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Competition/HKG Asians 14


26th November to 2nd December 2013
Stanley Main Beach, Hong Kong


FINAL RESULTS:  Techno 293  /  RS:X  /  Mistral


FINAL RESULTS HONG KONG OPEN:  Techno 293  /  RS:X  /  Raceboard

Day One / Day Two /
Day Three / Day Four /
Video Day One
Video Day Two
Video Day Three
Video Day Four

All Over Bar the Prizegiving at the Hong Kong Asians

Racing at the 2013 Asian Windsurfing Championships has concluded. The whole team at Hong Kong Windsurfing has done a great job in hosting a very successful event and everyone is looking forward to the prize presentation ceremony. 

The final day was disastrous for Feng Cacheng from China.  At the top of the Techno 293 Youth Boys' leaderboard, 5 points clear of his rival Huang Hong going into the last day, hopes of glory were shattered by posting a 9th and 11th in the final two races to finish the championship in fourth position.  Huang Hong (CHN-13) regained the top spot, claiming the title of 2013 Techno 293 Youth Boys Asian Champion finishing two points ahead of Lin Xiumin (CHN-66) who stepped back on to the podium in second place. Chan Tsz Kit (HKG-17) finished in third place. 

Even if they did not have a chance of a podium place, many of the competitors right through the rankings have had moments of personal triumph:  14 year old Cheng Ho Yin (HKG-71) was first over the line in race 8 and otherwise posted some good top five results; Lin Zubin CHN-69 took two bullets but just needs to work on consistency in all conditions; also Tin Wai Chun Thomas (HKG-35), another race winner.

Zhao Jieman (CHN-71) is the undisputed 2013 Techno 293 Youth Girls Asian Champion with a perfect score of 9 - although she did concede the final race bullet to junior, Choi Wing Chi Sandy (HKG-31), second placed overall.  This young lady is one to watch as she finished 9 points clear of Lim Ynez (SIN-11) who finally made it on to the podium to claim third place.

In the Techno Men & Women the two competitors from China, Lin Ruijying and Xie Lidiao had their own personal battle throughout the championship for first on the podium but Lin Ruijing eventually finished 3 points ahead of his rival.  Maho Horino from Japan took third place.

No doubt about it, Cheng Kwok Fai (HKG-18) was unbeatable in the Mistral Men & Women's Division, ending the Championship with the perfect score of 9 after the ten race series taking the title of 2013 Mistral Asian Champion.  Ma Yik Kau (HKG-4449) established his second place on the podium at the end of day 2, along with Lee Chun Tin Adrian (HKG-25) in third.

Other competitors should be pleased with some good results.  In fourth place overall, China's Yang Jie was consistent but just not quite good enough to get on the podium.  Phayungkasem Pornanan (THA-20) had a brief spell in second place on the podium on day one but slipped down the ranking to finish in 5th.  In 6th place overall, Korean Dongwoo Sea had the potential to get on to the podium, as demonstrated by three second places, but the remaining results including two OCS, one of which could not be discarded, failed him.

Cheng Chun Leung Michael (HKG-16) takes the title 2013 RS:X Men's Asian Champion, ending the championship just one point clear of Leung Ho Tsun Andy (HKG-2) who put up a strong challenge.  Wonwoo Cho (KOR-141) held on to the third podium position.

2013 RS:X Women's Asian Champion, Chan Hei Man Hayley Victoria, (HKG-5) started the championship the way she finished, in the top spot and Lo Sin Lam Sonia (HKG-28) finished each day in second overall, widening the gap between her and the third place.  This is where the real battles took place with Meguimi Komine (JPN-72) establishing a hold on third place at the end of day three after an inauspicious championship start.

In the RS:X Youth Boys Kikabhoy Rafeek (HKG-20) claimed the top spot at the end of day two but Ng Ho Yin (HKG-22) wasn't prepared to relinquish this position without a fight, ending day three on equal points.  Kikabhoy Rafeek was victorious at the end, finishing the championship just one point ahead to become 2013 RS:X Youth Boys Asian Champion.

Ngai Wai Yan (HKG-30) is 2013 Youth Girls Asian Champion ending two points ahead of Ma Kwan Ching (HKG-3) who fought hard to try and claim the title for herself, on equal points at the end of day 3.  Third place on the podium went to Sabin Chun (KOR-207) who took her fair share of bullets ending just two points behind Ma Kwan Ching. 

Results:  Techno / RSX / MOD 

Third Day at the Hong Kong Asians

Eight races have now been completed over three days of racing at the 2013 Asian Windsurfing Championships, Stanley Beach, Hong Kong.

