  27/04/2019 12:25:57

A late start and a late finish yesterday in Portimao, but no real late change on the leader boards and very little time left for anyone to change things now!

Change was the word of the day. Firstly, the very changeable conditions, wind blowing this way and that, then not at all. It wasn't until very late in the afternoon that there was anything consistent enough to be able to launch any kind of race. ......( more )
Posted On:  26/04/2019 10:22:12

International regattas and major championships like this rely on more than just the weather and competitors to show up. There's a huge amount of work before, during and after, and a huge team (often volunteers) of un-sung heroes working behind the scenes to make sure that all the racers get the best possible chance to show off their skills. ......( more )

Posted On:  25/04/2019 08:39:28

Welcome back to Portimao for the 2019 Techno 293+ World Championships, and we really mean Portimao, because today's racing was in the harbour of the town itself rather than far out at sea. ......( more )

Posted On:  24/04/2019 08:44:16

We all know that the Algarve is made for fun, but today it delivered big time, making a great day for organisers, competitors and spectators alike. The sun shone, the wind blew and the waves were very present, making a great trampoline for these incredibly talented young sailors to let rip and enjoy themselves.

And boy did they!......( more )
Posted On:  23/04/2019 11:50:42

There are 28 men and 10 women competing here at the Techno293+ World Championships, 38 motivated young sailors, all striving for one of the coveted World Champion crowns.

Techno293+ is the grown up version of the legendary Techno293, where older riders can compete, using bigger rigs and fins than the standard 293 class. Making sufficient waves that it has become an Youth Olympic class in its own right, and we are all proud and honoured to have none other than Youth Olympic Games champion Alexandros Kalpogiannakis here in Portimao this week, as motivated as ever, to try and complete his set of gold medals following his YOG and European Championship victories. ......( more )

Posted On:  22/04/2019 16:17:05

The TECHNO293Plus caravan has pitched up here at the lovely Praia Da Rocha, near Portimao on the beautiful western Algarve on Portugal's southern coast. The warm Easter weather was matched by the warmth of the welcome at this famous and charming spot.......( more )

Posted On:  18/04/2019 10:52:39

It hasn't all been plain sailing for Greece over the last few years: economy in crisis, political chaos, bearing the burden of mass immigration from the war-torn middle east . . .

But it's been a very different story for one young Greek windsurfer, who has sailed his way to an incredibly successful year and a very promising future. For Alexandros Kalpogiannakis it started twelve months ago, at the Techno 293+ World Championships in Liepaja, Latvia, where he finished in the silver medal spot. ......( more )
Posted On:  17/04/2019 18:03:33

The 2019 RS:X Windsurfing European and Youth European Championships & Open Trophy closed with four scintillating medal races held in near perfect conditions in Mallorca, Spain. After four days of intense competition where the wind gods tested and teased the competitors, medal race day saw a steady 12-15 knot wind and full planing conditions.......( more )

Posted On:  11/04/2019 12:01:13

Windsurfing is making a resurgence in areas around the USA. In Miami, city of perpetual sunshine, foilers are taking to the water and youth windsurfing has found new life at Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, one of the unlikeliest of places.

After less the three years, the program has grown to more than twenty young sailors, a race team numbering thirteen, and a waitlist. What's the secret to their success? Quality equipment designed for kids and coaches with a technical racing background who create a fun environment on and off the water for recreational windsurfers and racers alike. Read the full article on Scuttlebutt
Posted On:  11/04/2019 08:51:15

This year the IFCA Slalom World Championships will be the sportive highlight of the Multivan Summer Opening on Sylt. The most important slalom event of 2019 will take place in Westerland/Sylt (Germany) from June 3rd to 10th.

For the first time ever the Mens Slalom Worlds are combined with the Masters Championships. So the event will be specifically attractive for all those slalom legends who dominated the competitions already 10 or 15 years ago. The IFCA Slalom Worlds offer a prize money of eur 10.000,00 but most important the official Slalom World Championship title. ......( more )
Posted On:  09/04/2019 12:03:52

Bic Sport will be offering a fantastic 25% discount on the regular sale price for the Techno 293 Board and 8.5 Rig package at the end of the T293 Plus World Championships at Praia da Rocha, Portimao later this month.  Boards and rigs may be sold separately with a 20% discount on each. View Poster

Interested? Contact Paulo Silva for further information.

Posted On:  09/04/2019 08:47:29

The 2019 RS:X Europeans and Youth European Championships being held on the island of Mallorca, Spain, has a record turn out for the RS:X Class with 333 confirmed entries from 43 different nations representing six different continents over five days of racing. These Europeans are testament to the health of windsurfing at present such that, for the first time ever, the youth men's fleet is bigger than the senior men's fleet which is with special thanks to the BIC Techno class who provide an excellent pathway into the RS:X Class. The biggest, and most welcome problem the organisers have this week is finding enough beach space! ......( more )

Posted On:  04/04/2019 09:31:12

When more than 48 pounds of plastic, including disposable dishes, a corrugated tube, shopping bags and a detergent package with its bar code still visible, was recently found inside a dead sperm whale in Italy, it was the latest reminder that our food chain is living amid a trash dump. 

And while it is well-recognized that the bulk of the problem is in Asia, shifts have to begin somewhere so it is refreshing to see that evident as straws and meal containers in the USA move away from plastic to eco-friendly options...... read the full article on Scuttlebutt 
Posted On:  21/03/2019 15:52:23

Once a month, a bunch of America's Cup sailors, ocean racers, and former Olympic medalists gather alongside some young and others not so young at a New Zealand lake on Auckland's North Shore. It's a group that has grown in size over time and among them are a bevy of well-known sailors who have well and truly caught the bug.

The foiling revolution has hit windsurfing and it's fair to say foiling has helped lift the sport to new levels, both literally and figuratively. As many as 20 gather at Lake Pupuke for Foiling Fridays but it's a scene being played out at other venues around New Zealand … read the full article on Scuttlebutt / View the video

Posted On:  13/03/2019 12:25:49

The specialty event got underway with wind gusts of up to 70 knots (80 miles per hour, 130 kilometers per hour), and 26-foot (eight-meter) waves breaking off the Irish Coast.

Eight world-class windsurfers traveled from all corners of the globe to Magheroarty Beach, in County Donegal, to take on the full force of a massive North Atlantic storm.......( more )
Posted On:  08/03/2019 13:00:37

Red Bull Storm Chase, the world's toughest windsurfing contest, is back on after three years of waiting with a serious storm brewing off the Irish coast.

Eight of the world's best windsurfers are about to hit the water in Force 10 winds (89-102 kilometers per hour) with the location needing close proximity to an international airport, adequate medical coverage, and emergency services. ......( more )
Posted On:  04/03/2019 09:00:02

After three days of fun races, the wind was finally strong enough to run three official races on the last day of the Defi Wind Japan.

Three different winners excelled on the downwind course that brought a smile to the pros and amateurs alike. In the end, Ludovic Jossin and Yuki Sunaga won the first Defi Wind in the Land of the Rising Sun.  ( more...)

Posted On:  20/02/2019 09:20:50

La Tranche Sur Mer is to host the 2019 IFCA Youth and Women World Championships, including the IFCA Slalom Junior Championships, from the 24th to 29th of June. This Championship offers a prize purse of 5.000 Euros for the Women  who will compete beside the Youth Men for the 2019 Slalom World Champion Title. ( more ... ) 

Posted On:  13/02/2019 12:07:47

The International Formula Windsurfing Class returns to Praia da Roche, Portimao, for 2 major championships. Praia da Rocha is a beach and urban area on the Atlantic Ocean in the southern section of the county of Portimao, Algarve, southern Portugal.

The Formula Windsurfing World Championship will take place from 28th April to 2nd May. Competitors will be limited to the use of a board with a fin for this championship, which will be followed......( more )
Posted On:  31/01/2019 10:32:00

A big jump in youth and female sailor numbers has been a feature of the 2019 Raceboard Nationals at Myall Lakes in NSW.  The event (20-23 of January) was held with the Formula Nationals and attracted a combined fleet of 47 boards, including 35 Raceboards - up from the previous year in Brisbane where 29 boards competed.......( more )

Posted On:  30/01/2019 18:36:58

We announced last year, at the annual Raceboard Class Meeting in Blanes, that we intend to organise 2019 in Warnemuende/Germany the largest Raceboard Worlds since decades.

Some of you will remember the Raceboard Worlds 2009 in Warnemuende which attracted 114 competitors from 15 nations. Now 10 years later we will try to improve on this. Read more . . .
Posted On:  30/01/2019 11:48:08

Action sports to try and stars to touch at "Boot Duesseldorf" - more than 100,000 visitors came to enjoy the 50th birthday of the world's largest water sports fair and to celebrate THE WAVE. 

The International Windsurfing Association thanks the organisers for their generosity in providing a room for the IWA Annual General Meeting held during this event and giving us the opportunity to mix and mingle with the crowds. ......( more )
Posted On:  25/01/2019 12:04:01

We are excited to release the tour-calendar for 2019. After an extremely successful 2018 with eight events and 88.000 eur prize-money in total, we are happy to announce that we will step it up again in 2019.

The season will be opened in the end of April at the famous Surf Worldcup in Neusiedl am See, Austria with a tow-in only event to wow the thousands of spectators who visit this event year by year. ( more )
Posted On:  10/01/2019 16:28:18

The World's largest and most important watersports trade fair will celebrate its 50th anniversary this month.

The IWA will be present over the final weekend of the show not only to hold important meetings but also to mingle with the crowds and to soak up the atmosphere! ......( more )

Posted On:  08/01/2019 16:43:31

The IWT 2019 season opens with big news:


Duncan Coombs announced as the IWT 2019 Head Judge ......( more )
Posted On:  30/12/2018 09:32:58

The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting of the International Windsurfing Association to be held on Saturday 26 January 2019 at Boot, Dusseldorf has now been published.

2019 Techno and Techno 293 Plus Calendars Now Available to Download
Posted On:  21/12/2018 13:03:51

Merry Christmas and fair winds in 2019 !!!

As always, stunning photos courtesy of Patrik Pollak.  Many thanks, Patrick!
Posted On:  21/12/2018 10:50:17

The final competition day, was packed with epic conditions in the Bay of Paracas, with a suitable wind already from 11 am which allowed us to complete 4 eliminations (the maximum per day), reaching a total of 8 completed eliminations (3 discards) and with suspense until the last heat of the day, and only 10 minutes before the last possible warning signal time limit of this amazing championship (4 pm). ......( more )

Posted On:  19/12/2018 14:53:41

The second competition day brought a surprising display of high wind slalom action. The day started similar to the first day with the skippers meeting held at 11 am. Sunny skies and a shifty wind that slowly started to fill in later in the afternoon. It took less time than the previous day for the wind to be suitable enough for the competition from the regular direction. ......( more )

Posted On:  18/12/2018 08:36:05

Paracas Peru welcomes a total of 38 competitors of 7 nationalities who are ready to challenge each other on the waters of Paracas Bay for the 2018 South American and Pan American IFCA Slalom Continental Titles.

The conditions in Paracas:
Flat water with thermal wind, that normally starts to increase around midday and often at its peak during the afternoons. ......( more )
Posted On:  16/12/2018 09:03:50

Class Associations and Equipment Manufacturers are invited to tender for the Men's and Women's Windsurf Equipment for the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition.
Click here to read the Invitation to Tender.

The Invitation to Tender follows from World Sailing's Olympic Re-evaluation Policy, detailed in Regulation 23.6 and approved by World Sailing's Council at the 2017 Annual Conference in Mexico.  ......( more )
Posted On:  13/12/2018 18:36:03

Slalom Windsurfing, one of the most popular and competitive windsurfing disciplines in the world, arrives again in Peru on the occasion of the '2018 Paracas IFCA South American & Pan-American Slalom Championship', an event that will take place from December 15 to 19 in the tourist waters of the Paracas Bay, the Peruvian Windsurf Association announced at a press conference held at the Salon de las Americas of the National Stadium. ......( more )

Posted On:  13/12/2018 09:21:27

"It would be great for kids to develop some freestyle skills, just like the good old days, plus it's fun," says Pierre Coupal. "Freestyle tricks are possible on the Bic Techno 293 and it helps to develop good board control." ......( more )

Posted On:  11/12/2018 11:33:34

2018 saw the 4th season of the Supercup series, a competition circuit for Techno 293 and Raceboard that has been growing over the years and attracted this year almost 100 competitors from 5 countries.

