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Competition/FW Euros ISGP 13


12th to 18th August 2013
“The city where the wind is born” - Liepaja, Latvia

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FW COURSE: Day 1 | Day 3 | Day 4  | Day 5

Day 2 | Day 4 | Day 5

Top 5 FW after 15 races (3 discards):
1) Steve Allen (AUS-0) 19 pts
2) Casper Bouman (NED-52) 28 pts
3) Arnon Dagan (ISR-1) 28 pts
4) Michal Polanowski (POL-16) 40 pts
5) Sebastian Kornum (DEN-24) 56 pts

Top 5 IFCA after 5 races (2 discards):
1) Maciek Rutkowski (POL-23) 3.5 pts
2) Steve Allen (AUS-0) 4.5 pts
3) Arnon Dagan (ISR-1) 4.75 pts 
4) Michal Polanowski (POL-16) 11 pts
5) Valentin Brault (FRA-823) 13 pts

Competitor Lists: Equipment | Formula | Slalom

Four more races, to complete a full 15 race championship series, brought the Formula Windsurfing Europeans to a dramatic closure in Liepaja, Latvia. Liepaja - known as the "city where wind is born" - never fails to deliver! ......( more )

Three more rounds (eliminations) of slalom action brought to a dramatic closure the IFCA Grand Prix in Liepaja, Latvia. Liepaja - known as the "city where the wind is born" - never fails to deliver!......( more )

Great conditions for competitors on the third day of racing at the Formula Windsurfing European Championships in Liepaja, Latvia. ......( more )

Racing continued at the 2013 Formula European Championships and IFCA Slalom Grand Prix - but it was to be a change of racing discipline. ......( more )

Everything that could happen did happen on the first day of racing at the European Championships; but Steve Allen will be well satisfied with his first place in the overall ranking after 2 bullets in today's three "back to back" races.......( more )

Situated in the south west of Latvia, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, the venue has excellent wind conditions throughout the year.  Almost a hundred competitors took part in the 2011 FW European Championships in Liepaja, Latvia. 18 countries represented with 90 men and 8 women racing separately from the men who raced in two groups.  Great conditions - sunny and windy - and waves!  With the addition of the IFCA Slalom Grand Prix for 2013, the event can only be bigger and better!!

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