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World Sailing fully embrace IOC Olympic Agenda 2020 with proposed events for the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition that are gender equal, youthful, universal and include four mixed events following the decisions made at the 2018 Mid-Year Meeting in London, Great Britain.

Discussions on the Paris 2024 Olympic Events ebbed and flowed and the sports stakeholders sought to ensure that sailing continues to maximise its impact in the sporting world.  . . . Read More . . .

World Sailing's Council met for the first day of a two day meeting on Monday 14 May at World Sailing's Mid-Year Meeting in London, Great Britain. Discussions on Paris 2024 Olympic Events, Para World Sailing Events and Formats, Sustainability Agenda 2030 and safety reporting were held. Following a lengthy debate and decision making process, the Events for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games were confirmed . . . Read More . . .

World Sailing's Council will vote on the Events that will be adopted for Paris 2024 when they meet on Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 May. If any new Events are selected, the Equipment Committee will review the Equipment for the Events. Evaluation events will be held in 2019 ahead of a final decision by November 2019. As part of a separate equipment re-evaluation process, World Sailing is reviewing the equipment used for the Men and Women's One Person Dinghy Events.  . . . Read More . . .

World Sailing's Events Committee met today at the 2018 Mid-Year Meeting in London, Great Britain with the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition Events at the top of the agenda. Ahead of the Mid-Year Meeting, World Sailing's Council approved an Events Committee recommendation to review the following Events . . . Read More . . .

Windsurfing is one of the most universal sailing events at the Olympic games with an excellent pathway from Techno 293 Class to the RS:X Class! More than 60 countries from 6 continents are competing in the Olympic Windsurfing Class RS:X.

World Sailing's Mid-Year Meeting will be held May 10-15 at Chelsea Football Club in London, Great Britain. There are 12 Deferred Submissions from previous meetings and 68 Submissions to be discussed (full list). Of particular note is how it is at this session when the Paris 2024 Olympic sailing events will be discussed, debated, and decided. While the 10 Olympic events have remained stable for Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, change is expected for Paris 2024.

Windsurfing has a solid base. No question about that with hundreds of junior and youth sailors taking part in Techno293 continental and world championships.

Just check out the female participation rates at the last couple of world championships - http://2024.internationalwindsurfing.com/news/girls-windsurf 

However, this time I’d like to tell you about something else. The families, the masters, the veterans.  ... ( more )

"I applaud your offer for people to email you from your "News Update" on Scuttlebutt.

. . . . . Here is Bruce Kendall's letter 

This website is provided by the International Windsurfing Association (IWA) to present the progress and procedures of equipment selection for the 2024 Olympic Games. Updates from World Sailing, classes and sailors may be published here in coordination with IWA secretary. The purpose of the website is not to promote any one single class, but windsurfing as a whole.

Event and Equipment selection procedure for the 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition - FAQ

World Sailing selects Olympic Events for Antitrust review

World Sailing equipment selection process for Paris 2024

Windsurfing is once again in danger of being removed from the Olympic Games. Currently, a committee in World Sailing has placed the RS:X class under review. This means windsurfing is again in competition with kiteboarding as an Olympic event.

The voting process has begun this month, January 2018. We need your support and energy to be sure there is an Olympic future for our sport! Sign here if you support windsurfing as an Olympic class, and be sure to contact your sailing federation, the World Sailing Olympic Events Committee, and the World Sailing Council, all of whom have a vote in this matter, and may not come from a position of understanding what a great sport windsurfing is!

Techno 293 OD is the single biggest windsurf class with 10 000 young riders sailing somewhere in the world. Tens of thousands of young sailors are racing or have raced on this board.  Techno 293 OD was recognized by World Sailing as a class in its own right in 2006. Since then it has seen phenomenal growth in more than 55 countries and on all 6 continents. 

The Next Step:  Techno 293 Plus

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