Windsurfing is not just a sport, it's a lifestyle. In the spirit of this we started something new again this year. The Prizegiving for the series took place in Budapest, one of the greatest European cities. The Supercup Series prizegiving ceremony took place during the annual Hungarian Windsurfing Association gathering for the presentation of local association awards for the best riders in the country.  ......( more )
Posted On:  09/12/2018 14:37:32

Power Controls, the second in the new series of instructional videos with Max Wojcik, is available on-line.

"Power is nothing without control!!!" So what are the power controls? How do you adjust them to give you maximum speed? Some answers in this video ....
Posted On:  30/11/2018 11:54:41

The 2018 Luderitz Speed Challenge is over, and ten new national records have been set.  Antoine Albeau and Alex Caizergues can relax for now. They are still the fastest windsurfer and kiteboarder on the planet, but there are several riders close on their heels.

In this year's edition, the Luderitz Speed Challenge debuted a live speed update system, which allowed fans to follow the action in real time. ......( more )
Posted On:  29/11/2018 15:57:32

Rigging Basics, the first of a new series of instructional videos, is now available on-line!  Learn how to rig your sail like a Pro from experienced international coach, Max Wojcik. As a multi-time windsurfing World Champion he knows what he is talking about!

Coming soon - Power Controls!
Posted On:  29/11/2018 09:46:16

Notice is given for International Windsurfing Association Annual General Meeting to be held on Saturday, 26th January 2019, at Boot Dusseldorf - Dusseldorf International Boat Show.

The meeting will take place during the afternoon in a meeting room at the exhibition centre, with the exact time and room details published with a detailed Agenda nearer to the date.
Posted On:  29/11/2018 09:02:38

The IFCA Slalom South American and Pan-American Championships will be held from 15th to 19th December.

"Paracas" comes from the Quechua (native) language and is "The Definition of a Sandstorm".  Find out more about this fantastic venue and why "Paracas is the best place for slalom sailing, period!"
Posted On:  23/11/2018 10:13:55

The Final Tour stop of The European Freestyle Pro Tour took place at the Zeil & Surf center in Brouwersdam, South Holland in October.

Tonky Frans has been the tour leader throughout the whole season. After winning the event this year in Neusiedl am See, Austria the Bonairean could not get pushed off the first place any more. He chased the tour around the globe, stayed focused on his goal and secured his title with a 4th place at this event. ......( more )
Posted On:  12/11/2018 10:30:24

The Defi Wind Team is proud to launch a new event! The Defi Wind Japan will be held from 2019 February 28th to March 3rd. This new windsurfing long distance race will take place in Miyako Island (Okinawa) located at the south end of the Japanese archipelago. 150 riders from all over the world are expected for this first edition including multiple world champions, Defi Wind Gruissan winners and, of course, pure amateurs. The idea is to promote windsurfing and share the stoke of our incredible sport in a new tropical destination. The registration for this new event is about to open. It's time for new Defi Wind adventure! ......( more )

Posted On:  11/11/2018 09:18:14

Azores Windsurf-Foil Open Challenge will go down as one of the most exciting events of 2018. All the top spots were decided literally on the very last lap both for the men and women.

Terceira Island attracted some of the top names in the sport including PWA champions and Olympic medalists. Two of them battled it out for the win in the women's fleet. ......( more )
Posted On:  10/11/2018 09:43:45

With five races and two discards in for the men today, we have some big names back at the top of the leaderboard chasing Sebastian Koerdel for the first place on the podium. 

The French competitors Antoine Albeau and Nicolas Goyard were the ones to jump in front. The first winning three of the five races today. In the words of LL Cool J - don't call it a comeback, we all knew the discards were going to come sooner or later.  ......( more )
Posted On:  10/11/2018 09:19:54

On the final day, once again Penghu delivered its winter weather promise of strong, consistent winds and choppy waves. The coming of the strongest winds of the year on this day made it possible to complete two races, leaving sailors happy and fulfilled.

The winners of the 2018 RS:X and Techno 293 Asian Windsurfing Championships are: ......( more )
Posted On:  09/11/2018 10:00:56

So, what is the big difference? What is it that makes foiling more and more popular? And where do the smiles come from?

That is the question I asked today. Not the best day to ask a question like that, as we did not get too many races in. In fact, just one for the men, as the second was cancelled and no racing for the ladies at all. ......( more )
Posted On:  08/11/2018 11:03:01

That is the motto of the Azores Islands. And its true. Don't try dressing for the weather here, unless it is a wetsuit and you're going windsurfing. And luckily that is what we did. Wind during the day was somewhere from around 5 knots to just under 20. Sunny and rainy. All this in one day. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/11/2018 10:41:04

For the second day of competition on Wednesday the wind increased up to 20 kts and the Reaching start course was used for three exciting races for all classes.

Among the RS:X Men, the bullet was taken by Korean athlete Cho Won Woo. He was followed by Ching Yin Cheng and Rafeek Kikabhoy both from Hong Kong. - results  ......( more )

Posted On:  07/11/2018 10:26:33

Competitors from 6 countries and 2 continents were on hand to kick off the 2018 RS:X & T293 Windsurfing Asian Championships in Penghu, Taiwan. This landmark windsurfing regatta is taking place from 3 to 11 November and is organised by the Chinese Taipei Sailing Association in cooperation with Hand On.

Penghu is a hidden gem in the windsurfing world, and it is shining for this regional event by gracing the competition with crystal clear waters, steady winds, and a welcoming committee of dolphins. ......( more )
Posted On:  06/11/2018 16:16:07

Biscayne Bay Yacht Club in Coconut Grove, Miami will again be hosting the Orange Bowl International Youth Windsurfing Regatta, December 28 - 30.   Registration is the evening of December 27.   Last year we had sailors from Peru, Canada, Mexico and the US.  The fleet will be even bigger this year and we hope to have an RSX fleet, which is open to sailors under the age of 22 years. ......( more )

Posted On:  05/11/2018 15:12:35

After a week of meetings, the World Sailing AGM brought the 2018 Annual Conference to a close as they ratified the decisions made throughout the week. 

The slate of Events for Paris 2024 is confirmed as:
Men's Windsurfer - RS:X*
Women's Windsurfer - RS:X*......( more )
Posted On:  02/11/2018 11:38:12

The Corpus Christi Youth Sailing World Championships marks a key step for World Sailing in its delivery of its Sustainability Agenda 2030 which sets out sustainability targets across the sport of sailing.

Read full report

Posted On:  02/11/2018 09:56:34

The world's fastest windsurfers and kitesurfers will hunt new speed sailing records from October 22nd through November 25th, in Luderitz, Namibia.  The 2018 Luderitz Speed Challenge has returned with high hopes and plenty of well-known faces. The event has been running since 2007. ......( more )

Posted On:  28/10/2018 09:28:57

Greece is a beautiful country with an incredible variety of landscapes, from the mountainous north to the scattered islands of the Aegean in the south. It's a country of ancient legends and gods, fantastic monuments, welcoming people, great food, hot sun and deep blue seas. 

This week, Varkiza, on the coast south of Athens, has been the excellent host to the 2018 Dole Techno293 European Championships, ......( more )
Posted On:  27/10/2018 09:22:03

After yesterday's blast with winds gusting up to 40 knots everywhere, it was a complete reversal today here in Varkiza, flat calm everywhere except, as luck would have it, in the bay just out front, which is where the Juniors have been racing all week, while the Youths have been further off shore on a different course. ......( more )

Posted On:  26/10/2018 09:54:12

What a day. Everyone arrived at the spot to find wind gusting 40 knots blasting across the site, hard enough standing up straight, never mind sailing. A one hour delay was called to give the wind time to calm down a little.

At 2.00pm the Race Committee sent out the Youth and Junior Boys, for some full-on racing in extreme planing conditions, fast and exciting, ......( more )
Posted On:  25/10/2018 09:32:37

So Alexandros Kalpoginnakis was not right about today - "Big sun and strong wind," he said - nor was anybody else.

The wind anticipated for the morning did not show up as we'd like it to. Well, we got the sun here in Varkiza, on the Greek coast south of Athens, but this was a tough day for everyone ......( more )
Posted On:  24/10/2018 09:05:22

Yesterday we told you that local hero, Youth Olympic medal winner Alexandros Kalpoginnakis, was predicting some pretty heavy conditions for the week ahead.

Today in Varkiza we had more of a wet weekend in Blackpool than the sunny skies of Greece. Drizzly grey skies all day long, driven along by a stiff breeze maxing at about 22 knots. Enough to keep everyone damp but interested, ......( more )

Posted On:  23/10/2018 08:44:35

An (un)believably great day's competition here in Varkiza on day one of the final major event of the season. The competitors were rewarded for their hard work in getting here with planing conditions all day long, and the Race Committee did a great job, running three races for each of the four fleets. ......( more )

Posted On:  22/10/2018 08:31:11

Aaahhh! It's still Summer, end of October, time to relax after a long season of riding, racing and having fun, time to head off to Greece for some serious r'n'r . . .
Greece, yes. r'n'r, no. The European Techno fleet has de-camped to Varkiza, Greece, for the final "big-one" of the season, the Dole Techno293 European Championships. ......( more )

Posted On:  13/10/2018 09:12:48

Alexandros Kalpogiannakis (GRE) and Giorgia Speciale (ITA) became the first sailors to take the title of 2018 Youth Olympic Champions at the Youth Olympic Sailing Competition, held out of Club Nautico San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The first Medal Races in Sailing were held in the Girl's and Boys Windsurfing class, with both fleets completing 11 races in the series over the course of the competition. A seventh-place finish in the Medal Race - his lowest fleet race score of the week - was enough for Kalpogiannakis to wrap up gold. ......( more )
Posted On:  12/10/2018 10:03:14

Ahead of Friday's Medal Race, the battle to claim a spot on the podium amplified in the Windsurfing class at the Youth Olympic Sailing Competition at Club Nautico San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Shifting winds on the coldest day of the week so far brought new challenges for the Girl's and Boy's fleets, but both were able to complete three races each. However, Tuesday's postponed slalom elimination race could not be finished, and will be abandoned. ......( more )
Posted On:  11/10/2018 13:22:02

With lighter windspeeds than the previous day, all three classes were able to race. Windsurfing reverted back to fleet racing.

In Girl's and Boy's Windsurfing, the overall leaders remained unchanged as Giorgia Speciale (ITA) and Alexandros Kalpogiannakis (GRE) kept up their excellent form on the water. ......( more )
Posted On:  10/10/2018 09:37:48

Argentinean athletes are coming to the forefront on their home waters as the breeze came to town on the third day of competition at the Youth Olympic Sailing Competition.

Held out of Club Nautico San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the venue had the best conditions of the competition so far as all three classes were able to sail a good complement of races. The Techno 293+ managed a slalom race and a fleet race and the Kiteboarding were affected by the postponement of the fourth race at the end of the day.......( more )
Posted On:  08/10/2018 11:25:07

In light winds, Italian and Greek windsurfers took an early advantage on the first day of racing at the Youth Olympic Sailing Competition being held out of Club Nautico San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Girl's and Boy's Windsurfing fleets were first up at the Games, starting one day ahead of Boy's and Girl's Kiteboarding and the Mixed Nacra 15 fleet, all of which begin competing tomorrow.......( more )
Posted On:  08/10/2018 11:15:21

The third Youth Olympic Games, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between 6-18 October 2018, will welcome 100 sailors from 44 different nations.

Five sailing events will take place at Club Nautico San Isidro in the Argentine capital, including debuts for two classes - Girl's and Boy's Kiteboarding (Twin Tip Racing) and the Mixed Multihull (Nacra 15). Elsewhere, Girl's and Boy's Windsurfing (Techno 293+) will return for its third consecutive Games. ......( more )
Posted On:  22/09/2018 08:51:27

37 competitors from 14 countries representing 3 continents registered for the inaugural Formula Windsurfing Foil World Championship in Portimao, Portugal. Multiple champions from the world of windsurfing are competing here for the title, in a discipline that is fast developing and gaining worldwide attention. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/09/2018 11:59:28

Portimao Windsurfing Worlds have delivered at the very last minute. After five days being patient paid off and we have our new Raceboard Masters and Formula Windsurfing world champions.