All change for the Techno Youth Boys podium positions. Although China still holds on to the top two places, it was not a good day for overnight leader Huang Hong as Fen Cancheng not only made up yesterday's five point gap, he is now five points ahead.  Hong Kong's Cheng Ho Yin has been kicked off the podium and this spot is now occupied by fellow countryman Chan Tsz Kit.  There are some good scores being posted by those further down the scoreboard. No-one is safe!  No-one in the current top three won a race today!

In contast, there can be no doubt in Zhao Jieman's mind that she will be the Techno Youth Girls Champion as she scored yet three more bullets and has the perfect score of 7.  The three girls behind her, Choi Wing Chi Sandy, Zhang Jiemo and Lim Ynez, have split yesterday's tied points although there is no change in their positions on the leaderboard.  It will be very interesting to see in what order they finish as competition is certainly keen between them.

In the Techno Men and Women, China still dominates but Xie Lidiao has relinquished the top spot to Lin Ruijying who was first over the line twice today.  Japan's Maho Horino had her best day so far with seconds in all three races.

Hong Kong's Cheng Kwok Fai maintains his perfect score winning all three races today and has an unassailable mastery of the Mistral Division. Ma Yik Kau is still in second place but some interesting, if not surprising, results have shaken apart the competitors who all ended day two on equal points. Lee Chun Ting Adrian now has a firmer foothold on the third place, 2 points ahead of the chasing pack.

It's getting tense in the RS:X Men's Division.  Two bullets for Leung Ho Tsun Andy today brings him up to equal points with Cheng Chun Leung Michael and widens the gap between him and Korean Wonwood Cho.  He is still in third place but Gabriel Angelo GarFai Brettell, winner of the first race today, is right on his heels just two points behind.

A similar scenario in the RS:X Youth Boys as two bullets for Ng Ho Yin today means he now has equal points with leader Kikabhoy Rafeek.   Phattharadanai Jinain looks reasonably secure in his third place overall, four points behind the leaders and twelve clear of his nearest rival.

Remarkably, the top two RS:X Youth Girls, Ngai Wai Yan and Ma Kwan Ching also have equal scores.  Korean Sabin Chun is just three points behind, fourteen points clear of her nearest rival. 

No bullets today for Chan Hei Man Hayley Victoria in the RS:X Women although she maintains a six point lead over Lo Sin Lam Sonia, winner of the second race today.  Japan's Megumi Komine, first over the line twice, has now stepped on to the podium in third place, three points clear of Juki Sunaga.

Today also marks the start of the Hong Kong Open Windsurfing Championships when competitors on Raceboards are invited to take to the water along with Techno & RS:X.  They have completed three of the five races being run over two days.

Results (after 8):  Techno / RSX / MOD

Photo Gallery by Panda / Video Day Two

Two more races for all divisions at Hong Kong Asians

The first discard has now come into play as five races have now been completed for all Class Divisions at the 2013 Asian Windsurfing Championships, Stanley Beach, Hong Kong.

In the Techno Men & Women the Chinese competitors have switched first and second podium places:  Xie Lidiao now leads and Lin Ruijying is second. Only one point separates the two, Lin now being 7 points ahead of Maho Horino from Japan holding on to the third place overall.

Huang Hong from China has extended his lead over the Techno Youth Boys by taking two bullets today.  Fellow countryman Feng Cancheng has joined him on the podium, discarding his 12th for the first race, and is now in second place overall.  14 year old Cheng Ho Yin (HKG-71) has slid down to third place, in danger of sliding off altogether with his closest rivals just a point or two behind.

In the Techno Youth Girls, junior Choi Wing Chi Sandy moves up to second place overall behind overnight leader Shao Jieman.  However, she is on equal points with not only Zhang Jiemo but also Lim Ynez from Singapore.  What a battle these three are having whilst Zhao appears to have this event stitched up already with the perfect score in every race.

Over in the Mistral Division, Cheng Kwok Fai scored "OCS" in the first race today, but no matter he discards it and dominates the top spot, a clear seven points ahead of his nearest rival Ma Yik Kau who has edged up to second place, two points ahead of Lee Chun Ting Adrian of Hong Kong.  Lee Chun Ting Adrian  shares equal points with Korean Dongwoo Seo and Thai Phayungkasem Pormanan so competition is keen for those podium places.

Cheng Chun Leung Michael holds on to his top spot in the RS:X Men with a second and a first today, whilst Leung Ho Tsun Andy moves up to second place with a first and a second.  Korean Wonwoo Cho has slipped down to third place.

