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Womens world record, Luderitz Namibia

So pleased to finally get ratification from the WSSRC on my new world record of 46.49 knots. (The delay was not the fault of the WSSRC) Hope you like and share this video. Thanks to everyone who has helped me to make this happen. Simmer Style AL360 Windsurfing Tools Jörg Sonntag Synergy WorldWide Walnut Grove Clinic

Posted by Zara Davis, Speed Windsurfer on Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Orange Bowl Techno Race 2017

The First Orange Bowl Techno Race, Miami, 2017 at the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club!

Posted by Sandy Point Progressive Sports Miami on Tuesday, 23 January 2018
World Sailing equipment selection process for Paris 2024
Posted On:  13/12/2017 18:07:23

In 2018, World Sailing will make a number of important decisions concerning the Events and Equipment that will be used at the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition in Marseille, France. 
To ensure a joined up and efficient approach to the decision-making process, World Sailing's Board of Directors appointed a joint Procedure Working Party of the Events Committee, Equipment Committee and Constitution Committee. The Working Party is responsible for advising on the procedures and Regulations that should be followed in deciding the 2024 Olympic Events and Equipment.
The Events Committee will debate electronically which Events will be placed under review and a recommendation will be given to World Sailing's Council for approval by 31 January.
By 19 February 2018, World Sailing's Council will vote electronically on approving the Events Committee recommendation and if approved, the list of Events placed under review will be published.
If World Sailing's Council rejects the Events Committee recommendation, Council can debate which Events it wishes to place under review. They will vote electronically on which Events to place under review and the list will be published.
In addition, under new Regulations approved by World Sailing's Council in November, the Board of Directors will decide what Olympic Equipment is being reviewed in accordance with World Sailing's anti-trust review procedures by 8 January 2018.
In advance of World Sailing's Mid-Year Meetings, set to be held in London, Great Britain in May, World Sailing will invite submissions, proposed changes to World Sailing's regulations, from Member National Authorities, World Sailing Class Associations, the Board, the Chairmen of Committees established by Council, International or Recognized Rating Systems, the Chairman of the Women's Forum and the President. The deadline for submissions is Monday 19 March 2018.
The Events Committee will meet on 12 May with the Equipment Committee following on 13 May. World Sailing's Council, the policy-making body, will meet on 14 and 15 May to make the final decision on the Events, the name of the competition, based-on advice from the expert committees.
After World Sailing's Council has decided the Events for 2024, the Equipment Committee will review the Equipment for the Events which were placed under review.  The Events & Equipment Working Party will discuss the options and provide guidance to the Equipment Committee.
Submissions on equipment can also be made to the November 2017 meetings proposing decisions in the same manner and if new equipment is to be selected, evaluation trials must be held.
By no later than November 2019, World Sailing's Council will decide on any new equipment used for 2024.
The International Olympic Committee is expected to confirm the event programme for the 2024 Olympic Games in the autumn of 2020.
Click here to review the Events & Equipment Selection Procedure Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

Techno 293 Plus approved as new World Sailing Class






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