The raceboarders with a wind range allowing them to sail in much lighter conditions than the planing Formula Windsurfing class were able to complete 6 races during the course of the championship. Joao Rodrigues made the home crowd proud with a dominant performance:......( more )
Posted On:  21/09/2018 11:46:47

Former President: Bruno de Wannemaeker
31 years as Executive Committee Member of IFCA and 17 years as the IFCA Class President
Olympic Events involvement:
- 2008, Beijing,
- 2012 London
- 2016 Rio ......( more )

Posted On:  19/09/2018 09:10:18

Six races in total, four of them for the Raceboard Masters and two for Formula Windsurfing, concluded the third day of the Portimao Windsurfing Worlds. It was the first day when racing was possible with the Race Committee using the conditions to the full.

Racing was planned from 13:00 and the wind almost came on time. With just a short delay both classes were called out for racing. Raceboard starting first followed shortly by Formula Windsurfing. Sunny and breezy, the first two races were concluded in over ten knots.......( more )
Posted On:  18/09/2018 12:30:25

It is a real test of patience in Portimao, Portugal, where 61 windsurfers are still waiting for the first races of the championships.

Two days and no racing. This does not happen often, especially in the Raceboard class, but that is part of the game. ......( more )
Posted On:  18/09/2018 12:16:52

A record breaking event for the International Funboard Class Association at the Waterz 2018 IFCA Slalom World Championship for Men & Women which took place from the 9th through the 14th of September in Hvide Sande, Denmark.......( more )

Posted On:  14/09/2018 14:41:58

Finally, with an easy going morning under very nice sunshine, the competitors were put on hold. Wind conditions too light for suitable racing, so a little break for everyone after 3 days of pure adrenaline action here in Hvide Sande. Later in the afternoon the races could finally start in winds from 14 to 16 knots. The Race director prepared a new slalom racing course with 1 less mark (4) and longer reaching legs than the previous days, to ensure maximum speeds in the smooth gusty wind conditions.......( more )

Posted On:  14/09/2018 13:28:45

The ID2CA 2018 European Championship took place 4-9 September in Portoroz, Slovenia, a famous sailing spot and a well known tourist destination.

The weather was almost Mediterranean - warm and sunny, except a short interval on Friday 7/9, but the wind was very light sea breeze from 6 to 9 knots. ......( more )

Posted On:  13/09/2018 13:01:21

Another great racing day in Hvide Sande with a tricky mixture of weather, gusty wind conditions and multiple delays during the races. The competitors experience distress on making the right decisions on equipment selection, due to the shifty winds that blew from 15 up to 20 knots across the racing area throughout the day.......( more )

Posted On:  12/09/2018 09:26:17

Dimmed morning light, blazing clouds and showers on the second competition day. The fierce winds from 18 to 35 knots, allowing most of the competitors to start the races on their medium sized equipment. Later  during the windy afternoon changes were made to the smallest equipment registered for this championship.......( more )

Posted On:  11/09/2018 10:31:53

A total of 82 competitors from 19 nations and 4 continents have signed up for the 2018 Slalom World Championships taking place in Hvide Sande,  Ringkobing Fjord near the WestWind Center from 10 to 14 September.

Croatia's Enrico Marotti and Great Britain's Jenna Gibson secured an early event lead on the event opening day. 3 eliminations completed for the women and 2 for the men, followed by a third for the men in the late afternoon - up to heat 8. ......( more )

Posted On:  11/09/2018 09:54:05

14 days before the event it was clear that it would not be possible nor safe to make the competition at Nove Mlyny lake because of low water level. The idea was to move the event to another venue - lake Velke Darko located in the woods of highlands near Zdar nad Sazavou. From that moment the organisers from Yacht Club Velke Darko started to prepare everything to be ready to host the event. ......( more )

Posted On:  30/08/2018 21:42:33

The 2018 Windsurf-Foil European Championships have concluded in Sopot, Poland with 13 races completed in the four day event.

Sebastian Kornum from Denmark won the event, ahead of Poland's Maciej Rutkowski and Przemyslaw Miarczynski, who were battling it out for the second spot until the very last race. …..( more )

Posted On:  29/08/2018 15:14:04

10 competitors from Russia, Norway, Lithuania, Great Britain and Denmark have joined 13 Poles for the 2018 ERGO Hestia Windsurf-Foil Open European Championships in Sopot. 

This event is open to any board of width under 1005mm and sails up to 11 sqm. There is no restriction on the dimensions of the foil and any number of foils may be used during the event, although only one foil may be fitted to a board for any one race. There is also no restriction on the number of sails and rigs that can be used during the event. Exciting stuff! Prototypes are also welcome.  ......( more )

Posted On:  27/08/2018 15:54:32

"Two years on and another great championship here in Kisezers. We said at the time we were hoping to be back but were not hoping to be back so soon. And we have been rewarded again with an excellent Championship," said Paul Leone, Class Chairman.  "We have had strong winds and lighter winds, sun and rain; sailing conditions to please everyone."......( more )

Posted On:  26/08/2018 12:11:09

The final day of the RS:X European and Youth European championships dawned with a flat calm Gdansk Bay greeting the 220 sailors who were hoping to close out these championships . . . For those in the medal races, some titles had been awarded, some were almost guaranteed bar exceptional circumstances and some fleets hung finely balanced and getting any racing in today (or not) could make the championships for certain sailors. . . . ( more )

Posted On:  25/08/2018 09:43:24

Day two, a new day and five new races each for the Men's and Women's Fleets on Kizesers Lake, Latvia.  Conditions were challenging with wind gusts up to 23 knots. 

At the end of the day, three ladies have equal points in their battle for podium places, separated purely on their discarded result.  ......( more )

Posted On:  24/08/2018 12:31:45

Sopot, Poland is the host of the RS:X Europeans and Youth European Championships, where over 220 sailors have gathered across four fleets representing nearly 20 different nations. Racing will take place on Gdansk Bay starting from Tuesday 21st August, culminating in medal races on Saturday 25th August where the champions will be decided and titles awarded. ( more )

Posted On:  24/08/2018 12:03:25

61 competitors representing 15 countries have descended upon Sailing Club 360 at Kizezers Lake, Riga, Latvia for the 2018 Raceboard European Championships. A quality field in both the men's and women's fleets, including previous World and European champions, are ready for battle.

The Men were first on the water followed swiftly by the Women and 5 races each were completed in winds ranging from 6 to 15 knots.  These were technically challenging races on a windward /leeward course. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/08/2018 14:14:16

Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Techno293 Class Association held in Liepaja, Latvia on 8th August have now been published.

Posted On:  20/08/2018 12:36:06

In a historic landmark decision, Oman Sail revealed the name of the young sailor who will represent the Sultanate at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG), in Argentina.

Mohammed Nabil Al Balushi will become the first ever sailor from Oman Sail to represent his country at the Youth Olympic Games, when he races in the Men's Windsurfing Techno 293+ class at the event in Buenos Aires. ......( more )

Posted On:  20/08/2018 10:36:19

Dorian van Rijsselberghe and Lilian de Geus have taken out the RS:X division at the 2018 Sailing World Championships, held in Aarhus, Denmark. The Dutch duo snatched the gold medals in the event that concluded sailing's first phase of Tokyo 2020 Olympic qualification. ......( more )

Posted On:  20/08/2018 10:16:53

Philippines, Peru, Aruba, Guadeloupe and New Caledonia were the most far away countries in this World Championships; French, Turkish and Italian teams had the most participating competitors.

It was a great satisfaction for the President of Circolo Surf Torbole, Armando Bronzetti,  because one of his athletes Andrea Cucchi has honoured the 40th anniversary of the club with the victory of the Master division. ......( more )
Posted On:  18/08/2018 13:45:35

Thermal winds to the rescue on the fourth competition day here at the 2018 IFCA Grand Prix Croatia - JYM European Championships. The first eliminations for Youth and Men were completed in winds from 11 to 14 knots.

Enrico Marotti currently leads the Men's division.  "I am happy to be back on the race course after my ankle injury, on one side I still feel a little pain but that does not slow me down. I was expecting these championships to be difficult with the light forecast, I was ready to fight, I feel great and powerful and was able to use that. Tomorrow is another day and I will give my all. ......( more )
Posted On:  17/08/2018 11:34:55

The third competition day started with the usual laid-back attitude. At noon the thermal wind shifted to the regular wind direction earlier then expected, which was a good sign for some racing in the afternoon. And so it was,  with less clouds, more sunshine then yesterday and the excitement level to the max, as competitors headed out for the first time during this scheduled event in winds from 11 to 13 knots. The Women completed 1 full fleet race. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/08/2018 11:24:53

The second stage of the 2018 IFCA Grand Prix Series in Bol, Brac, Croatia has officially started at the Zoo Station Bol Surf & Sup Center.  A total of 58 competitors from 16 countries - (Austria, Aruba, Curacao, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey) - registered for the 2018 IFCA Grand Prix Croatia which includes the 2018 IFCA Junior, Youth and Masters European Championships in the Slalom discipline.......( more )

Posted On:  12/08/2018 08:59:01

Following yesterday's storms, today, the final day of the regatta, dawned flat calm, and stayed that way until past the point when it was possible to launch any racing.

But given the effort all the young sailors have put in over 5 days in very mixed and at times testing conditions, they deserved a day off, even if they would have preferred to sail. ......( more )
Posted On:  10/08/2018 17:55:46

This was the last full day of racing in Liepaja, as the Race Committee wanted to run enough races today for all fleets to leave just 1 more race tomorrow to close the proceedings. Nerves were jangling, for the competitors because that meant an intense session that could decide everything, and for the Committee because the forecast was for thunder storms!......( more )

Posted On:  10/08/2018 17:08:59

The British windsurfer sailed at 37.29 knots during the La Palme Speed Masters 2018, in the south of France.

Davis, who held the record for nearly 12 years, saw her mark of 34.74 knots being smashed by Heidi Ulrich at the French event. On July 16, the Swiss windsurfer improved Zara's world record after sailing at 35.91 knots.......( more )
Posted On:  10/08/2018 16:28:22

Just 70 days until the 2018 Techno 293 European Championships to be hosted by the Nautical Athletic Club Vari, Varkiza near Athens, Greece, from 20th to 27th October.

Varkiza, is a district of Vari in the Attica region. In 1968 it was renamed Alianthos, but the oldest name (Varkiza) is still in use. It belongs administratively to the municipality of Vari - Voula - Vouliagmeni. ......( more )
Posted On:  10/08/2018 16:10:10

The AGM of the International Funboard Class Association will take place on Wednesday 12th September in Hvide Sande, during the 2018 World Championships. The exact time and place shall be published on the Official Notice Board at the event.

Proposals to amend the Class Rules or the Class Constitution shall be sent to the class secretary no later than the 15th August. ......( more )
Posted On:  10/08/2018 15:03:32

An incredibly enjoyable day for everyone today, with perfect side-shore conditions, peaking at about 20 knots during the morning session, then calming down to a steady 11 knots as the day's full-on racing came to a conclusion.

Racing was split over two areas, both on an "M" course for the most part, and all the young competitors rose to the occasion and conditions, with some intense action on the slalom sections, always great sport in the right conditions. ......( more )
Posted On:  09/08/2018 11:15:51

Over 300 young competitors from all over the world have made the journey to Liepaja, Latvia, with entrants from as far afield as Japan, Peru, Oman, Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Argentina, America and China, as well as a large number of European countries.

Competition has been continuous for 3 days now and the conditions have been near-perfect for racing, with 12 - 16 knot winds and bright sunshine sweeping across the wide sandy beaches of this Baltic coast. All the classes have seen action every day. ......( more )
Posted On:  07/08/2018 08:51:57

The Championship got underway today in good winds of 15-18 knots. After yesterday's test session and given the forecast the organisers decided to hold all the racing in one area, rather than two.