In the RS:X Women, Chan Hei Man Hayley Victoria has a perfect score at the top of the leaderboard, maintaining her six point lead over Lo Sin Lam Sonia whose performance is improving with two second places today.  Yuki Sunage is holding on to her third place overall.  Off the podium some keen battles are taking place, Japan's Megumi Komine finding her feet scoring two thirds today.

Kikabhoy Rafeek drops his 5 points from race three and now takes over the top spot in the RS:X Youth Boys, four points clear of last night's leader Kikabhoy Rafeek.  Phattharadanai Jinain from Thailand is just one point behind him maintaining his third place on the podium.

In the RS:X Youth Girls, positions remain the same on the podium but the points difference between them is extending.  It does look as though they are not prepared to let anyone else push them out of the top three.

All to play for in all fleets.  

Results (after 5):  Techno / RSX / MOD

2013 Asian Windsurfing Championships

Results are in after the first day of competition. After three races for each division, competitors from Hong Kong are in the top spots of the RS:X and MOD fleets but their positions are by no means safe.  China dominates the Techno 293 fleets.

Conditions were quite gusty and proved to be challenging for the Techno Youth Boys who scored very varied points.  China's Huang Hong took the first bullet of the day followed by a second place then a sixth.  14 year old Chang Ho Yin sailed most consistently with two fours and a third to take second place overall.  Six points behind him are Lin Xiumin, winner of the third race, and Fen Cancheng from China with equal points.  This promises to be an exciting competition for the Techno Youth Boys as they get used to the conditions and when discards come into play.  China's Lin Zubin scored the second bullet of the day but sits in 10th place overall because of an "OCS" in race three.

However a little more consistency in the Techno Youth Girls as Zhao Jieman stamped her authority on the fleet by winning all three races today with Zhang Jiemo, also from China, now second overall.  14 year old Choi Wing Chi Sandy (HKG-31) sits in third place but with equal points to Singapore's Lim Ynez.

China also dominates the Techno Men & Women with Lin Ruijying and Xie Lidiao taking the first two places over the line in all three races.  Maho Horino from Japan is in third place.

In the RS:X Men, Korean Wonwoo Cho took two bullets today but sits in second place on the leaderboard because he didn't fare so well in the second race.  Cheng Chun Leung Michael won that race and his good scores in the other two put him at the top. Leung Ho Tsun Andy is in third, just one point behind the Korean.

In RS:X Women, Chan Hei Man Hayley Victoria (HKG-5) has a strong lead with two bullets and a second place today, 6 points ahead of Lo Sin Lam Sonia (HKG-28).  Japan's Yuki Sunaga occupies the third spot on the podium but points are close with a good number of podium contenders breathing down her neck.

In the RS:X Youth Boys, Hong Kong again have the top two places with Ng Ho Yin in first.  However, Kikabhoy Rafeek and Phattharadanai Jinain from Thailand have equal points.  All three boys took a bullet today.  The rest of the pack are some way behind on points and need to work hard if they are to get a foot on the podium.

Competition is tight also in the RS:X Youth Girls.  Ngai Wai Yan (HKG-30) was first over the line in two races but is only 1 point ahead of Ma Kwan Ching (HKG-3), consistently second in all three, again only 1 point ahead of Korean Sabin Chun, winner of the third race and in third place overall.

With three bullets Cheng Kwok Fai from Hong Kong has a major 7 point lead over his nearest rival Phayungkasem Pornanan from Thailand, who has equal points with Ma Yik Kau from Hong Kong.  There were some good scores right down the Mistral fleet and plenty of individual battles are taking place.

Results (after 3):  Techno / RSX / MOD

2013 Asian Windsurfing Championships
Registration is now complete and organisers are pleased to welcome almost a hundred competitors from eight countries seeking Asian titles in RS:X, Techno and Mistral Divisions.  Raceboard Men and Women are taking part in the Hong Kong Open.  

Competitors and guests enjoyed an opening ceremony with very important officials from government sports departments and funding agencies present. 

Competition begins tomorrow, 28th November, and continues until 2nd December providing a plat form for local windsurfers to compete with other top windsurfers from other countries and improve their racing skills.

Visit the Official event website for latest news, pics, results and more

2013 Asian Windsurfing Championships and Hong Kong Open Windsurfing Championships have excited a great deal of interest in the sport as well as providing a platform for local windsurfers to compete with other top windsurfers from other countries and improve their racing skill. This is certainly one of the most prestigious Windsurfing Championships in the region of Asia.

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