Racing was continuous, but the onshore conditions were challenging, for the competitors and for the race committee! ......( more )

Posted On:  06/08/2018 11:52:49

Following on from the previous evening's fun-filled parade and opening ceremony, 314 competitors faced challenging conditions for Sunday's practice race. A thunderstorm delayed proceedings before the race committees could leave the harbour and set their courses. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/07/2018 10:20:07

After Antony Ruenes in 2015, Steven Van Broeckhoven (Gunsails/JP) in 2016 and Jacopo Testa (RRD/RRD) in 2017, the Belgian freestyle superstar Yentel Caers (JP) took victory in the 2018 edition of the EFPT Lanzarote. After two extremely exciting double eliminations, with tight races and high scores dropping heat after heat, the JP rider could mark down his second EFPT win within a week.......( more )

Posted On:  11/07/2018 13:36:35

After six days of racing, with unstable weather and wind, the IFCA Slalom Youth & Master World Championships ended at Circolo Surf Torbole, on Garda Trentino.

A lot of work for all the staff of Circolo Surf Torbole but also for the two Race Committees chaired by Claudio Alessandrello and Ezio Ferin, always ready to catch the wind, even in the very early morning of the last day of racing. Despite the efforts done on Saturday, trying to race both in the early morning with north wind and the afternoon with the south one,......( more )
Posted On:  11/07/2018 12:30:58

The ISWC Speed World Championships hosted by the Dunkerbeck Speed Championships, on behalf of the class, had to overcome some local difficulties displaying their event at the proposed site at Sotavento. This turned out to be a huge stroke of luck. Bjorn Dunkerbeck and his team managed to improve the event by moving to different locations on the island of Fuerteventura. ......( more )

Posted On:  06/07/2018 16:12:01

"28 races - this is the most that has ever, ever been in a competition before," Steve said after today, continuing "I'm fighting with my body, I'm finished. I was really focused on doing a good result today, because I don't want to race tomorrow. I'm tired. I cannot win in Formula and I can't drop from first in Foil. I'm just looking forward to resting."

Read the whole article

Posted On:  05/07/2018 19:58:56

One of Poland's top windsurfers and bronze medalist from the Olympic Games in London Przemek Miarczynski is enjoying the FWC championships in Puck

Posted On:  04/07/2018 09:28:18

Two eliminations completed for the Juniors and Girls divisions, one elimination for the Youths and Masters. 

French competitors on top in the Junior, Youth and Girl divisions - Andrea Cucchi, the athlete of Circolo Surf Torbole is the event leader among Masters. ......( more )
Posted On:  03/07/2018 22:37:58

Konsal Formula Windsurfing European Championships kick into the final stage in Puck after 3 days of racing for both Foil and Fin.

Read more on the event website
Posted On:  30/06/2018 18:25:48

Aleksandra Blinnikka from Finland and Joao Rodrigues from Portugal dominated the fleet of 73 sailors in Blanes, Spain to win the World Championship. It is the second world title for Joao and when he won his first, Aleksandra was just three years old …( more )

Posted On:  29/06/2018 19:44:01

Aleksandra Blinnikka is destined for the World Championship in Blanes as only one day remains in the championship. Joao Rodrigues from Portugal is looking to secure his top spot tomorrow. .... ( more )

Posted On:  27/06/2018 22:12:35

Aleksandra is unstoppable having won all the races in the championship and over in the men's fleet Joao Rodrigues extends his lead over Curro Manchon. ..... ( more )

Posted On:  20/06/2018 11:09:08

WGS 2018 - Perfect conditions for the week of races in Sant'Antioco, for the award of the Italian Windsurfing AICW / FIV Championship titles! Calasetta June 18th A week with conditions that have not been seen for some time, for a windsurfing event, seven days out of seven of wind, with a day in which conditions have also seen peaks of over thirty knots on the field. ......( more )

Annual General Meeting 2018 - Agenda Published
Posted On:  15/06/2018 10:36:06

The Annual General Meeting of the International Raceboard Class Association will be held on Thursday 28th June 2018 at Blanes, Spain.  The detailed location of the meeting room will be published on the event official notice board.  The meeting will be scheduled to start at 20.00.  

Posted On:  11/06/2018 14:04:17

Almost 150 competitors from Belarus, Norway, Oman, Poland and Russia took part in the Mayor of Sopot regatta. The event is unique because it is the oldest windsurfing event held at sea in Poland. So you can say that such a young discipline as windsurfing already has its traditional regattas.
Tradition, does not mean old-school as junior to veterans competed on three race courses in classes ranging from Raceboard to Kitefoil.......( more )

Posted On:  07/06/2018 10:34:50

This year saw the 7th edition of the International Windsurfing Regatta near the oldest Polish town of Kalisz.  Once again Lake Szale hosted more than 100 windsurfers who were welcomed by the traditional regatta opening in the town centre, a BBQ and much more. Three days of light winds and tactical racing interrupted by few thunderstorms  contributed to the fun had by all. ......( more )

Posted On:  06/06/2018 11:32:47

World Sailing are pleased to announce two major firsts for the organisation as the world governing body continues along its Sustainability Agenda 2030 pathway.

World Sailing has signed a memorandum of understanding with UN Environment which will see the two organisations work together to ensure the sport of sailing maintains its commitment to reducing its environmental impact whilst supporting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. ......( more )
Posted On:  28/05/2018 09:33:45

57 competitors from 8 countries came to Cancun in Mexico with one goal - to qualify their country to the Youth Olympic and Pan-American Games. This was a chance that would not repeat itself, as the North American Windsurfing Championships were the last opportunity to get that precious spot.......( more )

Posted On:  26/05/2018 08:38:27

Sailors and race committee arrived in Puerto Cancun in the morning, with first possible warning signal scheduled for 10:00. Great conditions with a 20 kts onshore wind kept expectations high.

The course was set right in front of the club, so other sailors could clearly see both the start and finish of races. Those that finished racing could come back ashore, check their equipment or get some rest. You could tell that everyone was enjoying the day.  ......( more )

Data Protection Policy
Posted On:  25/05/2018 22:39:50

The International Windsurfing Association is committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of all those we do business with. We have rewritten our Privacy and Data Protection Policies to ensure that they clearly outline what data we gather, how we use it, and the rights that you have to manage and access your data.

You can view our policies and privacy notices here.

Posted On:  25/05/2018 10:23:48

57 competitors from 8 countries have come to Cancun in Mexico to compete for the final spots at the Youth Olympic Games and Pan-American Games.

This is one of the most important windsurfing events in the country for some time and you can see the organisers are doing their best to make it happen. Miguel Angel Pani Can, president of the Mexican Windsurfing Association, explained just how important the event is.......( more )
Posted On:  24/05/2018 17:24:39

At the mid-year Council meeting in London on the 14th May, the World Sailing Council approved the World Sailing 5-year Strategy 2018-2022.

The strategy was developed following 18 months of debate and consultation which included over 940 inputs from 88 Member National Authorities. ......( more )

Posted On:  24/05/2018 15:28:35

Pirat Sailing Club is warmly inviting you to the 11th edition of Piranja - All You Can Ride Windsurf Race and SUP Contest in the charming Piran Bay, Slovenia, on September 4th-9th 2018. This year's edition is hosting the best European Division 2 sailors, racing in European championship! 
Tuesday, 4 September: Opening ceremony and measurement ......( more )

Posted On:  23/05/2018 10:28:26

While working in the trenches during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the chatter about changes to the Event program filled the hallway. Change was needed, a fact the International Olympic Committee made clear in their Agenda 2020 document. It was evident in Rio how Sailing was an oddball in the Games. Think about Athletics, and the difference between the 100 meter dash, the pole vault, and the hammer throw. Then think about Sailing. Here's what I said: ......( more )

Posted On:  22/05/2018 09:18:07

Vincent Langer GER-1 was crowned 2018 IFCA Slalom Windsurfing European Champion at the Multivan Windsurf Cup after a 7 Day event in Westerland Sylt, Germany. 5 slalom eliminations were completed with the 5th on the final competition day. It almost seemed like another event day waiting for the suitable racing conditions to finally show up. Somewhat after 2pm the wind started to build up, gusting from 11 to 15 knots and later 15 to 20 knots.  The races could finally continue, ......( more )

Posted On:  21/05/2018 14:16:26

Day 6 at the Multivan Windsurf Cup saw 1 full elimination completed in winds from 11 to 14 knots, Gunnar Asmussen GER-2 is the winner of the 4th Elimination. Vincent Langer GER-1 came in second and still leads the event rankings by 1.3 points, Nicolas Prien GER-7 slips to the 3rd position after 4 completed eliminations.......( more )

Posted On:  21/05/2018 09:57:50

For the first time, the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge will take place at the famous classic Speed Spot - Sotavento Beach! A very fast spot with constant winds. The fastest time at this location: 44 kt on 500m & 46 kt Vmax by Bjorn Dunkerbeck. ......( more )

Posted On:  20/05/2018 13:00:14

It was one of the most exciting editions of all time with 1,200 windsurfers in the starting line speeding up powered by epic 35-knot plus winds.  After two days without wind, the Tramontane returned to the regatta field and allowed the organization to run two epic races won by Warembourg. Despite the challenging conditions, competitors were pleased with the angle from which the wind blew because they were able to sail in two directions. ......( more )

Posted On:  18/05/2018 16:11:33

The first stage of the Supercup 2018 series took place on Lake Domasa in Slovakia over the weekend of 5th/6th May.  Planing conditions all the weekend with wind from 16-25 knots, course races on M and I course with a full schedule of 8 races sailed. ......( more )

Posted On:  17/05/2018 17:59:57

World Sailing fully embraces the IOC Olympic Agenda 2020 with proposed events for the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition that are gender equal, youthful, universal and include four mixed events following the decisions made at the 2018 Mid-Year Meeting in London, Great Britain ......( more )

Posted On:  17/05/2018 08:29:28

3 eliminations completed in tough sailing conditions, Vincent Langer GER-1 leads the rankings, Nicolas Prien GER-7, winner of the first elimination, follows with only 1 point difference and Gunnar Asmussen GER-2 on third right behind Mr Prien. ......( more )

Posted On:  15/05/2018 20:29:16

A smooth first day for the competitors and the Race committee at the 2018 IFCA Slalom European Championship at the Multivan Windsurf Cup.

All is set and ready for the next 2 days as the forecast predicts strong side shore winds thus perfect slalom racing conditions here in Sylt. The first elimination is online and will be automatically updated during the races. Visit the page here ......( more )

Posted On:  14/05/2018 21:55:42

World Sailing's Council met for the first day of a two day meeting on Monday 14 May at World Sailing's Mid-Year Meeting in London, Great Britain. Discussions on Paris 2024 Olympic Events, Para World Sailing Events and Formats, Sustainability Agenda 2030 and safety reporting were held. Following a lengthy debate and decision making process, the Events for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games were confirmed. [more]

Posted On:  14/05/2018 09:34:48

World Sailing's Council will vote on the Events that will be adopted for Paris 2024 when they meet on Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 May. If any new Events are selected, the Equipment Committee will review the Equipment for the Events. Evaluation events will be held in 2019 ahead of a final decision by November 2019.......( more )

Posted On:  13/05/2018 12:09:25

World Sailing's Events Committee met today at the 2018 Mid-Year Meeting in London, Great Britain with the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition Events at the top of the agenda.

Ahead of the Mid-Year Meeting, World Sailing's Council approved an Events Committee recommendation to review the following Events: [more]

Posted On:  11/05/2018 08:49:11

When I was a junior sailor during the 1970s, fleets of Sabots, Lasers, and Lehman 12s crisscrossed the channels of Marina del Rey during our summer evening races. It was a quintessential Southern California scene every night - until the windsurfers showed up out of the blue. I'll never forget the first time a fleet of them participated. It was the start of a ground breaking movement.......( more )

Posted On:  09/05/2018 16:55:35

Windsurfing is one of the most universal sailing events at the Olympic games with an excellent pathway from Techno 293 Class to the RS:X Class! More than 60 countries from 6 continents are competing in the Olympic Windsurfing Class RS:X.

View the Video

Posted On:  03/05/2018 17:48:03

World Sailing's Mid-Year Meeting will be held May 10-15 at Chelsea Football Club in London, Great Britain. There are 12 Deferred Submissions from previous meetings and 68 Submissions to be discussed (full list). Of particular note is how it is at this session when the Paris 2024 Olympic sailing events will be discussed, debated, and decided. While the 10 Olympic events have remained stable for Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, change is expected for Paris 2024.

Posted On:  02/05/2018 12:19:53

The 2018 US National Windsurfing Festival was held April 26-29 in Yorktown, VA. As the home of longtime windsurfer and fin-maker extraordinaire Dave Kashy and his amazing wife Melissa, it was a watershed moment for windsurfing on the East Coast.

Pros and amateurs from as far as Los Angeles, Hood River, Toronto, Montreal, Corpus Christi, Florida, and even Martinique and Brazil converged on the York Point peninsula (the birthplace of the nation!) for fun, action, and gear testing. ......( more )

Posted On:  29/04/2018 09:59:42

The final day of racing dawned sunny but with no wind. The forecast predicted wind from the West, which is unusual and not a good direction, but optimists hoped for a shift to North West for the planned races.......( more )

Posted On:  28/04/2018 18:08:08

Despite a start delayed by one hour the race committee were able to complete a full day of racing on day 4 of the Lagos Formula Windsurfing Festival. The championship rules of the Formula class permit the option of 5 races, completed in two series of "back to back" races. The postponed start enabled the wind, which had been evident all morning, to increase and to stabilise. ......( more )

Posted On:  26/04/2018 11:35:52

A promising start to day 2 of the World Championships and Formula Festival hosted by Clube de Vela de Lagos.  Racing almost started on schedule! but the wind dropped as sailors were making their way to the starting area.......( more )

Posted On:  25/04/2018 19:03:19

The 2018 RS:One Asian Championship was held in Desaru, Johor, Malaysia from 20 to 22 April.

Desaru is a famous tourist coastal beach resort on the south east coast of west Malaysia. The weather has been kind, sunny throughout the event. Wind blowing from North Easterly at the tail end of the north east monsoon. ......( more )
Posted On:  25/04/2018 15:01:09

Clube de vela de Lagos is once again hosting the FW Youth and Masters World Championship in Lagos, Portugal. 57 competitors from 14 countries have registered and Master of the Masters, Janis Preiss from Latvia, hopes to retain his title against some fairly stiff competition. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/04/2018 09:10:52

130 competitors from 27 countries. 15 races for 3 fleets. Sun, wind and smiling faces. Paul Leone, International Windsurfing Association vice-president, said it best after the event was over. "I would like to thank the club President Giorgio Matracia, the council and all the members of the Club Roggero di Lauria for a magnificent event. In just three words: beyond all expectations."......( more )

Posted On:  08/04/2018 09:01:58

The Monsaraz Windsurf Festival 2018, was the first event of the year for Formula Windsurfing and Raceboard in Portugal, this event is already being organized since 7 years ago, and this year we broke our record of competitors 47, 25 in Formula Open, 14 in Formula Sport (rookie class) and 8 in Raceboard. The competitors were from Portugal, Spain and UK. ......( more )

Posted On:  07/04/2018 09:39:40

That is the plan for tomorrow, as we’ve reached the final day of the Techno293Plus European Championships. If all goes well we can have three races for the Youth Men Silver, two for the Youth Women and one for the Youth Men Gold fleets. That is the plan, but as always in sailing, we depend on the conditions.......( more )

Posted On:  06/04/2018 09:18:00

Turquoise waters, brilliant sunshine, wind and gusts welcomed the sailors for a full day of racing. Despite gusty conditions sailing went according to plan and we were able to conduct 4 races for the Gold Men and Women fleets. The Youth Silver fleets finished on their 3rd race of the day.......( more )

Posted On:  05/04/2018 08:24:55

Six races in three days in a beautiful, but also challenging, Mondello wraps up the qualification series of the Youth Olympic Games Qualifier for Europe.

Challenging for sure, as Race Officer Ewa Jodlowska explains, "Yesterday for example the wind looked promising, but unfortunately it was shifty and unstable, so after one race we had to wait and decided to move to a different racing area. Eventually that didn't help and that race was the only one we managed to conduct. Today the wind window was also short, but we managed to finish the elimination phase for Youth Men and add another two races for the Women." ......( more )

Posted On:  04/04/2018 09:46:53

Mondello is a beautiful place for sailing, but very challenging for race management. Plans often has to be adjusted according to ever changing wind conditions here. Today was one of those days ... And one race in. Well one and a half. ......( more )

Posted On:  03/04/2018 09:27:00

130 windsurfers from 27 countries have gathered in Mondello, Sicily for the Techno293Plus European Championships. The event being a Youth Olympic Qualifier for Europe has attracted some top talent, not only from Europe but also Asia, South and North America wanting to test their skills against the best. ......( more )

Posted On:  02/04/2018 10:39:36

Strong winds above 20 knots and huge waves forced the Race Committee to abandon the practice race so the Opening Ceremony for the Techno 293 Plus European Championships was the focal point of the day.

130 competitors from 27 countries attended the ceremony at the Club Canottieri Roggero Di Lauria garden in the presence of a large audience of sailors, coaches, officials and club members. A traditional parade of countries opened the show followed by speeches by officials including IWA vice-president Paul Leone, FIV Councillor Ignazio Florio Pipitone and club president Giorgio Matracia. ......( more )

Posted On:  28/03/2018 12:06:40

From July 2nd to 7th, the IFCA SLALOM World Championships (Youth, Junior & Master) will take place in Torbole: a summer full of passion for many windsurfing fans on Garda Trentino.

Circolo Surf Torbole is working hard to organize top-level international events, this year for slalom; The club racing team is ready to take advantage of this opportunity to compete on home waters. ......( more )
Posted On:  15/03/2018 14:31:43

Bic Sport Italy will be offering 25% discount on the regular sale price for the Techno 293 Board and 8.5 Rig package at the end of the T293 Plus European Championships at Club Canottieri Roggero di Lauria, Mondello, Sicily - 1-7 April 2018.  Boards and Rigs may be sold separately with a 20% discount on each.

Interested? Contact for further information.

Posted On:  06/03/2018 10:19:03

The RS:X Windsurfing and Techno South American Championships concluded on Sunday with four days of amazing sailing in near perfect conditions.

Paracas, Peru, must be one of the new meccas for windsurfing after delivering sun and wind for the duration of the event, with some tired but very happy windsurfers hitting the beach at the end of the finals day racing. This event has been a perfect showcase for windsurfing at its best with super-fit athletes battling it out for the titles with tactical and high speed racing. Both Saturday and Sunday provided strong winds for both classes which allowed the RS:X fleets to complete their full schedule of 15 races and the Techno fleets to count 10 races.  .... ( more )
Posted On:  04/03/2018 17:18:02

"I applaud your offer for people to email you from your "News Update" on Scuttlebutt."

Here is Bruce Kendall's letter 

Posted On:  03/03/2018 14:47:51

It was a tough few days on the water as the South American Windsurfing Championships reached the halfway stage with seven races on the scoreboard for the Men, Women and Youth fleets in the RS:X Class and five races for the Techno Class.

Racing on the beautiful waters of Paracas, Peru, it was a day where racing was held towards the upper wind speed limit and where size and fitness would be crucial if any ambitions were held of winning this event. With 8 different nations represented and crucial Pan American Games spots available in the RS:X Class, the racing was tense and thrilling (.... more )
Posted On:  02/03/2018 11:57:30

In a true celebration of all things windsurfing, the RS:X Windsurfing South American Championships kicked off today as racing in the Techno and RS:X Classes begin under perfect conditions in the town of Paracas, Peru. The RS:X Windsurfing Championships forms the second half of the event with the Techno 293Plus concluding their racing today in a slalom format, which will be used for the first time in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires later this year.......( more )

Posted On:  01/03/2018 18:55:08

 In a true celebration of all things windsurfing, the RS:X Windsurfing South American Championships kick off today as racing in the Techno and RS:X Classes begin under perfect conditions in the town of Paracas, Peru. The RS:X Windsurfing Championships forms the second half of the event with the Techno 293Plus concluding their racing today in a slalom format, which will be used for the first time in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires later this year.......( more )

Posted On:  01/03/2018 10:55:56

Paracas, Peru has been the perfect venue for the South American Youth Olympic Games Qualifier and although numbers don't tell the story they are for sure part of it:
23 sailors from 7 countries
15 thrilling races in 4 days
15-23kts and 25oC ......( more )

Posted On:  28/02/2018 09:29:19

The format of racing today changed to slalom, and with the strong wind here it was a perfect choice.

Representing the home nation, Raul Claux commented on the format just after finishing for the day. "It was very good. I enjoyed slalom racing. The wind was very strong, the conditions tough, but finally I advanced one position. I'm happy with the performance. ......( more )
Posted On:  27/02/2018 11:17:18

"Even the locals said it was windy," said a young sailor from Chile after the first set of races today. And it was.

Over 20 kts in gusts were registered by the Race Committee today, which meant racing was both exciting and tiring for the sailors. All in all, 4 races were conducted for the Youth Men and 3 for Youth Women bringing them to a total of 8 and 6 sailed. ......( more )
Posted On:  26/02/2018 09:45:05

The South American qualification tournament for the Youth Olympic Games has kicked off in style. The 23 windsurfers from 7 countries, who have come to Paracas, Peru for the regatta have not been let down. The sun, the wind, the atmosphere - an unbeatable combination for a perfect week of racing. ......( more )

Posted On:  19/02/2018 14:23:47

World Sailing has published the results of the Council vote on Regulation 23 review.

The results of the votes are as follows:......( more )
Posted On:  19/02/2018 12:37:44

Once again the small lake near historic town of Kalisz will host a big windsurfing event. More than 100 competitors in different classes from kids to Olympians, more than 5,000 euro in awards,  more then 10,000 spectators at the lake during the weekend.

Attractions for kids during international kids day, interesting racing on the water, but most importantly friendly atmosphere with stadium like racing that will be 7th edition of International Windsurfing regatta Kalisz 2018. ......( more )
Posted On:  14/02/2018 09:12:41

12 races completed over 4 competition days, in an unusually windy Singapore. There were 3 qualification places in both men's and women's Youth Olympic Games windsurfer event being contested by 11 Asian nations - with the 12th country, Hong Kong, already qualified at the World Championships held in Quiberon, France last year. ......( more )

Posted On:  08/02/2018 13:09:24

The 2018 Techno Plus Asian Championships is also part of the annual Singapore Windsurfing Open - now in its 37th year! 61 competitors from 14 countries have registered - including  one boy from Italy and one girl from Norway enjoying the opportunity to gain experience at international competition level. ......( more )

Posted On:  06/02/2018 12:11:17

Welcome to a new season. 4 major Class events are already set and confirmed. The season opener will be the IFCA European Slalom Championship which is offering a prize fund of 10,000 Euro at the Multivan Summer Opening on Sylt. The best male and female competitors are invited to fight for the official European slalom championship title in front of more than 100,000 spectators.

Read about this event and more in the IFCA newsletter.

Posted On:  01/02/2018 16:05:16

Written resolution of the Events Committee made on 31 January 2018.  The Committee received the Working Party report on the recommendations of the events that should be placed under review for the 2024 Olympic Games in accordance with Regulation 23. Read the full document here.

Posted On:  31/01/2018 15:11:39

Let me start my first newsletter of 2018 by wishing you all a happy new year and much success, both on and off the water. In my last note I expressed my excitement and optimism about 2018, and I truly hope that we are able to share very special moments throughout the year.
2018 is a crucial one for sailing, and I expect to see us make clear progress ....( more ).....

Posted On:  25/01/2018 10:55:57

The FAQ document concerning the 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition Events and Equipment selection procedure, originally circulated by World Sailing in December, has been updated. Click here to view answers to new questions received.

Posted On:  24/01/2018 14:33:32

Germany has won the pitch to host the IFCA Slalom European Championship 2018. This decision is officially revealed today by the International Windsurfing Association (IWA) and the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA). The Championship will take place on Sylt (Germany) from May 14th to 21st and will be the sportive highlight of the Multivan Summer Opening which is the official kick-off event for the summer season on Germany's most famous island.......( more )

Posted On:  22/01/2018 15:30:36

Dear Members and Friends,

In relation to the decision of World Sailing (WS), regarding the selection process for Events and Equipment for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games[1] and "rumours" of possible scenarios with new Events and Equipment as appeared on some specialist sport media, the RS:X Class Executive takes this opportunity to renew the wishes for a fantastic new year in 2018, to our members and friends, and to clarify the ongoing discussion as follows: (... more ...)
Posted On:  21/01/2018 11:18:34

The final day of racing turned out to be the biggest test for the regatta.  The early signs that the wind would pick up from the days' prior racing were correct, and didn't disappoint. The warm sunny morning lulled us into a false sense of security that it was going to be a light wind sailing day again. As forecast, the strong southerly breeze arrived just in time for race briefing, heralding a full day of great sailing to round off the series.......( more )

Posted On:  19/01/2018 12:09:11

Twenty-nine competitors have returned to the scene of 2016 Raceboard worlds for the 2018 Oceanic and Australian Raceboard Championships, and Moreton Bay Queensland has again delivered spectacular conditions with blues skies and steady winds. The local Dugongs and sea turtles also made an appearance on the racecourse to welcome the sailors.......( more )

Posted On:  16/01/2018 10:18:45

The 2018 Youth Olympic Games Techno293 Plus Qualifier for Oceania has just concluded at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron.  A fascinating battle between Max van der Zalm from New Zealand and Alex Halank from Australian took place with Alex hot on the heels of his trans-Tasman rival.

In the end, it was the Kiwis Max van der Zalm and Veerle ten Have taking top spots in the Techno293 Plus fleet with Max winning the Oceania Championship and Veerle the first female. ......( more )
Posted On:  15/01/2018 11:44:06

After racing it's time for a bit of fun. NeilPryde cordially invites you to participate in an exhibition and test event for the RS:X Convertible hosted by the Coconut Grove Sailing Club.

VIEW INVITATION ......( more )

Posted On:  14/01/2018 21:38:10

Day 2 in Brisbane became a spectacular day with wind building up from 12 to 25 knots during racing. After the first race of the Techno fleet, some went ashore to downsize sails. It made no difference as the wind was just too strong and only 2 in the fleet finished. Race 3 was abandoned.

However, the Techno Plus fleet proved they were worthy of sailing an 8.5 and finished all 3 races. Max van der Zalm from New Zealand with Australian Alex Halank hot on his heels managed to win 2 out of the 3. Alex won the last race showing the battle amongst the 2 of them is not over yet, Max still leading with 5 points after 6 races. ......( more )

Posted On:  13/01/2018 09:34:55

Following the adoption of World Sailing's new Antitrust Policy in November 2017, World Sailing has now selected the initial Olympic Events which will undergo an antitrust review in 2018.
World Sailing has decided at this time to review the Men and Women's Windsurfer and the Men and Women's One Person Dinghy. ......( more )

Posted On:  12/01/2018 09:57:42

The 2018 Australian Youth National Championships have just commenced at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron on lovely Moreton Bay.  These championships include the Bic Techno293 Oceania Championships and we have 26 under 19 year olds from 3 nations, NZ, Indonesia and Australia. For sailors competing on the T283 Plus this is the Youth Olympic Games Qualifier for Oceania.......( more )

Posted On:  05/01/2018 13:40:28

"World Sailing is embarking on a review of the Olympic events for 2024. Prior to my retirement from the Pryde Group on 1st June 2015, I was intimately involved in the design and manufacture of Windsurfing equipment and development of the sport for 40 years although I have never personally practiced the sport.

I am also an Olympic sailor (Flying Dutchman Class, Mexico 1968) and have been a competitive sailor for over 60 years.  ..... ( more )
Posted On:  22/12/2017 10:11:03

2017 draws to its close in a very positive way for Techno 293 OD, and its new sister class, Techno PLUS, which had an unbelievably high entry at its inaugural stand-alone World Championships and was officially recognized internationally by World Sailing. Two key elements that give Techno 293 OD a highly promising future . . . [more]

Posted On:  21/12/2017 15:59:11

Following the live online launch of World Sailing's Sustainability Agenda 2030 at World Sailing's 2017 Annual Conference, World Sailing is seeking feedback from sailors across the world, key stakeholders and sustainability professionals.

Sustainability Agenda 2030 includes 59 ambitious recommendations for the sport across technical standards, events, training, venues and facilities, members and participation. The targets support the UN sustainable development goals which are widely adopted across the world and set out how the sport can contribute to them. [more]

Posted On:  13/12/2017 18:07:23

In 2018, World Sailing will make a number of important decisions concerning the Events and Equipment that will be used at the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition in Marseille, France. 
To ensure a joined up and efficient approach to the decision-making process, World Sailing's Board of Directors appointed a joint Procedure Working Party of the Events Committee, Equipment Committee and Constitution Committee. ......( more )

Posted On:  06/12/2017 14:52:39

The South American Championships were held on 2 - 5 December at Raia 1 in Porto Alegre Brazil. 40 competitors in several divisions were racing for the title "South American Slalom Champion".

After 4 days racing Matheus Isaac (BRA-767) claimed undefeated the highest platform on the podium. Until the last race there was a battle between Lucas Trindade (BRA-101) and Nathan Westera (ARU-8) which was won by Lucas who finished second in the final results.......( more )
Posted On:  04/12/2017 10:53:43

This IFCA Championship is running from the 2nd to the 5th of December in Raia da Pedra Redonda, Rio Guaíba, Porto Alegre / RS -Brasil. A total of 40 Participants from 6 different nations and 3 continents are signed up for this Championship, a joint venture with the 2017 Brazilian Slalom Championship.......( more )

Posted On:  04/12/2017 10:04:16

The first Techno293+ continental qualification tournament has come to a close at the Moonbeach Resort in Egypt. Based on the performance of their sailors in the African Qualification Event, Algeria and Egypt will be asked to confirm allocated places at the Youth Olympic Games. ......( more )

Posted On:  02/12/2017 10:26:06

Friday brought a lot of wind enabling 3 races for the girls and 2 for the boys at the African Championships at Moonbeach Resort.

For the girls in Techno 293 Plus, racing is over. They have completed their 12 races and Ait Ali Slimane Lina (ALG-12) stamped her authority over her rivals by winning all three races today, finishing the championship a clear four points ahead of Salma Weal El Ashmawy (EGY-5) who takes a well deserved second place on the podium.  Rezouani Naila (ALG-4) completes the podium in third place.  ......( more )
Posted On:  01/12/2017 09:07:40

For the Techno 293 women, nine races so far sees Algerian Ait Ali Slimane in the lead, but her Egyptian rival El Ashwany is on fire, just two points behind.  Three races to go and it will be a tough battle to the end. Watch this space!

In the RS:X, the lead had been alternating between Seychelles' Gardette and Algeria's Bouras during the first 2 days, but now Bouras is clear by 3.4 points going into the last three races. ......( more )
Posted On:  30/11/2017 09:35:01

This weekend is the race, Saturday 12/2 or Sunday 12/3 leaving from Vista Park in Fort Lauderdale.  Hope you are ready to go some or all of the distance and celebrate afterwards.  The 15th annual I-to-I will go this weekend if the forecast holds!......( more )

Posted On:  29/11/2017 12:31:58

The African Championships for RS:X and Techno 2983 Plus, hosted by the Egyptian Sailing and Water Ski Federation at the beautiful Moonbeach Resort on the Red Sea, Egypt, has begun and runs until 2nd December.

A sunny windy day welcomed the competitors with winds from 12 to 18 knots from the northwest.  ......( more )
Posted On:  28/11/2017 11:26:52

The 2017 racing period is over for the Division II class so the final ranking lists - Overall, Category A and Category C - have now been published. Stratos Efthyvoulidis heads the overall ranking by just half a point ahead of fellow Greek Chris Valavanis.

Check out the IWA Calendar of Events for ID2CA 2018 regattas.

Posted On:  27/11/2017 12:18:56

Queensland, Australia. Beautiful one day, perfect the next. Or so the advertising slogan goes. One way to improve on perfection is to add some windsurfing!  So in pursuit of superlatives, two windsurfing classes will combine for their Oceanic and Australian championships in January at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Manly, Brisbane.......( more )

Posted On:  27/11/2017 11:20:55

Zara Davis has broken the women's speed windsurfing world record, at the 2017 Luderitz Speed Challenge, in Namibia.

The world's most famous speed sailing canal has once again delivered the goods. British speed windsurfer Zara Davis broke a record set in 2015.......( more )
Posted On:  23/11/2017 12:07:38

The 2017 Asian Windsurfing Championships concluded with title wins for Korea (RSX Men), HKG ( RSX Women and Youth, T293 girls) and Thailand (T293 boys).

With 10 races completed for RSX class, in a wide range of weather conditions, the event was a great success. However, those conditions ensured only 6 races were possible for the young competitors in the Techno 293 class. ......( more )

Posted On:  20/11/2017 10:12:40

From 13th to 17th of November San Isidro Sailing Club in Buenos Aires hosted the 2017 South American Windsurfing Championships. The event was a great chance for the Techno293 Plus sailors to test the venue of the Youth Olympic Games in 2018.
That being, apart from talented sailors from the continent we also had some young windsurfers from the US, the Netherlands and Italy on the spot. ......( more )

Posted On:  18/11/2017 09:22:53

Day 5, the last day of competition at Club Nautico San Isidro, brought a good breeze enabling completion of the twelve race series for all Classes.

In the Raceboard fleet, Fernando Consorte (ARG-355) was the outstanding champion, finishing a clear 12 points of his nearest rival, Sergio Grigioni ARG-25 in second place, who was closely followed by Esteban de Pierris (ARG-24) taking the third place on the podium.......( more )

Posted On:  17/11/2017 10:28:54

Day 4, the penultimate racing day of the 2017 South American Championships at the San Isidro Sailing Club in Buenos Aires.  The sun has returned, competitors are eager to get going, working their sails hard, and wondering what today will bring.

Peruvian coach, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, explained:......( more )
Posted On:  16/11/2017 10:51:02

It had been suggested that the during the first 2 days the competitors had seen everything that Buenos Aires had to offer but on the third day the wind was different yet again - lesson 3! 

One of the guys here to prepare for the Olympic games is Jim Van Someren, following in the footsteps of his brother who gained a medal in the previous Youth Olympic games.  ......( more )

Posted On:  15/11/2017 14:39:16

Day 2 of the 2017 South American windsurfing championships and Buenos Aires river delta is revealing more of its secrets. It was a beautiful but very tricky day with light wind and strong current.  As Fernando Consorte said, "Olympic Conditions - pumping, pumping, pumping, pumping!"

This river has brought up many great champions and Coach Raul Saubidet explained why.......( more )
Posted On:  15/11/2017 08:29:26

Club Nautico San Isidro, venue of 2017 South American Windsurfing Championship, and the 2018 Youth Olympic Games Regatta, welcomed all with testing conditions. Light winds in the morning turned into a breezy afternoon that challenged all. 

The club are hosting the continental championship in 4 World Sailing Classes - Raceboard, RS:X, Techno 293, and Techno 293 Plus.......( more )

Posted On:  09/11/2017 10:48:01

World Sailing has launched its Sustainability Agenda 2030, which sets out the world governing body's ambitious commitment to help create a better world through sport.
Sustainability Agenda 2030 was presented at today's Sustainability Forum at the 2017 Annual Conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, by Mike Golding OBE, World Sailing Sustainability Commission Chairman and Dan Reading, World Sailing Sustainability Programme Manager.......( more )

Posted On:  04/11/2017 17:56:27

Thomas Goyard (FRA-3) and Maelle Gilbaud (FRA-5) are the first RS:X Convertible Class Champions at the end of five amazing days of competition in the beautiful bay of Praia da Vitoria, on the island of Terceira in the Azores.

Despite the poor forecast, the Race Committee was able to start on schedule at midday and the final two races of the competition series for both men and women were completed in good foiling conditions in 11 to 15 knots.......( more )

Posted On:  03/11/2017 17:39:29

The schedule for the day was 3 races back to back for the men and 4 races back-to-back for the women, leaving 2 races for both groups to complete on the last day. The women were asked if they would prefer 2 + 2 but they said 4 was best. Don't argue with a woman!

Foil racing was the order of the day and the women's race 11 started promptly at 12:00 in 7 to 11 knots of breeze.  ......( more )
Posted On:  03/11/2017 08:49:00

How do you ensure you get the best of both worlds?  RSConvertible Class has the answer. Here at the first RSXConvertible Championships in the Azores the competitors were able enjoy the experience of racing in both modes.

Another 5 races completed today in challenging conditions.  First two races with the foil fitted, wind less than ideal, gusting from 15 to 25 knots. All but one youth sailor was able to complete both races.......( more )
Posted On:  02/11/2017 11:55:11

A fantastic day's racing in Praia Da Vitoria!  5 races - 3 back-to-back and then 2 more - in winds ranging from 8 to 15 knots.  The day belonged to Thomas Goyard (FRA-3) with 3 bullets and 2 seconds and now he sits at the top of the leaderboard with 7 points.  ......( more )

Posted On:  01/11/2017 08:50:00

Sebastian Kornum from Denmark took line honours after the first race of the RS:X Convertible Championships:

"I am happy to be back here in Azores and race again. Last time was on Formula gear, but this time on foils is honestly even more fun. Taking the win in the first race today was a great feeling. It's a good way to start a championship! ......( more )
Posted On:  30/10/2017 10:04:25

NeilPryde and the RS:Convertible Class are proud to announce the first Wind Foiling  Championship. Organized by the International Windsurfing Association (IWA) and Clube Naval Praia da Vitoria, in partnership with the Azores Government, the RS:X Convertible Class Championship will run to November 4th, 2017, at Praia da Vitoria on the island of Terceira in the  Azores archipelago.......( more )

Posted On:  29/10/2017 09:02:21

The Techno293 World Championships have come to an end with another day of exciting racing. For 338 athletes from across 30 countries it will be a week to remember.

After day three and four of the championships were disrupted due to lack of wind, the last two days of racing provided excitement and conditions for those who had expertise in strong wind sailing.......( more )
Posted On:  27/10/2017 21:52:32

Day five of racing at the Techno293 World Championships was completely different to anything the competition had seen before, and that allowed a different set of sailors to take advantage of the changed conditions.

After a frustrating two days in which racing was limited due to the poor wind conditions, the fifth day was the chance for the strong wind specialists to take advantage of the blustery conditions and speeds up to 25 kts. ......( more )
Posted On:  27/10/2017 08:57:05

Once again conditions have got the better of the World Championships and racing was only possible for the Youth Boys fleet.

Once more Israel dominated the day and secured a top spot, but it doesn't change the complexion of the leaderboard much and Gan remains in first place, with Zror in second and Tsortanidis in third. Both first and second have a net score of six, while third place has a net score of eight.......( more )
Posted On:  26/10/2017 09:36:02

Sometimes when you're involved with a sport that relies on mother nature, mother nature wins. And that's exactly what happened during day three of the Techno293 World Championships as only one race, for one fleet, was able to go ahead.

The Youth Boys Yellow Fleet were the only ones able to hit the water for their 5th race and Greek Leonidas Tsortanidis emerged from the race as the winner, closely followed by overall leader Amit Gan from Israel and French boy Louis Pignolet.......( more )
Posted On:  25/10/2017 09:37:55

Despite wind conditions not being absolutely perfect for racing, the second day of the Techno293 World Championships delivered some excellent action.

The first possible warning signal of the day was at 12:00, but racing was postponed until the wind filled in at 13:00. When racing did get underway it was glorious, sunny weather with a wind speed of 6 kts. This dropped down to 3 kts during the girls' races, which led to them being postponed again before the final start of the day.......( more )
Posted On:  24/10/2017 08:02:02

The 2017 Techno293 World Championships have finally kicked off and everyone is excited to show off what they are here to do.

The weekend saw all the competitors arrive at the beautiful Spanish location of Salou to complete their registration before being present for the wonderful opening ceremony. "The kids are happy, and as I always say: if the kids are happy everybody is happy," said Ezio Ferin the Class President just after the ceremony. ......( more )
Posted On:  23/10/2017 08:34:32

338 competitors from over 30 countries have come to Salou to compete in the Worlds.  Two races are planned for everyone on Monday, but it may be a fight with time as the wind is predicted only for the morning.

Throughout the event we will be posting daily videos, photos and text reports. Multimedia is already available on our website and Facebook page:   ......( more )
Posted On:  22/10/2017 11:01:05

The final leg of the 2017 European FW Championships came to the south of Italy in Gallipoli. Hosted by the beautiful Ecoresort Le Sirene on the beach, the location is a simply stunning place to windsurf with clear waters and rigging on metres from the water.

It was a small fleet for this final event of the Formula Windsurfing European Championship Series, but there was hot competition for the title. Michal Polanowski was a clear favourite after coming 2nd and 1st at the first 2 legs, with Hubert Mokrzycki in 2nd and Sean O'Brien in 3rd. There were only 3 points between Hubert, Sean and Pawel Pawel Dittrich in 4th. ......( more )
Posted On:  20/10/2017 14:41:17

Last weekend the top of the freestyle windsurfing came together for one last time to show their best tricks!

Thousands of visitors came to the Brouwersdam to admire their idols during this European Championship. Thanks to a pretty decent forecast on Thursday and Friday which made it possible to sail and compete, which resulted in an official final outcome of the EFPT tour on Sunday. With the ladies, Sarah-Quita Offringa finished on the 1st place, Maaike Huvermann on 2nd and Arianne Aukes on 3rd. This was a great result with participants from 15 countries.......( more )
Posted On:  14/10/2017 08:26:50

The Techno293 World Championships are the chance for talented youngsters from around the world to test themselves against the best as they'll go head to head with over 330 athletes in Salou, Spain between the 21st and 28th of October.........( more )

Posted On:  13/10/2017 11:03:50

For the third consecutive year, the EFPT Final is being staged at one of the most popular windsurfing spots of Europe: the Brouwersdam in the Netherlands. 37 men and 11 ladies have signed up for the last freestyle windsurfing event of the season, where the new European Freestyle Champions will be crowned. ......( more )

Posted On:  12/10/2017 12:40:43

World Sailing, the world governing body of the sport, have been officially inaugurated into its new Headquarters in London, Great Britain.
Following the announcement World Sailing's relocation from Southampton to London in January 2017, an extensive evaluation process was undertaken to select a location that enabled World Sailing's members and stakeholders ease of access to the new facility and allowed international diversity with a high quality, multilingual employment base. ..... ( more )

Posted On:  23/09/2017 10:04:48

Finals day loomed dark, stormy and with the most wind seen all week at the RS:X World Championships which are being held in Enoshima, Japan, home of the 2020 Olympic sailing competition. In both the Womens and Mens competition there was a little clarity at the start of the day as to whom would be taking medals away, the only thing that was to be decided was as to which colour medal sailors would take home. ..... ( more )

Posted On:  22/09/2017 14:27:41

Start well, pick the shifts up the first beat, work hard and extend. A simplistic view of sailboard racing but the reality is that if you do the basics right then you are in with a shot of doing well and potentially winning. Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur said, "Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals." Nothing was more true than this on Day 5 of the RS:X World Championships being held in Enoshima, Japan. ...... ( more )

Posted On:  21/09/2017 11:59:50

Day 4 of the RS:X World Championships being held in Enoshima, Japan saw tight racing in difficult and frustrating conditions. With the majority of sailors in the Gold Fleet picking up their worst result today, it was a case of damage limitation to the scorecard and ensuring that any hopes or dreams of winning this event were kept alive.  .....( more )

Posted On:  19/09/2017 14:09:19

Today would be a day for simplicity and stability for all of the sailors aiming to keep their championship hopes alive. After the massive wind shifts and challenging rolling waves from Monday, day 2 of the RS:X Windsurfing World Championships in Enoshima, Japan was widely different to the first days racing - which all 168 competitors were extremely grateful for. This morning was a calm and peaceful scene of serenity as a flat calm Sagami Bay greeted the athletes to the venue of the next Olympic sailing competition...... ( more )

Posted On:  18/09/2017 14:10:36

Typhoon No.18 was scheduled to dominate the headlines on the first day of racing at the 2017 RS:X Windsurfing World Championships, being held on the site of the 2020 Olympic regatta in Enoshima, Japan. At the end of the day, whilst the remnants of the typhoon which passed through overnight did play a role, it was the almost impossible sailing conditions for both the sailors and race committee which would dominate the talk ashore...... ( more )

Posted On:  10/09/2017 08:59:45

The 2017 Raceboard and DII European Championships have come to a close in Balatonfured, Hungary. Almost 100 windsurfers from all over the world competed in the event organised by the Hungarian Windsurfing Association.......( more )

Posted On:  08/09/2017 08:40:49

With still two days to go in the championships the race committee has already managed to conduct 11 races for the Raceboarders and 10 for the DII class. And today we had three great races with the wind ranging from 10 to 16 kts.

But nobody had suspected this in the morning. The forecast showed some wind early in the day so the competitors were asked to come for an early start at 9:30. ......( more )
Posted On:  07/09/2017 08:52:01

Four more races, which makes it eight altogether in the championship after the first two days of racing in Balatonfured.

Patrik Pollak the former Raceboard Champion had his birthday today and although it was not one of his best days he was in good spirits. "A tough day, but it's only half way, so we still have a lot of work. Important in these conditions, which are very shifty, is to stay calm and to do the best you can.......( more )
Posted On:  06/09/2017 08:59:44

The Racing moods returned after 2 days of unsuitable conditions, this time at the beautiful location of Blue Bay Beach, Pointe d'Esny. The Mauritian Fabrice Leclezio leads the event overall rankings after the 4 full-fleet giant slalom races today.

A crystal clear blue lagoon with howling winds up to 25 knots took care of perfect slalom racing conditions. Competitors were ready to take on the giant slalom course after 2 days of recovery, hanging out and some sight seeing across the island. ......( more )
Posted On:  06/09/2017 08:32:25

Today, four races were completed in Balatonfured, where the Raceboard and DII European Championships are taking place.

96 sailors from over 20 countries started off at 11 o'clock with the enthusiastic DIV II class going out first, followed by Raceboard Women and then Raceboard Men. The two smaller fleets sailed on the outer loop in winds ranging from 5 to 12kts.......( more )
Posted On:  03/09/2017 11:17:34

Mauritius is the Final Stage of the new IFCA Grand Prix Series with a total of 30 Competitors from 6 different Nations signed up, ready to race on several locations on the island of Mauritius, with a variety format of racing that will take place in the next coming days including long distance competitions, which are going to be managed by the famous Defi Wind crew.......( more )

Posted On:  28/08/2017 08:51:13

Sadly the wind deserted the Formula Windsurfing European championships in Liepaja, Latvia so Michal Polanowski POL-16 claims first place, Latvian Master Janis Preiss is second and Aussie Sean O'Brien is third. Thanks to Windsurfing Club Rietumkrasts for their hospitality in beautiful Liepaja and for providing the best racing possible in the difficult conditions.

The final stage of the FW European Championships will take place 18-21 October in Gallipoli, Italy.  
Posted On:  27/08/2017 10:02:10

The winds were not in our favour on the last day of the IFCA Grand Prix Croatia. Long waiting times on the beach started the day with light winds slowly coming in around 12:30. With high hopes, the AP flag came down at 13:30 to start the important A Final of the Men's third elimination. ......( more )

Posted On:  26/08/2017 10:06:04

As spectators put their jackets on and their hoods up in an effort to keep warm under grey cloudy skies, the competitors enjoyed good conditions with 4 races in 18-24 knots. However, not a good day for our overnight leader, Hubert Mokrzycki. Despite a 2nd and 3rd, he also had two DNC's which pushed him off the podium into fourth place.......( more )

Posted On:  26/08/2017 09:15:04

The eagerly anticipated A Final of the Men's third elimination could not be finished due to unstable conditions

Today has shown how unpredictable the thermal winds here in Bol, Croatia can be. A long standby phase after the skippers' meeting was followed by a promising 16 knots that built up in the early afternoon with the AP flag going down at 14:55. ......( more )

Posted On:  25/08/2017 09:47:05

Perfect race conditions with an average 16kts NNW over flat water and sun enabled 5 great races on day one of the Formula Windsurfing European Championships stage two hosted by Windsurfing Club Rietumkrasts at the Karosta Harbour, Liepaja.......( more )

Posted On:  25/08/2017 09:24:55

After a very hot morning on day 2, the thermal winds of the Adriatic luckily kicked in a bit earlier than yesterday. At 14:00 the AP flag went down so that we could pick up the races where we left off yesterday - with the B Finals of the Men. After a General Recall because of an over early start of one of the competitors, the results could be completed to create elimination 2. ......( more )

Posted On:  23/08/2017 21:22:13

37 competitors from 8 nations are taking part in the second stop of the new IFCA Grand Prix series, at the Zoo Station Windsurf Centre in Bol, Croatia.  The racing format for the event is slalom for both Men and Women with a European Slalom title to be awarded to the best Female and Master competitor.

After today's 10:00 skippers' meeting, all competitors were put on standby as there was no sign of any thermal winds yet. The AP flag was up for a couple of hours until it finally started to pick up a little somewhat around 14:00 with some competitors going out for training in about 7 to 11 knots.......( more )

Posted On:  09/08/2017 10:45:12

The international wind and kitesurfing regatta 2017 NeilPryde Baltic Cup Latvia and European Formula Windsurfing Cup was held at the Karosta (former Soviet navy base bay) at the Baltic Sea coast of Liepaja, Latvia from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th of August. Three day event brought together best windsurfers and kitesurfers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, including 2017 Formula Windsurfing Masters World Champion Janis Preiss (Latvia). ......( more )

Posted On:  30/07/2017 08:16:06

12 races in great conditions, wind averaging from 12-16 kts each day. Exciting and media friendly with the M course sailed for the first time in a high stake Techno293 event.

312 competitors from 25 countries came to France for the Europeans and battled it out for the titles. The battle of course being only part of the story as everybody involved praised the great atmosphere the organisers and competitors were able to create. ......( more )
Posted On:  29/07/2017 08:57:37

Three races in and we have some top spots secured already. Both in the Youth Boy and Youth Girl groups the top podium places have been decided and tomorrow when the sailors go out the pressure is off and they can have a victory round. ......( more )

Posted On:  28/07/2017 12:33:15

The Youth Olympic qualifier proved that the M course is an exciting option for fleet racing.  The youth and junior fleets in Lorient followed that example today with some exciting racing for all the fleets. So, M format for everybody. ......( more )

Posted On:  27/07/2017 09:38:22

The only way to get better in sport is to start from yourself and this goes for winning in life - that is a lesson that we hope everybody takes home from this regatta.

The day started off with the class President Ezio Ferin having to remind the sailors to keep the event site clean. Not a pleasant reminder, but one that had to happen. The sailors collecting their leader lycras also received some garbage bags to go with them, so they could take part in cleaning the garbage left on site.......( more )
Posted On:  26/07/2017 10:01:09

Tides and current didn't make racing easy for the fleets in Lorient with numerous general recalls starting off the day. The sailors learnt a lot about current during those first starts and as the day progressed the races started without delay.......( more )

Posted On:  25/07/2017 08:38:21

It is early in the regatta and the first day of the elimination series for the Youth Boys, but the venue in Lorient has already tested the more inexperienced sailors out there. With strong current and waves it has been tricky for some at the start line and the race committee had one or two general recalls at the beginning of racing. ......( more )

Posted On:  21/07/2017 08:11:47

167 sailors from 31 countries participated in the Techno293Plus World Championships in Quiberon France - the first of the qualification events for the Youth Olympic Games.

Although getting off to a slow start with tricky conditions, including everything from 40 degrees wind shifts to thunderstorms, the race committee managed to complete 11 races for the Youth Women and Open fleets and 12 for the Youth Men.......( more )
Posted On:  20/07/2017 09:07:22

A title that sums up the Techno293Plus Open fleet. A fleet dominated by Japanese sailors, who turned up in numbers here in Quiberon.

The Techno293Plus is a national windsurfing class for the universities and Japan can boast of a fleet of over 500 sailors. ......( more )
Posted On:  19/07/2017 09:52:07

It was not an easy day for the Race Committee and the sailors, but the trouble ahead could not have been foreseen.

Thick dark clouds with heavy thunder arrived around 10 in the morning ruining the day's plan and causing a 4-hour delay in schedule. The wind did not make it any easier afterwards as the direction shifted multiple times during the race, forcing the committee to abandon racing, reset the racecourse and start over. ......( more )
Posted On:  18/07/2017 09:20:33

Today all fleets managed to get two races in although the wind lasted only until noon and then never came back.

Giorgia Speciale, the multi-time Techno293 medallist, is here in Quiberon back on the T293Plus for the World Championships. Although she knows the equipment well the format is a novelty. Here is how she commented on racing on the M course:......( more )
Posted On:  17/07/2017 09:10:09

It's a World championship and it's never easy. The first day started with a fight, but unfortunately it was a fight of frontal wind against the usual sea breeze that appears here normally. That caused some delay and the scheduled starts had to be postponed until the late afternoon........( more )

Posted On:  16/07/2017 10:56:10

Most of the day was dedicated to the sailors' registration. At 5pm, 169 competitors from 31 countries were registered.

The opening ceremony took place in a warm atmosphere in the presence of the mayor of St Pierre Quiberon Laurence Le Duvehat, the regional Marketing and Communication representative at Bic Sport Benoit Treguilly, the race committee chairman Didier Flamme, the president of the International Windsurfing Association Marc Cardon, the assistant director of the ENVSN. Nautic Sports and Sailing National School and the president of the French Regional Sailing committee of Morbihan Philippe Meunier.......( more )
Posted On:  14/07/2017 15:06:46

The RS:Convertible Class, in partnership with the FFV and the Cercle Nautique de Loctudy, has organised the 2017 RS:One Convertible European Championships. This Championship was the first Worldwide Wind Foiling event organised and sanctioned from international organisation and titles.
The Championship, opened to all, allowed international racers to compete through innovative race formats like The Pulsar (compact slalom), the Super 8 (long distance), and the Regatta (America's Cup style). Courses were set up in a way that the on-shore audience could enjoy the races.......( more )

Posted On:  13/07/2017 17:50:25

Three "Regatta" races with offshore winds from 8 to 16 knots brung some tactical racing after the stronger breeze from the eve. Sebastian Kornum, from Denmark made the effort by attacking Thomas Goyard firing two bullets. Goyard is now under pressure but still in control of the first place in the Men fleet. Maelle Guilbaud is now guaranteed to be crowned European Champion ahead of USA sailor Farrah Hall and Coraline Foveau (FRA). Drama in the Youth fleet with Nathan Doom sliding down from the first to second position while Corto Dumon is back in charge, Malo Maisonneuve stays at the third place. Swell Chevalier also lost her first position under the attack of Lola Sorin and now becomes third. Jamaine Carlotti secures her second place.......( more )

Posted On:  12/07/2017 14:59:01

Brittany offered to the organisers the wind to run races in fin mode with gusts up to 22 knots. Racers delivered a incredible show with 5 "Pulsar" races full speed attacking furiously mark gybes without any complexes. Thomas Goyard and Maelle Guilbaud from France are still leading the Men and the Women fleet. Nathan Doom is back on track claiming the youth men first place ahead of his team mate from New Caledonia Corto Dumond and Malo Maisonneuve. Chevalier Swell (FRA) made the effort and is now first in the Youth women fleet while Carlotti Jamaine becomes second ahead of Sorin Lola from France.......( more )

Posted On:  11/07/2017 09:29:06

Another intense day of foil racing today in Brittany with 2 "Super 8" long distances and 2 stadium racing "Regatta" races. France took back the leading positions in the Men and Women fleets with Thomas Goyard firing 3 bullets and Maelle Guilbaud. Nathan Doom sees his team mate from New Caledonia Corto Dumond taking the lead while the third place is now in the hands of Malo Maisonneuve. No changes in the youth Women fleet controlled by Lola Sorin.......( more )

Posted On:  10/07/2017 16:53:02

The Game was On, It was Wind out of Nowhere

The fourth day at 2017 IFCA Slalom Worlds for Women and the European Championships for Men with 2 eliminations completed for the Women and 1 for the Men. The wind finally came through after 3 days of waiting for the wind. It was all or nothing during the entire week of hot summer temperatures and an intense waiting game with 71 competitors all ready to experience and compete in slalom championships.  [more]
Posted On:  10/07/2017 09:29:27

The RS:Convertible Class, in partnership with the FFV and the Cercle Nautique de Loctudy, is proud to organise the 2017 RS:One Convertible European Championships. This Championship is the first Worldwide Wind Foiling event organised and sanctioned from international organisation and titles.
The Championship, open to all, allows international racers to compete through innovative race formats like The Pulsar (compact slalom), the Super 8 (long distance), and the Regatta (America's Cup style). Courses are set up in a way that the on-shore audience can enjoy the races.......( more )

Posted On:  08/07/2017 10:15:00

Over 80 sailors came to the beautiful Spanish city of Salou for the Raceboard World Championships and the event brought some real talent including the likes of Joao Rodrguez, Ivan Pastor, Nicolas Huguet, Tuuli Petaja and Blanca Manchon.

Those who came to Gizycko, Poland for the Masters had a chance to race in similar conditions this time around as a predominantly sunny venue offered light wind racing throughout the week. In these circumstances the Race Committee managed to have racing on all but one days and 11 races were conducted.  ......( more )
Posted On:  06/07/2017 19:07:31

Everyone was optimistic during the skippers' meeting in the morning. With a little bit of luck a long-distance race was planned for the afternoon with the recourse set along the picturesque beaches of Salou.

Today was however not the day. ......( more )
Posted On:  06/07/2017 18:35:30

24 year old Dutch speed star Twan Verseput is the new ISWC speed world Champion. Twan together with a huge junior fleet of young talented sailors from around the world were the stars of the Dunkerbeck GPS speed challenge.

The speed spot in Matas Blancas in the south of Fuerteventura once again delivered a fantastic week with challenging conditions that pushed the 55 strong fleet of men, women and kids to their limit. Conditions varied all week, from riders being maxed out on their smallest 5.0m sails and speed boards to the minimum wind limit slalom boards and 7.8 m sails. ......( more )
Posted On:  05/07/2017 09:38:00

The 2017  IFCA Slalom Worlds for Women and the European Championships for Men kicked off at ease.  A total of 71 competitors signed up of which 23 Girls and 48 Men from 13 different Nations and 2 continents.......( more )

Posted On:  05/07/2017 08:17:53

Three races again here in the coast town of Salou with wind from 6 to 9 kts today favouring weak wind sailors from the start.

Racing was postponed as the race committee waited for the wind to pick up, and it did, but only just enough to enable racing. These were Ivan Pastor's conditions, with two more bullets and a UFD in a race, in which he also crossed the line first. ......( more )

Posted On:  04/07/2017 07:24:00

The Raceboard World championships have brought some real talent over to Salou, Spain. That being Olympic talent. Young guns will have a chance to match themselves against the likes of Joao Rodriguez, Ivan Pastor, Tuuli Petaja and Blanca Manchon.   With these sailors and many other top athletes from around the world on site there is no telling who is the favourite for the title. It's sure to be an exciting rivalry. ......( more )

Posted On:  03/07/2017 14:05:08

The best speed sailors from around the world descended on the island of Fuerteventura for the fourth edition of the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge which  started with epic conditions on Matas Blancas beach. In winds of up to 40 Knots and a massive shore break the fifty plus strong men's fleet, women and kids made the most of it from day one with peak speeds of over 40 knots.......( more )

Posted On:  02/07/2017 09:14:53

Ennio Dal Point, the local boy here from The Netherlands, wins the Youth division and Janis Preiss from Latvia the Masters after 5 days of great racing conditions on the Lake of Santa Croce. The magical location with stunning panoramic mountain views provided 5 days of surprising action from clouds, to storms, to hail, to super windy and moderate winds with sunny vibes at the end.......( more )

Posted On:  01/07/2017 12:50:39

The fourth day at the 2017 Formula Windsurfing Youth & Masters World Championships was another great day with suitable sailing conditions and a total 5 races accomplished.

Janis Preiss from Latvia still leads the Championships in the Masters division and had the following to say: "The wind at the start of the day was not as light as it appeared, but afterwards it got challenging, the gusts came from different directions and well perhaps I was not that lucky.......( more )
Posted On:  30/06/2017 10:20:10

Day 2 of the RS:X Youth World Championships proved as difficult and frustrating for the competitors waiting to get the event under here at Lake Garda, Italy. Another day of light winds, this time interrupted by extreme conditions and violent storms ripped through the northern end of the lake causing at times, total chaos both on shore and on the water.......( more )

Posted On:  30/06/2017 10:01:15

4 races were accomplished in medium to strong winds on the third day of the 2017 Formula Windsurfing Youth & Masters World Championships, a total of 3 races back to back and a fourth race after a break.

The conditions appeared weak at first with some dark clouds approaching during the morning. The sun came through around mid day with increasing winds blowing at first from 14 to 20 knots and later in the afternoon with gusts up to 30 knots. After 2 races a few competitors went back ashore to swap their gear and changed to smaller sails. ......( more )
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